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  1. It is kind of scary when you consider that anything we babble about here can be read by anybody anywhere. I just like to think that only very, very few people would care to bother. There is so much more exciting stuff on the internet... I hope it wasn't some of the "spirited discussions" here that intimidated you. I think we all try to stay friendly, but sometimes... What's your lookout on Mary, then? Do you like her? (You can really say what you like, you'll probably find supporters for anything from enthusiastic approval to violent dislike). Thanks everyone for welcoming me. Honestly I don't really care for Mary. I used to be upset with her (because I'm a rabid Johnlocker) but when it got to the part where you learn that she's not who she says she is I got really interested and wanted to know more. Over all I'm pretty neutral with her.
  2. The reason I never say anything (and I find it funny that this is my first post) is because I'm generally to scared to actually say anything. But I have a account in the hopes that one day I would have the courage to say something. So that's probably why no one says anything. ^_^''
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