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  1. Actually, you could have narrowed down the possibilities by what quality of cat food was it or what was the day or was he buying the cat food at the end or start of the month. If it's weekdays or weekend at the time of buying of the cans. Or why do you suppose he chose this brand of cat food. Or even does he look like part timer or someone weird and lonely or just plain normal.
  2. I always deduce different facts about people around me and shock them with it. Of course, I don't say I deduce them. I say weird stuff like "Its your aura" or I say I have psychic powers. :P
  3. Everyone here is Sherlockian. I am sure everyone is a fan of Sherlock's methods. Have u tried Sherlock's methods in real life? If yes, tell us your most successful deduction and the most failed one!!
  4. Found this article. According to me, this seems a plausible conclusion for the abbreviation. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/8295174/Shepherds-Monument-code-was-19th-century-graffiti.html What do you guys think?
  5. Hey Carol, You asked me what I think? To be honest with you, I am still working on the meaning of inscriptions and other facts. At this point, I can't say anything. The link you sent was quite interesting. Though his conclusion was wasn't really taking all facts. Carol, what did you think about this monument?
  6. Sorry, if this is a repost. But has anyone heard about the Shepherd's Monument? According to my knowledge, it is still a unsolved mystery. The Shepherd's Monument is in Staffordshire, England. It was built in 18th century. The inscriptions on monument is the real mystery - DOUOSVAVVM.
  7. @Caya Of course, everyone knows the great detective.
  8. Hey fellow Sherlockians, I just signed up here. Nice to meet you all.
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