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    I'm in high school and living with my parents. I also have no free time. I found this site after convincing them to watch Season 1. They then proclaimed their utter hatred towards Season 1 -- which you may remember ends with an incredibly tense cliffhanger involving multiple sniper rifles and a bomb vest. It will be a couple of years until I can move out of the house and watch the rest of the show (I don't want to watch it during free periods at school because that would break up the flow of the episodes and I also don't want to break down sobbing at school, which would probably happen at some point). In the meantime I've been browsing the S1 threads. It's a fun thing to do while I distract myself from the fact that 2 years is a long time to wait to watch such a good series. I find it very sad that most of the Sherlock communities seem to be dying. I wish I had found the show earlier (had been born earlier, I guess).

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