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    Don't throw things at me (but if you must, fresh produces only please), I really only ship Sherlock with his detective life/everlasting thirst of knowledge. It's not that I feel represented, as that is not my current path, but it's good to know that it is an alright way of living and existing, and there is equal happiness to that despite the normal 'normal'. And who is the best in that except Sherlock who has existed for more than a century, I think that what makes him special, and that what makes me like the series. But feel free to ship, who knows, you might change my mind.
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    Hi all, just dropping in to let you know I'm still around, just been super busy. FL, sorry to hear what you've been going through, I'm in a similar situation with someone who I once thought of as my best friend. I'd like to keep her in my life, but she's sure making it tough. I hope your situation resolves. It sounds to me like you're on the right track. Hope everyone is staying safe. I'll try to drop in more often, miss you all!
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    Thanks! Actually, they do show it. What I hear most often is "aren't you afraid?" No, tbh, I am not. Concerned, worried, tense, yes. But not scared. If I catch the virus, it's very very likely that I won't become severely ill. The same for my husband and son and we're keeping everyone else at a distance. My greatest fear is passing it on to a friend patient unknowingly. But right now, we still have plenty of disinfectant and masks, gloves etc and medical staff are always eligible for testing so I hope that can be prevented. We'll be alright.
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    Those places are funny... Not. Imagine people not daring to go get care because they don't have a mask! Where I work, we try to provide those simple face masks for patients with symptoms as best we can. We have a minimum of protective gear for ourselves and are re-using as much as we possibly can without being totally unsanitary. If you don't have anything to cover your nose and mouth, just go wherever you absolutely need to go and keep your distance from unprotected people. Cough into your arm and avoid touching things. If possible, call the practice etc in advance, maybe they can arrange something like meet you at your car or refer you to an infection center. Stay safe everyone. P.S.: sorry I haven't been posting, I work in healthcare and things have been crazy what with flexible working hours, rules and regulations changing daily and having to improvise child care because obviously daycare is closed. Hip hip hurray. Not complaining though, I am honestly greatful that at least I get to keep my job.
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    I hope you guys are holding up well. Thing has been affecting me a little bit differently. My SO is staying in different countries, so is the rest of my core family, even the one in the same country are separated by flights. Last week, he was supposed to be here for one and half week but the trip was cancelled last minute because of restrictions on both sides. We cancelled it first for precaution, as the plane he was supposed to take was coming from badly hit Europe, also with other consideration that he might be put on two weeks quarantine on each side, ton of paperworks and it would be problematic with work. Apparently even if he didn't cancel, the flight was also suspended. I have to be grateful that at least we are okay for now, but I was just feeling really down that time. We have been looking forward to meet and I need his support here. The mellow hours had passed, now we are just keeping each other's spirit high, although I can't help to think when we could actually meet again. Now is even stricter than last week. But again, nothing to complain about as long as we are well. With these restriction, I am more aware than ever that I actually staying in a place where I have zero real friends. I have distanced and limited myself so much all my connections here are strictly professional. I'm not sure I regret anything, it's just something that I think of, so I actually have no one that can visit me anytime if I got into trouble, since people I care about and vice versa are all thousand of miles away, and with lockdown and all, it feels like we are staying in different planet. But not too worry, I'm in good relation with my dog's original family, they are the only people who know where I live (Geez I have no idea I'm this successful in hermit-ing myself, but again, wouldn't change a thing). Not sure if social distancing works around here. Just couple of days ago I saw people grouping on the street, not for something important but part of die-hard local life. There are measures taken, hopefully it's taken seriously. Food and necessity supplies are okay here, I haven't seen hoarding the last time I bought grocery, no panic buying eventhough the queue were much longer. Medical supplies like face mask and hand sanitizer hasn't been seen since forever though. There haven't been business restrictions, I think majority of business are still open as usual, but haven't been going around for a week, not sure if things has changed. Haven't visited my regular beaches, can't help to think how the strays are doing if everyone stop the visit to feed them. And if the surrounding food businesses are closed, how would they find any food? As you guys, I am more terrified with the social and economy impact. I had experienced the ugliness of humanity when it was pushed to breaking point, I hope it doesn't come to that. It's worrisome to read the news about India couple of days ago when some of the locked-down citizens didn't even know about Covid-19, and many are surviving on daily wage that goes non-existent. For every panic buying, there are those who can't even afford tomorrow's food. Haiz. Take good care guys, be safe!
