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  1. No, everything was in english... But I think it was "the final problem", since nothing was magically translated anymore!
  2. I disabled the program that haunts the posts... I'm writing this in english, I hope it will be like this when you receive!!!
  3. Ei!! Desculpe pela demora em responder ... Acho que sei qual é o problema! Meus outros posts são realmente em inglês, mas eu escrevi isso em português, porque é mais fácil para mim (eu sou do Brasil). Talvez o problema seja o google translate ... deixe-me explicar: como não sou totalmente fluente em inglês, mas vou a sites escritos nesse idioma, às vezes uso o google translate. O que aconteceu, acho que foi o google traduziu instantaneamente minha postagem para o idioma que eu tinha anteriormente no site. Esta é a minha teoria Tchau! edit by Caya: Something peculiar is happening here - I saw your post in English, approved it, and in that moment it turned into Portugese. Fortunately, I still got the notification email, so I'm gonna paste the English version from there: Hey!! Sorry for the delay to answer... I think I know what is the problem! My other posts are really in english, but I wrote this in portuguese, because is more easy to me (I'm from Brazil). Maybe the problem is the google translate...let me explain: as I'm not entirely fluent in english, but I go to websites written in that language, I use the google translate sometimes. What happened, I think was that the google translated instantly my post into the language that I had previously on the site. This is my theory Bye!
  4. Moderator's note by Carol the Dabbler: This post appears to be haunted by the ghost of a Portuguese translator! When I first read Rebecca's original post yesterday, it was in Portuguese, which seemed odd, because I had already seen some of her other posts, written in English. Anyway, I used Babelfish.com to translate the post into English and added the translation to the top of her post, along with a note explaining what I'd done. Well, this morning the entire post (including my note!) was in Portuguese! All I can figure is that a translation routine had somehow become embedded in it. I have therefore deleted the entire contents and started over, in hopes that it will stay in English. *fingers crossed* So here's my reconstruction-from-memory of Rebecca's original post: It is now known for certain that the next Holmes movie will be released in December of 2021. It will again star Robert Downey, Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson, but unfortunately director Guy Richie had other commitments. There are various rumors regarding the villain and the plot; for example part of the movie is said to take place in the Old West (thus raising conjectures that the story is based on A Study in Scarlet). This is my first post, because I want to be in touch with other people who love Sherlock.
  5. In my opinion, the best adaptation I've seen of Sherlock, was Benedict Cumberbatch, and I think he would very well again. But I'm not a film critic, it's just the opinion whose seen many films about Sherlock!
  6. I think my favorites are, probably, "a scandal in Bohemia", "the final problem and, in the BBC adaptation, the sign of the three. But I don't have sure
  7. I'm from brazillian, and Rebecca Watson is a caracter that I create inspired by the historys of Shelock... My play was a small sucess in the region, and now I'm studying to go to England try to be an actress. I aways loved Sherlock Holmes, the movies, the books; but only after I saw the serie from BBC, I had the inspiration to create Rebecca. I'm just writing this because I want someone to talk about my favorite subject, wich is Sherlock Sorry for the typos, I'm not fluent
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