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  1. Hello everyone and Guten Tag from Germany, first things first..even though I think my english is not that bad...I'm afriad due to the lack of practise my posts won't be flawless. I would be grateful if you could ignore this little inconvenience Many years back i fell in love with crime shows and murder mythers. And after reding the old Sherlock Holmes Books from my mom and listening to the german audio plays I fell even more in love with Holmes and his dear friend Dr. Watson. I might be a little bit to old (24) to be a hardcore fangirl, but after watching Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the BBC adaptation of my beloved characters, I just could not help myself anymore. :D What to say about me? Well, I already mentioned that I'm from Germany and that I'm a terrible fangirl, And not just of Sherlock, but also of many other Fandoms. I also have quite a little YouTube addiction. I read a lot (books...and well--- FanFictions) I used to write FanFictions myself, but now as a "grown up" I don't have enough time. I just discovered this forum thanks to a little research on google. It looked realy nice and friendly. Well, I don't know what else to say. When you have more questions, don't hasitate. Greetings NotMyDate Oh..one thing I should admit I do ship Johnlock...just a little bit...I'm not obssed and I will not cry when nothing happens, but I kind of like the idea
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