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    😅 When I entered the Sherlock fandom (my first fandom ever and so far the only one I have actively participated in), I had no clue what shipping meant and when I found out, I thought it was the silliest thing I ever heard of. Until I realized that I had been doing it all my life to the characters in my favorite books. I think I began to begrudgingly ship Sherlock and John after / during series 3. I didn't want to but there was just so much romance in there that I finally gave up and gave in and by now, I have made my peace with that. It's a pretty platonic ship in my case though that was perfectly satisfied with the way the show ended. I like to think of Sherlock Holmes as married to his work and while maybe not exactly asexual, little interested in sex beyond perhaps an annual meeting with Irene Adler that's probably more about the thrill of danger than anything else. But I have come to see the series as a love story nonetheless and greatly enjoy it as such - all the more that I know for sure now that everything will be right in the end. I think blowing up 221b was cheesy and over the top but totally worth it just to see John actively helping to restore it to just the way it was before, thus finally admitting and accepting that he goes there not because he has no better alternative but because he likes it and he likes crazy old Sherlock too with his fridge full of body parts and his skull and his moods and everything. I thought John and Mary's relationship was interesting too. It made John look pretty bad at times though imho. The way the show exalted Mary got on my nerves big time but she was a cool character.
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    Happy holidays from a 48-year-old woman who's really looking forward to Disney Day coming up on TV. Never apologize for the things you love.
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    Not expecting much sympathy for this because I know that few of you have or want kids but: The other day, I got fast food downtown in the afternoon because I had had no lunch break at work and no time between the end of my shift and picking my son up at daycare. He wanted to try, so I stuffed a few wok noodles in his mouth. And this very overdressed woman in her 60s stopped, frowned at me and remarked: "I always cooked for my children!" Yeah. Good for you. Let me guess though: you didn't have a job while yours were little and / or you had a housekeeper, maybe even a Nanny. I cook as much as I f...ing can but some days, I feel lucky that I find time to go to the bathroom. I wish people would not randomly criticize a complete stranger's parenting, especially when the kid isn't bothering anyone. I don't go around shoving baby photos in everyone's face demanding attention and I don't let him annoy people and in return I would really like me and my offspring to be left in peace too.
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    Happy Star Wars Day to one and all -- May the Fourth be with you!!!
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    I my opinion, it sounds like you did the only right thing in that situation. From personal experience and after some thought, my stance on that kind of situation is: people have a right to choose what they want to do with their life, even if that means they choose to get rid of it. They do not, however, have the right to burden me (or anybody else) with that decision. If anyone sends me a halfway believable suicide note, I will call an ambulance, period. If they aren't happy with that then don't send me the note. End of story. Only you can decide whether you can and want to forgive her and if you want to renew the friendship. Maybe make a list of pros and cons?
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    What glue you are using? Mine keeps falling on my head it's not funny anymore. It's magic trick! And this must be moocat.
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    Mycroft can learn a language in 1-2 days. Probably all Wikipedia is written by him.
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    Currently on Shark Week (49 and I still get it like clockwork every four weeks ) and just stumbled over this, truer words never spoken:
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    We are not the only species who suck at our job.
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    I think it was JP who mentioned she was rewatching Sherlock, so I thought I would too. Then it occurred to me maybe some people might like to discuss their reactions to the show after not seeing it for awhile. So here's a thread for that!
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    Least favorite, lol, there's a concept. I'll have to ponder on that one. Favorite: Ummm… I'll start with one I saw just recently: "It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling, from time to time, that we might all just be human." "Even you?" "No. Even you." From The Lying Detective. I love how that episode ultimately turns out to be about John.
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    My ship is friendship.
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    NOPE. They go, or I'd go. We lived in rat infested house and I wasn't feeling anything back then. Now they are my mortal enemy, as I can't stand the thought of them being around my food or just around. Now I keep everything, I mean everything, including dishes, bottled condiments, fruits etc in closed cupboard, container or tupperware. I think it helps because they might be less attracted to invade the house without food smells, haven't seen any for a long time, and not planning to. Not taking chances, I think my self-diagnosed OCD is getting worse by age. Yes, I have countless of dog photos doing that, but I'm too lazy to look for it. My phone is exploding, even with 64 + 128G storage I can't contain the number of dog photos I take. Dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs! I even have to delete Sherlock that I always carry in my phone. And it's extremely difficult and time wasting to go through every single one and choose which one to delete. As moving it to computer, I can't bear not having them ready for access anytime. So I have... to.. sort.. them... it probably takes 237 years and my only motivation is because I want to take new ones. Anyway, be careful guys, there are more and more mythical animals comes to live.
