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Other Sherlocks - book recommendations


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I thought I would share a few books which I have enjoyed so far and which I haven't found mentioned yet in the forum.


- The seven percent solution by Nicholas Meyer : the true story of the Final Problem and The Empty House - two stories which by his own admission, where pure invention on Watson's part. In which Holmes travels to Vienna and is cured by Freud.


- My dear Watson by Margaret Bridges : in which Holmes is (gasp) a woman and locks wits with Moriarty's daughter.


- The veiled detective by David Stuart Davies : in which we learn that Watson was actually called Walker, wasn't wounded at Maiwand but ignominiously discharged from the army after getting drunk on duty. And if he ends up sharing lodgings with Holmes it's not exactly a coincidence...

(no wonder Watson can't remember where his wound is, it never happened...)


- The hound of the d'Urbervilles by Kim Newman : in which we learn how Moran came to work for Moriarty, and hear of their subsequent adventures, in Moran's own words. A relationship and reminiscences which curiously mirror another famous pair...Moran, though a through-and-through villain, comes across as strangely likable in his memoirs.


More to come later!

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A new collection of short stories edited by George Mann with several written by friends of mine (and also one by me in case mods want to remove this post if it abuses the rules). But it is a new short story collection and we haven't had one of those in a while. The story by Cazan Scott is very funny and really enjoyable, and another, "The Mysery of the Locked Carriage" by Stuart Douglass is a fabulous pastische in true Watsonian style and also a pretty good mystery.



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This one is not a novel but a selection of some of the letters sent to Sherlock by the public. For years, a bank had the official Baker Street address and employed a secretary to read and answer the letters (now the bank moved and the letters are going to the museum).

Strangely, the editor of the book, a prominent Sherlockian, died a mysterious death in 2004. He had been strongly opposing the auctioning off of important ACD papers at Christie's, and had told friends he was followed by an American and was fearing for his life. Shortly after, he was found garroted by a shoelace tightened with a wooden spoon. Some said it was a suicide staged as a murder. Too bad Sherlock was not there so solve the case!


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There is also a novel about two men who take up residence in 221b Baker Street and after receiving these letters, actually start investigating these little puzzles. "The Baker Street Letters" by Michael Robertson

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