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Found 1 result

  1. Sorry the rest of you lot if this sounds a bit too much like a poem. But it sort of is. And since a certain someone will not respond to his messages or respond to my direct statements to him, this is what I shall resort to. So, here you are, John. I hope this will provide a valid explanation. Oh, and my apologies if it's a bit long. If I told you I was sorry… If I told you I was sorry, would you believe me? Even though you’re my friend, I don’t think you would. If I told you I was sorry, you wouldn’t even listen. You’d just block it out because you think I wouldn’t mean it. If I told you I was sorry, would you tell me that I’m lying? That I’m making it up just to get you to come back? If I told you I was sorry, there’s no way you’d think I’m serious. It just can’t come in your mind that I am telling the truth. If I told you I was sorry, you’d just keep on walking. Trying to get away because you’d think it isn’t true. If I told you I was sorry, you would never forgive me. Of everything I‘ve done this is the thing that is the worst. If I told you I was sorry, you’d say “Oh, that’s funny.” You cannot even fathom that I really am. If I told you I was sorry, you’d run off and leave me. Never come back because you don’t know how much I need you. If I told you I was sorry, you wouldn’t know how sorry. There are not enough words in the dictionary to tell you the true amount. If I told you I was sorry, I would fail for words. No words can ever convey the full truth of what I want to say. If I told you I was sorry, here‘s what you‘d think. After he says it and I forgive him, he’ll just drop it. It means nothing. I would tell you that I’m sorry, but you’ll see that I just can’t. If I told you I was sorry, then I’d lose my only friend. There. I will take this moment to say that this may be my last post for some time. I am going off for a while. If you were to ask me where, that's what I'm asking myself. But I am leaving none the less. And unlike some people (John Watson. AHEM.), I warn others before I go somewhere. Goodbye. Catch. You. Later.
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