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Found 3 results

  1. My first post here, so hey everyone. I'm a big fan of Sherlock (which you could probably deduce by my presence here). I just wanted to post a couple of interesting logic puzzles I found. I was looking for some challenging logic puzzles to test my deductive reasoning abilities. They are new to me, but maybe not to some of you. Here's one. Here's the other (slightly harder). If anyone knows any there logic puzzles, let me know! I love these things.
  2. Hi everyone, There's a free online game at www.unknownfiles.co.uk/freegame which involves solving puzzles and codes spanning over different websites, thought I'd share it with you as some people might be able to solve it! It's only short and there's no download needed to play but you may have to get some friends to help you along the way. Enjoy
  3. Hi everyone! This is kind of a strange question, so hopefully it'll be right at home in the miscellaneous musings forum! I'm trying to solve the following Sherlock Holmes related riddle: "Deduction, Watson, Deduction, Watson, If there are four, Then it must be three, For the number three, Is certainly the key." Some Background: TL;DR version - This answer to the riddle is related to some activity my friends and I will be doing with our church this summer (it's usually mission/wilderness/teambuilding oriented). Long version: Every year, my youth group goes on a summer trip, the location of which is kept a complete secret from us until a certain deadline. Before the deadline, our leaders usually give us a riddle to the location of our trip. Specifically, one of our leaders, a physicist who's an avid Sherlock Holmes reader, enjoys coming up with these riddles. They're always very difficult and in the past have including things like ASCII code. Additionally, they have transitioned in recent years from codes to more textual riddles. For example, the riddle last year was "I'm famous for what I do not have" and the answer was Costa Rica (Costa Rica doesn't have a military). Two years ago, the clues were "ranch dressing" and "Stephen King," and the answer was Estes Park, Colorado (Stephen King wrote The Shining at the Stanely Hotel in Estes Park, and ranch dressing refers to the hidden valley ski area in Estes Park). This year, despite the collaboration of our entire high school group, we can't get anything out of this riddle, and we would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!
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