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Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)


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Stupid effing female canine, how dare you? How dare you suggest that my backpain is just a little auwie and I need to try to work anyway?! I hope you have a hernia that takes seven months to cure, grow some effing empathy!

Moderator Comment:

This post sounds like it could replying to some other member's prior post, in which case it would be in clear violation of forum rules.

Since there are no other recent posts on the subject of back pain, however, it's apparently "addressed" to someone in the member's everyday life.  Let's all please remember to be very clear about this sort of thing -- for example, preface the above with something like "My boss is being really obnoxious today.  I feel like telling her . . . ."

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I'm sorry your back is causing you such pain today, FL!   :nope_sad:


(Please see the Moderator Comment that I added to your post.)


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