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    Yay Fantasy! Good luck to you both. My biggest risk was when I decided to stop trying to have a "normal" job and become self-employed, and pursue my art. That led me to a very unique career, teaching at a non-profit arts center, which suits me perfectly. I'm poor, but enjoying my life.
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    Me and my best friend are a couple now, it's going to take some time getting used to it, considering we've know each other for years.
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    Alright, alright. Training to take pictures with my toes would be handy , I just need to be sure that when I post it, it's not a thumbnail. .... .... Was it a successful double puns??? If yes, I must be on fire!!! If not, refer to this meme
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    I moved my mum into a nursing house last week: sorted clothes with her, put all her stuff into place, built a shelf and moved stuff around the room. All with a mask on (the so called paper mask). For a whole beeping day of ca. 30 Celsius heat. You can get used to it and forget you have it on your face - I realized it as I was already driving. But maybe you have to get used to it, the first few times were indeed a bit weird. There are people with problems that cannot wear a mask, but the rest is just whining.
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    It's from S4 Ep3 of "Sherlock".
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    Only just thought to say... had a laugh with my daughter: every time I come back home, having left the dog alone...my deerstalker has moved! My daughter thinks the dog is secretly cosplaying Sherlock Holmes, everytime she is alone! Presumably as in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. Ha!
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    My personal opinion is that there will never be any such thing as "the end of racism". Not totally. It could improve, and we should never stop striving towards that; but it will always exist to some degree, along with sexism, poverty, rape, murder, et. al. I think a major part of the problem, in cases like these, is special protection/privileges and a double standard for police which allows them to act as though they are immune to the law. Police should be (and in many cases are) trained to preserve human life above all else, in every interaction; but as long as positions of authority exist, they will attract people who seek to exert power over others. There should be strong and immediate penalties for those who abuse that. Too often abuse of power is met with a slap on the wrist, or ignored entirely. Derek Chauvin had a long history of conduct complaints against him that should have been addressed long ago. Law enforcement requires reform in many respects which is long past due, and I think it'd be a good idea to start by focusing on that, which is something that can be changed, instead of trying to make racists less racist, which is just going to end with heads banging against walls. There should be outrage about the death of George Floyd, and protests are most certainly warranted. However, burning cities down is not the way to go about it. Not only is it detracting from the real issue, it's hurting those who were already the most vulnerable people in the community. Many of the neighborhoods being set aflame belong to the lower-income population, and the businesses burning are the businesses that serve them and employ them. Many of those are small, family-owned businesses that individuals spent a lifetime building. Some people are losing their only means of transportation when their cars get burned. People are getting injured and killed. People are scared. We were already struggling with severe hardship here from having so many businesses closed due to the pandemic. Now many of those businesses are razed to the ground, which means even fewer jobs returning when the economy reopens. And guess who will bear the economic burden of rebuilding? People who pay taxes, that's who. We are in serious trouble and this wanton destruction is accomplishing absolutely nothing positive. No one wants to have a conversation with the person holding a torch to their home or livelihood. It should be said that I don't know how many of the people participating in this can even be called "protesters" anymore. I think many are just taking advantage of the situation to vent some rage and steal stuff. I've also been hearing that many are coming from outside the state, as well as from other "movements", to fan the flames. Apparently there are drug cartels moving in as well. I don't know how much of that is confirmed, but in Detroit, Michigan, where they actually bothered to arrest some rioters, about 3/4 of them were outsiders. To those people in Minnesota, I would really like to say, get the f*ck out of my town.
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    At irregular intervals along our highways, usually attached to overpasses above the road, there are signs that can be electronically altered from a central location. There's one between here and Indianapolis that's recently been reading something like this: ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY STAY AT HOME SLOW DOWN But today it read: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU SLOW DOWN YOU MUST .
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    Indeed. The learning curve and adaptation period is crucial and not something I could give much right now. And for my current condition I'm still juggling to live in two places at one, definitely not a good situation to introduce new dog, I could easily jeopardize her health and happiness which would do more harm than good. And yes, I'm holding hope that I'll be able to provide her good home and peace when she is older (I'm guessing she is at least 9 years old now. At least) and needs it. If she needs it and wants it, I'm willing to work hard on it regardless situation I will be in, at least she'll feel loved when the time comes, as thank you for her presence in my life, eventhough it'll be heartbreaking. She is always there and protective, she teaches me and my dogs many things and there were so many countless sunrises we had shared. The sad thing about most dark-colored dog (she is black and white), their aging looks very visible when the furs on her face turns grey. Forgive me, I shall go back and post some other mindless lighter nitpicks next time.
