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    Sorry you had such a bad experience. And good on you for being an out-and-proud bisexual. As to the question above, I'm a female gamer so, yeah, that's another surefire method to meet idiots online. And just for the record, I don't think anything like this is likely to happen here (we're small, quiet and friendly, fortunately) but I do have a banstick and neither me nor any other mod is going to hesitate should anyone have the bright idea to pull a stunt like that. Everyone should feel safe and welcome on this forum.
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    Don't throw things at me (but if you must, fresh produces only please), I really only ship Sherlock with his detective life/everlasting thirst of knowledge. It's not that I feel represented, as that is not my current path, but it's good to know that it is an alright way of living and existing, and there is equal happiness to that despite the normal 'normal'. And who is the best in that except Sherlock who has existed for more than a century, I think that what makes him special, and that what makes me like the series. But feel free to ship, who knows, you might change my mind.
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    Oh, no need for that if you ask me. As far as I can tell from history and anecdotes, average male behavior has actually improved over the past few decades, at least in this part of the world. And there have always been some good men, some horrible men and lots of perfectly ordinary men imho and same for women. Like I said before, it's not that hard not being a d****. Most of it is common sense. If you aren't participating in or encouraging vile behavior yourself, then I see no need to feel ashamed just because some people who also have a Y chromosome do. I certainly don't take responsibility for all the s*** that other women do either.
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    I suspect that in many cases like you describe, the aggressor's (alleged?) faith is merely a front. I am married to a religious person and have fairly close contact with people of different religions. Some of these are pretty liberal, others not so much. I have great respect for religious convictions and the more they are in conflict with prevalent societal ideals the harder it must be for the people holding them to navigate the world with peace of mind. However, to my knowledge, no serious religion says "thou shalt harass", "thou shalt insult", "thou shalt threaten peoples lives" or "thou shalt hate". Does "where do you live I have a gun" dude seriously think his deity is proud of him? I doubt it. He probably just doesn't want to outright admit to being an asshole so he tries to somehow justify his behavior by throwing God in the mix. Good job quitting that place. I hope you find a nicer one.
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    Can I just make a general comment with regards to this Topic? What worries and concerns me; having read these Posts so far; is the psychological and emotional damage that the insults, abuse, and threats, as described here, can have on the recipients of such nonsense!! Please just remember that everyone has a right to be just the way they are, and that no one has the right to judge or condemn anyone!!! So be proud of who you are!!! I believe that we're all meant to be brothers and sisters in this world!!
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    Hi all, just dropping in to let you know I'm still around, just been super busy. FL, sorry to hear what you've been going through, I'm in a similar situation with someone who I once thought of as my best friend. I'd like to keep her in my life, but she's sure making it tough. I hope your situation resolves. It sounds to me like you're on the right track. Hope everyone is staying safe. I'll try to drop in more often, miss you all!
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    Thanks! Actually, they do show it. What I hear most often is "aren't you afraid?" No, tbh, I am not. Concerned, worried, tense, yes. But not scared. If I catch the virus, it's very very likely that I won't become severely ill. The same for my husband and son and we're keeping everyone else at a distance. My greatest fear is passing it on to a friend patient unknowingly. But right now, we still have plenty of disinfectant and masks, gloves etc and medical staff are always eligible for testing so I hope that can be prevented. We'll be alright.
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    Those places are funny... Not. Imagine people not daring to go get care because they don't have a mask! Where I work, we try to provide those simple face masks for patients with symptoms as best we can. We have a minimum of protective gear for ourselves and are re-using as much as we possibly can without being totally unsanitary. If you don't have anything to cover your nose and mouth, just go wherever you absolutely need to go and keep your distance from unprotected people. Cough into your arm and avoid touching things. If possible, call the practice etc in advance, maybe they can arrange something like meet you at your car or refer you to an infection center. Stay safe everyone. P.S.: sorry I haven't been posting, I work in healthcare and things have been crazy what with flexible working hours, rules and regulations changing daily and having to improvise child care because obviously daycare is closed. Hip hip hurray. Not complaining though, I am honestly greatful that at least I get to keep my job.
