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    Yah it is I think the definition is made just like that, just for fun. I agree with "drained" as my definition of small talk, but I certainly bored to tears and half to death a couple of times when I had to attend wedding, and sit for couple of hours in the table with others (strangers or supposedly friends). The one with friends from work, that I thought I would enjoy, almost put me in comma, somehow, they are just not interesting now that we are trapped in this same table. Actually, thankfully, I do have habit to leave party early, and mostly trying to sneak out myself or with my companion. I am also so very grateful that I'm staying too far away from wedding and have passed the age when everyone gets married. Brrrrrr..ghastly. Agree!! That is the best way to do my work, I'd be wandering around (mind or physically) doing something unrelated while my mind is preparing about what I'm about to do, when the gear kicks in, it doesn't stop, but I need to turn on the engine and like to be left alone. What about this one
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    Khan when he's in a mellow but chatty mood. There was never any need to hit him or lock him up, if they'd just been polite they would have had this friendly chappy and all of the unpleasantness could have been avoided. This is him explaining about the death ship lurking behind Mars.
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    The annoying time when they just won't leave you alone.
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    It's too late Carol, the damage is done, you've driven her away.
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    Not hungry, not thirsty, even turned her nose up at treats. Doesn't want to be stroked. Her 'parents' are away so I think she's lonesome from not seeing anyone in the evenings. Put a cushion next to my desk chair, she seems happy enough there.
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    Here comes the cuddly army doctor who will break all your bones while naming them. And smiling.
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    Per VBS's suggestion in another thread, Tim has set up a new rank. It has no specific name, because when you get to 5,000 posts, you get to make up your own name for it. At least five of you (T.o.b.y, Arcadia, Camper, J.P., and Pseud) are currently eligible -- congratulations, guys! Three others (Fox, sfmpco, and VBS) are very, very close -- so be thinking what you want to call your new rank. Please let me know if I've missed anyone! In order to set your new rank-name, go to your profile page, click Edit Profile, and if you have 5,000 or more posts, you'll see a new box at the top (it's currently labeled Member Title). Enter your personalized rank-name in that box, then scroll down and hit Save. Your new rank will then be displayed wherever the "old" ranks are, namely on your profile page and (on computers) above your avatar picture each time you post.
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    A great detective once said the art of disguise is knowing how to hide in plain sight.
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    Do not keep your guard down. I repeat, do not keep your guard down.
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    Some pictures of one of my dogs in his favorite blanket. I call it the "comfy Kippy collage".
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    Oh, don't feel sorry for me! I have been very busy with work and family and that's all good. I was just listening to a song the other day that included the line, roughly translated from German: "I've lost a few things but found others instead so don't worry about me". That really resonated. I am fine!
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    There's a big cunning spider living in my kitchen, he's chosen the perfect spot in the corner where he can run down the side of the washing machine at the first sign of danger which means I can't get rid of him. He's been there for days now so I've decided to call him Hamish, in honour of John.
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    Hi to all Ive just joined this group. I’m 60 years young and live in the UK and a member of the Sherlock Holmes society. I like most versions of Holmes including Sherlock. But at heart I’m a tradionalist Basil Rathbone was the Holmes a grew up with and for many years I thought the best Holmes then Jeremy Brett came along and just about piped home to the post as far as I was concerned. As for me he captured flavour of the Victorian period. But I also enjoy the modern versions very much. 🕵️‍♀️
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    Yup, me too. And I construct words -- i.e., use words that should exist, without knowing or caring whether they "really" do or not, because it should be pretty clear what they mean. Like uhh, a "mitigated disaster." (Apparently I'm not in a particularly whimsical frame of mind just now.)
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    We'll share yak milk and watch slugs mate. It will be lovely.
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    Who knows what they had in mind? (I'm starting to wonder if even they know.) No, I'm conjecturing about what really happened, in the SherlockVerse.
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    Just because he's not afraid to shoot himself doesn't mean that he has no fears at all. It's possible that his greatest fear was losing to his most worthy opponent -- and his greatest dream, worth dying for, was beating him. I thought his greatest fear was staying alive. Or being bored, I sort of forget which. At any rate, I agree that even psychopaths can have fears and dreams, they're just not necessarily what the rest of us would call rational ones. It's always been my impression that Moriarty never meant to leave that roof alive in the first place, so I guess it could be seen as a win-win situation for him? I agree it doesn't make a huge amount of sense -- to ME, but I'm (relatively speaking ) normal. Moriarity struck me as being bats**t crazy, so maybe making sense was not something he was overly concerned with. I think Moriarty as much as says that in TRF (again, talking BBC version only here.) JIM: Ah. Here we are at last – you and me, Sherlock, and our problem – the final problem. Stayin’ alive! It’s so boring, isn’t it? It’s just … staying. All my life I’ve been searching for distractions. You were the best distraction and now I don’t even have you. Because I’ve beaten you. Looked at that way, it's a miracle he lived as long as he did.
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