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    Book collecting, photography, politics, and of course Sherlockiana.
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    A Study In Pink
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    The Reichenbach Fall

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  1. Did anyone here actually get to watch it?
  2. It looks like the video was deleted. Oh well. Was good while it lasted. Silly, stuff like that actually increases public interest.
  3. Please pick your favorite of the four original novels by Arthur Conan Doyle. Feel free to say why your pick is your favorite.
  4. Star Trek Voyager had an episode where Data played Sherlock Holmes.
  5. Jeremy Brett was arguably the best Sherlock Holmes; he certainly was for my generation. I read he was a student of the cannon, and it showed in his performance. He really played the part perfectly.
  6. The quality is not super high. But hey, what can we expect for nothing. I had the same felling about Joan Watson. I was expecting to find myself annoyed with the character, thinking PC was going to play a prominent part of this series; that yet remains to be seen.
  7. Favorite case of all the cannon? If I had to pick one above all the rest, it would probably be the Dancing Men.
  8. It's in English. Actually, I was surprised that this would be available anywhere on line considering it hasn't debuted yet.
  9. That link contains a video of the complete pilot episode of Elementary.
  10. Enjoy my new found Sherlockians... http://www.sshf.com/news.php?id=942
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