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  1. I've seen the first film. It was pretty amazing. I've yet to see a Game of Shadows, but my best friend told me it was awesome. RDJ was a little TOO actiony in my opinion.
  2. I'm mainly going to use this forum to discuss the stories for now, but after I get Sherlock on DVD, then i will join the conversation.
  3. Well, there's CBS's Elementary, which I refuse to watch, solely because it appears to be a ripoff of Sherlock.
  4. I'm new here. Literally. I'm a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan, though I've never watched Sherlock. I plan on watching the show if I can either purchase the DVDs or get them from the library. I want to be a P.I., and I love solving mysteries. I own The Complete Sherlock Holmes, but haven't finished it. I'm currently reading Silver Blaze. My favorite story so far is The Adventure of the Speckled Band.
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