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    I hope you guys are holding up well. Thing has been affecting me a little bit differently. My SO is staying in different countries, so is the rest of my core family, even the one in the same country are separated by flights. Last week, he was supposed to be here for one and half week but the trip was cancelled last minute because of restrictions on both sides. We cancelled it first for precaution, as the plane he was supposed to take was coming from badly hit Europe, also with other consideration that he might be put on two weeks quarantine on each side, ton of paperworks and it would be problematic with work. Apparently even if he didn't cancel, the flight was also suspended. I have to be grateful that at least we are okay for now, but I was just feeling really down that time. We have been looking forward to meet and I need his support here. The mellow hours had passed, now we are just keeping each other's spirit high, although I can't help to think when we could actually meet again. Now is even stricter than last week. But again, nothing to complain about as long as we are well. With these restriction, I am more aware than ever that I actually staying in a place where I have zero real friends. I have distanced and limited myself so much all my connections here are strictly professional. I'm not sure I regret anything, it's just something that I think of, so I actually have no one that can visit me anytime if I got into trouble, since people I care about and vice versa are all thousand of miles away, and with lockdown and all, it feels like we are staying in different planet. But not too worry, I'm in good relation with my dog's original family, they are the only people who know where I live (Geez I have no idea I'm this successful in hermit-ing myself, but again, wouldn't change a thing). Not sure if social distancing works around here. Just couple of days ago I saw people grouping on the street, not for something important but part of die-hard local life. There are measures taken, hopefully it's taken seriously. Food and necessity supplies are okay here, I haven't seen hoarding the last time I bought grocery, no panic buying eventhough the queue were much longer. Medical supplies like face mask and hand sanitizer hasn't been seen since forever though. There haven't been business restrictions, I think majority of business are still open as usual, but haven't been going around for a week, not sure if things has changed. Haven't visited my regular beaches, can't help to think how the strays are doing if everyone stop the visit to feed them. And if the surrounding food businesses are closed, how would they find any food? As you guys, I am more terrified with the social and economy impact. I had experienced the ugliness of humanity when it was pushed to breaking point, I hope it doesn't come to that. It's worrisome to read the news about India couple of days ago when some of the locked-down citizens didn't even know about Covid-19, and many are surviving on daily wage that goes non-existent. For every panic buying, there are those who can't even afford tomorrow's food. Haiz. Take good care guys, be safe!
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    😅 When I entered the Sherlock fandom (my first fandom ever and so far the only one I have actively participated in), I had no clue what shipping meant and when I found out, I thought it was the silliest thing I ever heard of. Until I realized that I had been doing it all my life to the characters in my favorite books. I think I began to begrudgingly ship Sherlock and John after / during series 3. I didn't want to but there was just so much romance in there that I finally gave up and gave in and by now, I have made my peace with that. It's a pretty platonic ship in my case though that was perfectly satisfied with the way the show ended. I like to think of Sherlock Holmes as married to his work and while maybe not exactly asexual, little interested in sex beyond perhaps an annual meeting with Irene Adler that's probably more about the thrill of danger than anything else. But I have come to see the series as a love story nonetheless and greatly enjoy it as such - all the more that I know for sure now that everything will be right in the end. I think blowing up 221b was cheesy and over the top but totally worth it just to see John actively helping to restore it to just the way it was before, thus finally admitting and accepting that he goes there not because he has no better alternative but because he likes it and he likes crazy old Sherlock too with his fridge full of body parts and his skull and his moods and everything. I thought John and Mary's relationship was interesting too. It made John look pretty bad at times though imho. The way the show exalted Mary got on my nerves big time but she was a cool character.
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    Oh Lord... I'm late to the, um, can you even call this a party? But whatever. I just read that article and it seemed to me as if the author never really watched Sherlock. First of all, BBC Sherlock certainly does not let the main character's attitude go "unchallenged", in fact, a massive point is made of him being a huge dick and as the story progresses, the disadvantages of that and the effects on himself as well as literally everyone else he cares for become more and more apparent until in the end, it's the stereotypically "feminine" values that Sherlock learns to embrace like love and compassion and making room for feelings in general that win the day, not Mycroft's "iceman" brain-cult. Secondly, "masculinity" is about the last word I would associate with this particular portrayal. I always feel as if the show would work just as well if the main character was female. This Sherlock comes across as very androgynous to me, that's one reason why I find him appealing I guess.
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    Gaaah!! What is that!! Kill it! I think J.P is holding herself really well.
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    One of our cats would wait till we were watching television, then walk over right in front of the TV and defecate on the carpet. We finally figured out that she simply wanted attention, but didn't know how to ask for it. So we started making a point of petting her whenever we passed by her, and she went right back to using the litter box. I believe I've seen that, yes. It's like, "hey, I'm making a point here!" I think it still works, but you may need more points in your favor. Like the time a guy had really pissed me off. I didn't want to throw the first punch, but was almost hoping that he would. Figured he wouldn't, though, because he's not only male, he's also twenty years younger than me, half a foot taller, weighs probably twice as much, and his hair is still dark (though frankly, I suspect he "touches it up"). So I didn't think he'd actually punch a "little old white-haired lady," because it'd make him look like a bully, and a foolish one at that. We stood nose to nose till a couple other guys pulled us apart, just like in the movies. It was pretty cool. Hopefully taking notes.
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    Update: as expected I can't go to work temporarily, my internship isn't cancelled though, and my mother is recovering.
