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  1. They both fell, did they not? The story was, after all, about a heroic sacrifice by Holmes because Doyle thought that would satisfy the fans. Well, they were both meant to fall and Holmes did fall a short way ere he managed to rescue himself. Which, I suppose, is one way of interpreting the events in The Reichenbach Fall.
  2. Really? I always assumed that though most of the information he gave Von Bork was "thoroughly untrustworthy", some of it had to be real for the criminal to trust him.
  3. Well, Holmes did sell out some information in order to gain the criminal's trust in "His last bow". It may be that our Sherlock agreed that you have to sacrifice something in order to gain something else (the meeting with/possible capture of Moriarty, perhaps). He might even have known all along that Moriarty could secure the files for himself and simply wanted to see how the criminal mastermind would react to his offer.
  4. Now, that could be fun! I wonder if she is ever going to appear in the show?
  5. Hello, fellow GOT/ASOIAF fans. I was wondering whether some of you have read the manga series Berserk?
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