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Found 1 result

  1. I found this image, and while it's called 30 days of Sherlock, I will post my answers in one day All in one go, actually. Feel free to join me. My answers: 1. The Reichenbach Fall 2. Sherlock 3. Molly Hooper 4. Magnussen 5. "Nobody can fake being such an annoying dick all the time" 6. That heroes do exist 7. How to befriend jerks 8. Sherlock and John 9. Molly and Moriarty. Poor Molly! 10. Benedict Cumberbatch 11. Louise Brealey 12. The Hounds of Baskerville 13. If you can call this an unsolved case, I like it that Sherlock didn't figure out that Magnussen's vaults weren't real. 14. Mary 15. Inside 221b Baker Street 16. Moriarty. Easy! 17. Molly 18. Lestrade 19. Molly. I'm wondering how the answer to this could be different from my answer to no. 17... 20. Not sure there are any, but maybe Mrs. Hudson. 21. None 22. Sherlock 23. Sherlock's coat 24. Benedict Cumberbatch. Again, I have to wonder how this is different to question no. 10... 25. His intense staring 26. I am Sherlocked 27. When Sherlock explains Mary's gunshot as 'surgery', but fails to bring up the very real danger that he might have died at her hands. 28. When Sherlock shoots Magnussen. Sorry! And just to explain myself, it's not my favorite plot, but it is a great plot twist. 29. The violin. Can it be considered a prop, though, since it's in use? If not, then the skull. 30. The rooftop phone call and Sherlock's jump
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