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    I just came across Trotter's page on Tolkien Gateway. I had been wondering why any hobbit would wear shoes, wooden or otherwise, but according to this page, even though he appeared to be wearing wooden shoes, he actually "had wooden feet after being tortured in Mordor." So they were apparently prosthetics rather than footwear. And anyone who wants to know more about the gradual evolution of Aragorn's character can find it in this blog.
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    Although I had heard of Lily (or Lillie) Langtry, I must admit that I knew very little about her, so that connection had never occurred to me. However after reading her Wikipedia page, I must say it seems quite plausible! Langtry was born on the Isle of Jersey, and Adler was born in New Jersey, both in the 1850's, both were famous stage personalities, and each was involved with a royal personage. It's interesting that when Langtry left the Isle of Jersey, she and her new husband moved to Belgravia -- I wonder if that had any influence on Moftiss's choice of episode title?
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    That's a tad unkind. I don't know the full story of how we got what we did. But we do know they had to leave the story in a sensible place: in case it was over forever, of if they do decide to go back to it. I thought it was the most exciting TV I have ever seen, I loved the ride. Yet the personal touches were my favourite: Sherlock virtually declaring John as more of a brother to him than Mycroft, then almost immediately regretting it...when he learns what Mycroft has had to carry alone, all those years. I love Sherlock reaching out to Eurus, healing her through music and restoring her to the family. Even the Redbeard twist...lovely. Most of all I love being left with the boys going back out on their adventures...what's not to like?
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