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Making best use of your Messenger Storage

Carol the Dabbler

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I had never really understood the "Storage" statistics on the left side of my Messenger page.  It said I had used x% of my quota, and without even thinking about it, I just assumed that was x% of so many megabytes or whatever -- but it's not!


I just realized today that I'm allowed a certain number of message threads -- long, short, it doesn't matter.


So if you want to make the best use of your quota, don't routinely start a new message thread every time you want to send a message.  If you need to re-contact someone with an update on a prior message, use the same thread.  If you frequently message the same person for lots of little things, then create an odds-and-ends thread.  Your quota will go a lot further.


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Just bumping this up to the top of the New Content page, in case some of our newer members would like to read it.  :)


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I just meant a thread for "miscellaneous" discussions.  Let's say that you and Bendy PM each other a lot.  Rather than start a new thread every time, the two of you might be better off having just one thread that you use for nearly everything.  Or you could have a few threads, according to the subject matter.  Or however you might want to organize it, actually.


My main point was, the fewer threads you start, the longer your personal quota will last.  The alternative is to delete message threads once you're done with them -- but then of course you can't go back and refer to them.


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