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    Crocheting, Drawing, PLaying Instrument - Clarinet, Watching TV, Taking care of animals, Biking, Being GEEKY, Making movies, Sleeping, Browsing on the internet, talking and analzing things that happen in shows and movies, People watchHanging out with friends, Eating Ice-cream, Larping, Glowstick gun battles, Reading - manga and regular books, Taking pictures, Traveling - Hope to go to France for College
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    A Study In Pink
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    The Reichenbach Fall

About Me

Well, I have recently joined the Fandom of Sherlock and I must say this show is quite wonderful! I LOVE talking and analyzing things that happen in shows and movies.


Some of my of my favorite shows and movies are Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Doctor Who, all sorts of anime, Marvel and DC Comics movies, and ummmmmm A LOT more.


As you may be able to see I am definitely a geek and SOOOO proud of it.


I'm more than welcome to talk about things that happen in the show, and saying that just message me anytime and we can have an awesome convo. :lol:

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