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    Blue eyes?

    Hi there, apologies if this has already been discussed here, but I happened across a thread on another forum where someone mentioned that Moriarty's eyes appear blue after his suicide. That rang bells for me, so I went back to check. In the flashback at the beginning of the Empty Hearse, his eyes do indeed appear to be a light grey, perhaps even blue. Is this just a trick of the light, or is there something to it? Keeping in mind, I love him, and desperately want him back, so I am definitely biased.
  2. Must have been wishful thinking on my part. also want him to come back. He is just so much fun. I was heartbroken when he shot himself... and yet, intrigued and delighted. It was theatrically perfect, but I didn't want to see him go. He has so much potential. The psychological stuff with him chained up in the dungeon of Sherlock's mind... like Sherlock could so easily be Moriarty if that chain snapped.
  3. Hi... not sure where to put this, but I felt the need to share. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on the net, and it's driving me bananas. Maybe you have already figured this out, but I think I am seeing proof that Richard Brooks survives the Reichenbach Fall. In the next episode, early on, there is a summary of how the police ended up clearing Sherlock's name. And when they mention Brooks, he is seen being arrested and put in to a police car. Is this just a flashback? Or is he conclusively proved to be someone besides the person who shot himself on the roof? Or maybe that's long been established and I'm just catching up. What do you think?

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