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    I see your worship and I accept it. At first, it just seemed coincidental that Martin Freeman was playing two, what seemed to be completely disparate characters . . but upon reflection, I realized that the two, one man, one Hobbit, have so much in common. Perhaps having Martin portray both of them got me thinking along those lines which I hadn't before. Watson seems the more naturally courageous type, opting for soldiering and the rough, adventurous life-threatening dangerous life by choice. Bilbo got dragged unwillingly into his . . though in the final analysis, he *was* willing, after all. One can make the case that it required greater courage to be a Hobbit, not necessarily in fighting trim, with no training in martial arts, and smaller than everyone else to become a brave warrior. Watson started out as a brave warrior and suffered a crisis of confidence after his injury and losing his soldier's identity. In both cases, each discovers his purpose when paired with his 'leader'. Both enjoy a good pipe and a good tot as well. Both love a good waistcoat. Both get adept at sleeping rough but neither really likes it much. Both have arch-nemeses . . Smaug, Moriarty . . both bad, bad dudes. The willingness to lay down his life for his friend is their salient characteristic in common.
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    Hi there Seventhdoctor! Welcome to the forum! I think I'll have to go with Rathbone too, not just for the nose but also for his height. I don't think he was really that much taller than my second choice, Jeremy Brett, but he seemed taller.
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    But Bilbo Baggins IS John Watson, and not just because Martin Freeman plays both . . think about it. Bilbo is the Watson to Thorin's Sherlock, the authoritarian leader-figure with the inner darkness. Both Bilbo and Watson will fight to the death for their friend/leader/brother-at-arms. Both are jerked rudely away from a comfortable middle-class life and respectability into life threatening adventures, which exhilarate them to their own great surprise. I will welcome being called Bilbo Baggins . . .if I can be Bilbo AFTER his Adventure. The pre-quest Bilbo was a stick in the mud. The Bilbo who came back was forever changed, like a hobbit who had faced down death in Afghanistan and then met consulting detective who was more than a bit Wizard-like.
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    It reminded me quite a lot in spirit of "The Cutting Edge", if you enjoyed that film. "Eddie the Eagle" is not a romantic comedy, unless we count Eddie's decades-long romance with the Olympic Games. There has been a lot of dramatic license taken to turn Ed's story into a feel-good movie. The man himself is a very positive individual, but his road to the Olympics wasn't all peaches. He lived in a mental hospital in Finland at one point during his training because he couldn't afford other accommodation. I remember Eddie's story and I watched him in action during the Calgary Games. He always looked middle-aged even then, but he was only 23 at the time, or two years older than me. The movie depicts his working class parents as split in their support of Eddie's dream; his mother was for it, but his father (Keith Allen), a plasterer by trade, wants his only child to stop dreaming and settle down to a 'real' job. 30 years on, Eddie looks largely the same as he did back then, with the same irrepressible energy and smile. He has cobbled together a post-Olympic career of some stunt/daredevil type work (he holds a record for jumping over parked cars, apparently), some voiceover work and dribs and drabs. I don't think he ever went back to plastering. Taron Egerton has impeccable physical comedy timing which has come in handy in all his roles. The role went to him after production delays meant that first Steve Coogan and then Rupert Grint were attached and then had to pass. I think it was for the best that the project was delayed for nearly ten years--they found the right actor for Eddie, and Taron would have been too young and obscure if it had come around earlier. I'm not sure how many movie-goers under the age of 40 would remember 'Eddie the Eagle' but he certainly was a breath of fresh air during those Olympics . . exemplifying as he did the spirit of the TRUE amateur. He did not start ski jumping until a year before the Games and made up for in fearlessness and grit what he lacked in experience. I'm amazed that he didn't kill himself! When Hugh Jackman appears, playing a real-life washed up boozy former ski-jumping prodigy driving a snow machine, I immediately thought "Wolverine!" Calgary Olympics, how appropriate. Hugh is a very large and somewhat hirsute guy even when he's playing a normal human. He and Egerton make a good team.
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    Speaking of reptiles, do you know skinks? Speedy little guys. Cute. Zip all over our porch. I've been letting my cat go out on the porch with me when I sit out there, so she won't have to stay in the house by herself. I leave the door open a crack in case she gets scared and needs to run back inside. One day she's out there, half snoozing, and there's a sudden commotion and she's got a skink in her mouth … and she dashes inside with it. Aaarghhhhh! A lizard in the house! A fast lizard! Noooo! I go running after her … and she's already deposited it on the landing. Thankfully (for me) it's already dead. She starts batting at it, then looks at me and gives the most piteous cry … "Mommy, why won't it play with me anymore?" I felt so bad for her I went into the kitchen and fed her some special treats.
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    "Personnel" was the last reasonable name for that department -- and that was, umm, a few decades ago. Everything since then has been looking at employees as corporate assets. Bleh!
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    Today I had a dream - a crossover of The School Doomsday and The Loo Apocalypse. I was at some school, trying to find out about the exams I'll have to take (3 Months, no idea about what the exams would be) and while running around through this school/uni building I made a little trip to the toilet. Messy as usual in my dreams, but it was the first time I remember, when I've got massively contaminated during that visit. Woke up from trying to wash my blazer. Urgs…
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