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  1. Apparently VHS tapes might also be mounting some sort of comeback.
  2. Not sure I would trust that. You might have better luck with Blu-Ray.
  3. Cancellation does not always mean that a show is done for good.
  4. That is simply semantics/preference at that point.
  5. I mean after 5 years, I really don't think we're being unrealistic by saying it's been cancelled. It can always come back, but so could any show.
  6. Given what I know about this supposed feud, I'd say it's unlikely that Sherlock remains cancelled simply because Freeman and Cumberbatch aren't on speaking terms.
  7. Futurama finally got renewed, so there's every chance.
  8. Well what we think we know.
  9. Since the writers have complete control, it would be realistic for them to opt to do just about anything. But, I suppose if we really had to go that route you could write up two cases for Sherlock as a Part 1 and Part 2 celebration of life type of angle. One involving her husband and his crimes, and/or supposed crimes, and the other involving her death, either she gets killed or her death reveals some sort of overarching mystery about her life hitherto unknown to our heroes.
  10. My point being that the writers do not have to kill Mrs. Hudson, at least, not right away.
  11. They'd likely dedicate an episode to her memory.
  12. You know what...they honestly could just say she did stuff without actually showing her doing it and that would suffice.
  13. RIP. There's no show without her.
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