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  1. Real life got in the way. I was sick for awhile, remember, but then I also got sidetracked by Alan. ...but then again, when am I not distracted by that man? ;)
  2. Good morning to anyone here, and also happy 2017! Indeed. Alan is, too, but I think that might be slightly different ahaha.
  3. Morning to anyone here. I can't sleep cause my nose is all stuffy. Being sick is not fun. :'(
  4. Hey to anyone here. I dislike being sick so much but at least I've got Alan for company. Well, sort of, anyway. My movie of choice at the moment? Titus. Nuff said. ;)
  5. You underestimate me (and my love for Alan). The way I see it, his intros are a really, really good reason to watch Masterpiece, Sherlock or otherwise.
  6. Except for getting sick, yeah, I did. Right now I'm torn between Plunkett and Macleane (which I've already seen twice but I love it) or Titus. Feels so good to actually have some of his movies that it's a bit surreal. ...and yeah, you did read that correctly. As much as I love Alan, I didn't have any of his movies before. I know, shocker, right?
  7. Hey to anyone here. I caught a Christmas cold but that means I can binge watch all of the Alan Cumming movies that I got yesterday. ...even though I don't really need an excuse to do that but eh.
  8. Hahah no. I just kept saying I'd go to bed at x time and then I didn't and before I knew if, it was this morning.
  9. Very true. ...also, I logged into Pinterest after several months to find a bunch of photos of Alan that I'd forgotten about.
  10. Maybe but oh my god that sounded like what would happen if Apple designed a rolling pin. :p
  11. Very well played. :p Hijacking the thread to say that I'm watching TV.
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