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  1. But what was the point of moriarty telling the criminal organisations that there was a code when there really wasn't? It didn't really affect sherlock and it had nothing to do with Jim's final plan for sherlock? Or did it? Did I miss out on something?
  2. In the Reichenbach fall Moriarty told his contacts, the assassins, that Sherlock had a computer code on him, and the first that got it got to keep it, but Moriarty wasn't looking for anything only the demise of Sherlock, so what was the significance of bringing these assassins to Baker street?
  3. In the first episode of the 2nd season of Sherlock, when Moriarty is going to kill Sherlock, how did he know his phone was going to ring and distract him? Didn't he have a plan for Sherlock all along? How would that have worked if his phone didn't ring? Also, IOU, is there any general understanding of what Moriarty meant by this or is it all just speculation? Thanks! sorry if it's in the wrong section wasn't sure where to post it
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