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    "Fries" (aka "French fries") is the American word for these: While "chips" is the British word. "Chips" is the American word for these: While "crisps" is the British word. As I understand it, anyway.
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    There's a whole bunch of those, plus behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/c/OwlKitty/videos .
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, Artemis. That decision is the worst any pet owner has to face, and it's heartbreaking. Give Cooper a hug from me, and have one yourself. And sorry for not speaking up earlier, but my parents' gentle old dog Ika is going through a bad phase too atm, so it took me a couple days (it's a bit of a raw topic right now). Why must dogs' lives be so short? It's just not fair.
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    What do hamsters dream about... Tunneling? Running the wheel?
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    Let me know if you find out. Pending further news, one of my main peeves is packaging that's not recyclable, even when it easily could be. Like the plastic produce bags at the local natural foods market which have no recycling code (or anything else) printed on them. Wouldn't ya think? I need to ask why -- wondering whether maybe they're number 5 plastic, which may be less likely to leach into the food, but which (in bag form) isn't recyclable around here even if it *does* have a code. I keep meaning to bring my own pre-used bags (either recyclables from the grocery store or just re-use those unprinted ones).
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    They're both cats, so both of course.
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    Carol, may I ask you a question, and I promise I'm asking this out of honest curiosity? (you're of course free to ignore me if it comes across wrong, which I'm trying my hardest not to, but politics is a dicey topic - in fact, I'd rather you ignore this than become offended ) Would there be any scenario, any at all, where you could possibly imagine yourself thinking, "Okay, that's it - this was unquestionably worse than anything any other politician in the US has ever done" ? Like, say, Trump calls in on Fox News, then proceeds to kill some small, defenseless animal on live camera in a fit of rage (yes, I know I'm reaching here, but please bear with me). Would that make you reconsider? Or would your first instinct be to tell us how sad it is that so very few politicians of all stripes put any emphasis on animal welfare? On a happier political/animal note, the White House has dogs in residence again: Major is the first ever former shelter dog to move into the place. And don't worry, in the spirit of unity, a cat will soon follow.
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    I agree. Waste is a real problem, and excess packaging too. It's the same problem in my country. It's ridiculous, really.
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    I see the resemblance, yeah. One day the sink in the little kitchen on my floor of the dorm was an utter mess, heaped with dirty dishes. and someone had tacked up a paper towel above it, with a hand-drawn "reaction" face. Some years later I saw "The Scream (for the first time, as far as I was aware), and immediately knew what that towel face had been based on. Oh, 'nother neat thing -- every so often Sky and Telescope magazine has nifty detective-type articles where they track down the background of something. They did one on "The Scream" [here] and it turns out -- well, just follow that link.
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    You guys are making me crave fries. Stop it.
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    Good stuff Arcadia. Ive been listening to some Moody Blues lately. I have ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord,’ ‘On The Threshold Of A Dream,’ and ‘Question Of Balance.’ Ive seen Jethro Tull a few times and have most of their albums. Brilliant stuff. Fairport Convention get a massive thumbs up from me. Sandy Denny could sing the phone book and make it sound amazing. I love Dead Can Dance too. I only really ‘discovered’ them 3 or 4 years ago. Great choices.🤙
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    This fluffy bunny rabbit? Is "whenever" often for you?
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    Looks like your highest percentage went to Aggression. That sounds about right.
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    I feel this is appropriate
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    I've tried a few things today, with no real success. I tried to "save image as" from a forum page, with the same results that you report (jpg >>> webp). And it appears that Imgur has never heard of webp, so that's no help whatsoever. Then I tried downloading from PB to my computer. This time I got the whirly circle, so I was somewhat hopeful. But even though I had selected an album, what I ended up with in my folder was a compressed file that my system couldn't open (which does NOT sound like jpg). I deleted it. Phooey.
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    I'm not a fan of rules, but I think it is needed now. False advertisement is one thing, but wastage is already a crucial problem. This is in the same level with ridiculous excess-packaging. These are the sample of excess packaging I myself have just receive my online shopping, four tiny tupperwares, packed in box (that can fit approx three dozens of those), each wrapped in more than one meter bubble wrap in length. And more bubble wraps to fill the empty space inside the box. I now have enough materials to open an online store.
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