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  1. Yes..!He is welcomed here to talk about Sherlock if things get too crazy. It doesn't help with the sanity though but at least he is able to talk about it all he wants. He said almost the same thing Van Buren! He can barely navigate a flip phone, he would be so lost on here XD
  2. I told him that he's gained some slight popularity on this forum and he thinks he's just the coolest dad ever now XD I mean, he is the coolest dad ever, but now he's letting it go to his head
  3. -Sherlock created an illusion, like a magic trick. Like something you would see in Vegas. -Sherlock enlisted Molly's help, she is somehow a big part of it. I just know it. -he found a body in the morgue that looked like him and somehow used that. These are just a few that Dad has come up with.
  4. Yep and then he was mad when I told him he had to wait to see how he survived, because I wasn't telling. Then this morning I got a ridiculously long text with different theories about how he did it....
  5. Update on my dad's first time watching Sherlock: I dropped off the second series to him this afternoon, and received a phone call about an hour ago asking if I was trying to give him a damn heart attack!
  6. I already back up what ever theory you're working on Arcadia!
  7. Yes!! I agree wholeheartedly! I felt like Sherlock was starting to question his feeling there. He had just the tiniest confused look on his face for a moment.
  8. I suppose this would be the best thread to mention this little tidbit on... Did anyone else notice in TSoT when Sherlock is reading the telegrams at the wedding, there is one that says something along the lines of "wish you're family could've been here to see this -- Cam" in reference to Mary? I didn't notice it until my seventh viewing of it, and all of the sudden LIGHTBULB! Cam....CAM! As in Charles Augustus Magnnusen! And it explains the look on Mary's face after it was read.
  9. I like you're take on this topic Arcadia, I woul love to think that Sherlock used his intellect instead of a gun when dismantling Moriarty's network. It's just the first thing I thought of when I heard "dismantling" was destroying . Cutting the strings of the proverbial web and making sure they could not be reconnected. I also very much like your take on the circumstances bit. I agree that Sherlock "cheated" when it came to CAM.
  10. I've thought about that too. I've always just assumed that he had to kill people in the two years he was away, and was confused as to why I was supposed to be shocked. The only solution I could think of was that no one actually saw Sherlock kill anybody when he was abroad, and in HLV, there were more than enough witnesses.
  11. https://m.fanfiction.net/s/10395453/1/I-Told-You-So This is my favorite Sherlolly fan fic! It's one of the few I've came across that feel very real an plausible!
  12. I thought we could also share our favorite Sherlolly fan fictions!
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