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  1. Working find here too. So, what's the big deal with shoes anyway ? o:
  2. Ow yeah they won't survive my legendary base ball stroke \o/ Thanks for the advice c: I hope my adrenaline would provide me enough superspeed too :p
  3. I'd totally love to go to Japan... I'm trying to learn japanese, for now as an autodidact, but next year the school I'll be in will dispense japanese courses, so serious things will start from there. :D I think the culture is very interesting, the langage is beautiful and I really wish I could go and visit the country...
  4. I never got harassed "for real", I mean, I've had some older guy talking to me in a weird way, telling me I'm pretty or what, but when I just smile, say "thanks" and go away without further ado, they leave me alone. Sometimes I'm afraid I would be followed, so I tend to imagne a lot of scenarios in my head, like how I would escape, or how I would call for help... *paranoia* As long as they don't try to stalk me or insist several times after I said no, I don't think it's much of a bother... Even when they're creepy in the way they ask anything in the first place. :') I wouldn't actually know how to react if someone was starting to be agressive for real...
  5. Hello, well I think you'll find some people here who think Sherlock is an interesting character, for lots of reasons. :p Sherlock is, in my opinion, different from other shows I've encountered... c: Anyway, welcome here, I'm new too and I hope we'll get along. c:
  6. It seems that every english teacher I had were strictly british x) Though we were given some lists with british/american differences. But for example, my current english teacher likes to "trashtalk" american english, saying it's not even a real language, claiming he doesn't understand what the student says if it's an american word... :p With irony of course, but I have the feeling that here in France english teachers feel closer to british english than american english. Still, as I hang around the internet, I often use some american slang when I talk. :'p During orals, teachers notes that it kind of clashes with my mostly british accent. (Hi there I'm worming my way in o/ )
  7. Yeah this season showers you with information and plot and feels and stuff. /: I need to watch them again too (I watched The Final Problem twice but the others just once).
  8. @Arcadia : This episode grabbed me by the heart and threw me against the wall several times. c': I like how it is built, the tension, the plot twists, etc. Especially, @Van Buren Supernova : Haha sorry, I used the french for "Factorial", basically you pronounce it the same except for the final "a", you pronounce it like in "bell". :p Factori-elle. (I don't know how to explain things uwu") And about rock, well, rock as a music. :p It can be very different rock (sometimes even metal), Muse, Radiohead, RatM, SoaD, Haken, this list being non exhaustive. ^^
  9. Let's praise the allmighty Mrs.Hudson then \o/ Thank you then c: Hell yeah I think now I'll never stop watching series (DW and Sherlock are the only one I've seen so far) to avoid that dreadful feeling :') For now I'll finish Supernatural (which is gonna take some time, given the length...), and next... dunno, Daredevil, Breakind Bad, Black mirror... Lots of things to catch up èwé
  10. Hellooo there ! Name's Nolwenn, 19 yo girl from south of France, and I guess I'm suppose to somehow introduce myself a bit here so that all the fun can begin ! I started to watch Sherlock like what, two or three weeks ago ? I binge watched all four seasons (which was kinda unwise, given the fact that I have veeeery important exams (like, my-life-relies-on-those-damn-things exams) but anyway) and really, really loved it. I fancy Johnlock, and I think my two favorite episodes (can't pick one) are Reichenbach Falls and The Final Problem, which are just too much feels. No favorite characters in particular, or maybe just a thing for Mrs.Hudson. :p About me, well... I play the piano (learned it for 9 years in a conservatoire), I love rugby (watching, not actually practising), rock, drawing ; I'm also trying to learn japanese and I love Doctor Who ! I also try to cosplay but I lack skill, time and money for it so I just stick to basic stuff. And as I want to complete the SuperWhoLock legendary triangle, I'm currently watching Supernatural (between my revisions) (nooo not the exams) (please kill me). I came here just to meet people, discuss common interests, have fun, dream about our Baker Street boys and even more ! See ya all, I hope. :3
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