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    I know, it's hard to see homeless animals and not want to do something. (This is why I can't visit certain pet stores.) But I think you did the right thing.
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    Happy Easter everyone, here are some cookies.
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    You know, I have switched position with my mom now. I'm the one who nags on everything. Drink more water, wash hand, don't touch this and that, eat healthier, well, because I really love her and want her to be well. Nevermind she is annoyed by me. When I was annoyed by her back then, deep down I know that means she cares, and pretty sure she knows now that means I care about her too.
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    Well, it's happened ... I am officially unemployed for at least two weeks. The place where I teach has decided to shut down for the rest of the month. No plans for me to make up the lost income, either. Arrgh. On the happy side, I sold two paintings this week, so I guess my cat won't starve.
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    Of course it is. It just depend on your definition of "love".
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    I agree. So much of my life has hinged on unforseen consequences of minor decisions that second-guessing would be roughly impossible. For example, I had just barely gotten over the flu and logically speaking should have stayed home and rested, but I was going a bit stir crazy and a friend was having a party, so I pulled myself together, more or less, and went. And that was the evening that Alex and I got acquainted. Where would I be now, thirty years later, if I'd done the sensible thing and stayed home? (I have no idea.)
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    Forgive me if I answer this with Sondheim first (the song in question starts around 4:40 if I goofed that link up): I can't think of any major decision in my life that I haven't second-guessed at some point. Hardest, imo, was coming to the conclusion and accepting that I'd probably do most things the same, even knowing how some turned out. But I don't fret about any of them - there's just one life, and we do the best we can. There may be Martinas in parallel universes who took different decisions and now live lives radically different from mine, but I'm okay with my place in this one.
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    Because the Witcher wasn't supposed to be pretty. People were closing doors, dogs barked and cats hissed seeing him. Scarred, sinewy, with a nasty smile. Cavil is a big puppy, not a monster killer. And his wig comes from a totally different fairytale, as people say in my country.
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    Okay. The electrons were having a party, when without warning a bunch of protons came and attacked them. Just as suddenly, a hero arrived and saved the electrons. Amazed and grateful, the electrons cried, "Thank you, thank you! But who are you ??" The hero replied: . . . "Bond. Covalent Bond." (Hey, don't blame me, I don't write this stuff, I just steal it off the internet.)
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    I've never read The Witcher or played the games so everything was new to me. What a mess. A typical Netflix mumblefest. You can barely understand half of what's being said an the rest was pretty bad. I gave up on the series pretty quickly. I know there are people that say if you can get to episode 4 it gets better but it's a dreadful slog and I can't manage it. One thing that brings me straight out of these stories is every time they say F*** or shit or the like. It completely invalidates the verisimilitude for me. While I have no problem with swearing in fiction this sort of thing feels too modern and that the production is trying to wave at the audience saying 'Hey, look. We're hip and cool and oh so edgy.' Guess what, you ain't.
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    My Christmas card this year, starring my cat, Pepper. Hope you all had a good one!
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    My husband and I moved in together and soon married, while having met each other physically only twice (long distance relationship over the early internet) and, well, twenty years later we're still there.
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    I have a young lady in my latest watercolor class, about 13 or so. Most of my students are adults, and the rest of this particular class is all retired ladies. When they get to talking about emotions and relationships and such, the teenager is just riveted. I've noticed that several times with teens; they really are interested in what older folks have to say, even if they try not to show it (which would be uncool. ) I think many of them have a real desire to connect with adults, since they're on the verge of becoming one themselves. (I don't recall that I ever did; I much preferred being a child. ) And they like not being talked down to.
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    A local newspaper compared Boris Johnson's negotiation tactics with the EU to a bank robber storming the cashier's office, putting his gun against his temple and shouting, "I've got a hostage!"
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    Happy 43rd birthday to Benedict Cumberbatch! ❤️ He seriously deserves the world, and he has carried so many people, including myself, through the good times and helped us through the bad. He inspires me to be the best, most hardworking person I can be, to be positive, and to never give up. I believe that he is, and will be forever, a role model to me because he is the most charming, humble, talented, funny and kind person ever and his pure goodness has sparked a love for him and his acting roles all around the world from so many people, and his acting is truly phenomenal, all his roles are absolutely stunning, and they all deserve all the awards possible due to his dedication and passion for his work. I really hope he having the best day with whoever he’s spending it with.
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