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    I doubt that, but you actually raise a good point. Maybe Gavel shouldn't be fired.
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    At least check where your kitties are before you call plumber and IT for clogs and computer problem.
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    That *would* explain The Final Problem, wouldn't it? I'm definitely with Lestrade on that one!
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    Egad! That's almost cruel!
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    Looks like it might come in handy (so to speak) sometimes, like if I want to watch a long video on my tablet, without all the blood draining out of my arms. Doubt that I'd buy it, though. For one thing, doesn't look very comfortable. We have people of all sizes and shapes, but yes, there are a lot more really fat people here than there used to be. I blame fast food, junk food, and processed food in general. One factor all those tend to have in common is "natural flavor," which is a (presumably intentionally) very misleading term. For example, you'd think that if "natural vanilla flavor" is listed in the ingredients, that would mean an extract from actual vanilla beans, right? Nope, that would be listed as "vanilla extract." According to this article from Scientific American, "natural vanilla flavor" is probably derived from rice or cloves or wood (which may at least be a step above "artificial vanilla flavor," which is derived from petroleum). "Natural flavors" may be a problem for several reasons. First off, they are retraining people's taste buds. A lot of folks now prefer "natural strawberry flavor" over the real thing because it "tastes more like strawberries." So people aren't eating as much fruit and other real food. Next, the synthesized flavors are tweaked to be as alluring as possible -- so that they don't just taste good, they taste incredibly good -- which induces people to have an extra helping. Finally, there is suspicion (as yet unproven, as far as I'm aware) that certain "natural" flavors, as well as some artificial sweeteners, can act as appetite stimulants -- meaning that diet soda pop may actually make you fatter than sugar-sweetened types, because the artificial sweetener may induce you to eat more potato chips with it. [/rant]
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    Personally, I watched S1 and S2 a couple times while trying to forget that anything ever came afterward (only watched S3 and Bride once, never could find the stomach for S4; Plaidder's Empty Houses is canon, as far as I'm concerned ). But I'm wishing you the best of luck for many happy rewatchings.
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    Oh come on, we can't work miracles, you know .... 😛
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