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    So I have a girlfriend now and last month we celebrated our 2 month anniversary, and when we were dating I had to tell people I met someone, including people who I hadn't came out to. I genuinely forgot the anxiety when coming out, some didn't believe me. But sometimes it was amusing, then I had a conversation that went like this: "I met someone." "That's nice, where does he live?" "What kind of job does he has?" Is he older or younger than you?" and then finally "What's his name?" So I answered each question without using a pronoun, but when I said a girl's name seeing the penny drop was just priceless.
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    I think it was JP who mentioned she was rewatching Sherlock, so I thought I would too. Then it occurred to me maybe some people might like to discuss their reactions to the show after not seeing it for awhile. So here's a thread for that!
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    Squeeee! Mycroft is BAAAAAACK! https://twitter.com/bbcsherlocktr/status/1286989797664477190?s=20
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    Personally my religion doesn't allow for gays either. But people have to stop acting lik3 a gay person is gay, full stop. Yes, to some people gays are discomfiting. It's a fact. But totally disregarding that a gay person is a kind, funny person who likes pretzels or maybe kebabs isn't fair. God created gay people too. I'm going to be honest, I do read a lot of gay-themed Japanese manga and I'm a girl who fell for another girl at school (it lasted a year). And even tho there are people out there who cannot support gays all the way, everyone has been given the opportunity to live their own lives. And if we can't conform to their ideas and they can't conform to ours then that's not just okay; it's the most basic, ordinary thing a person can do; it's okay to think someone else has the wrong idea, it's not okay to think they're wrong as human beings. Even to religious ppl God doesn't need religion; if he'd wanted to he could have made being gay part of it. We have to stop ppl hating on gays just because but we can't be sure they'll ever really "like" them. And maybe that's alright too. I hate the tight, fitted clothing that most other girls, including my friends, wear. But that defntly does not mean that I hate them as ppl. I guess ideas are like clothes. One size doesn't fit all. That's how we are. It's what makes us different. It's human. Idk I dont really kno3 how to explain it better 😔
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    Carol, blood tests are currently only used to see if people have antibodies against the virus, meaning their immune system has had contact with it at some point. To test for a current infection with the potential to pass the virus on to others, you do indeed take a swab from the pharynx, which you reach by either sticking the probe really far into the patient's nose or touching the inside of the throat through the mouth. It's unpleasant but usually not painful and certainly does not involve touching any part of the brain.
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    Good heavens, you're right, that is an option -- but not a good one! Of course I could sign in from my Dabbler facebook page, but prefer to register with each site separately, just --- because. Yes, I assume it was something like that -- facebook or Twitter or whatever other site they'd joined by way of. But all I'm seeing at the moment on the All Activity list is forum-related stuff -- posts, likes, followings, and when Valkyrie changed her avatar a few days ago. No strangers, and like you say there used to be loads of them. I assume Tim's been busy. Thanks, Tim! Weird. But I guess I'm not surprised. I've noticed that a few men seem to bolster their egos by thinking that even though they may not be particularly great, well at least they're better than a WOMAN!!! And then you go and stomp on them. I don't know whether to snicker or feel sorry for them. Both, maybe.
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    Put that on a t-shirt, Carol. I'd buy it.
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    I think it's finally a good time for update. Anyway, around a week plus after this post, I continued to sneak in and feed her. She seemed happier that way, as after every visit, we both walked to different directions. Then one morning I went there, the entry point was properly closed and guarded, I asked permission to just come in and feed the dog, but rejected. That was end of April. I couldn't go in, I know no one, I had no idea if she is starving or not and I don't know what else I could do. For two and half months I drove there often, looking for a loophole or hoping that the closure would end soon (yes, the pandemic is still ongoing, but from the way people not doing proper social distancing and gather somewhere else, having the beach open could actually be a better solution, there are many beaches here and there are enough space for good social distancing practice) but it continued to close until end of last week, precisely Friday last week. As mentioned, this is not my regular beach anymore but I still come just for her. I had visited the other beach and found almost every dog. However, here, I couldn't find her on my first try. All other dogs on this beach that I know are also still here and well. But she is solitary dog and not young, could she survive without a pack, where is she? I came back again, and again, and again, walked the beach from dawn as I need to make time for work. I walked our regular spot, then further along the stretch, covering all areas we used to walk together, but no sight of her. I asked around, the local authority, the beach cleaner, they didn't know where she is. I even asked if they saw any dead dogs during the lockdown, but no. The cleaner who actually recognize me as someone who feed her, said they miss her too and haven't seen her since lockdown started. So I was devastated, of all the seven plus year I know her, we always find each other, except the one time in my previous story, and she always stays at the same place. I came back again the following dawn, and walked the beach all over again, it became harder everyday. A lot of what ifs, crazy thought and guilt. So much guilt. So many bad thoughts, so many regrets. I started to email, contact everyone I could think of, organization, someone I know who 'might' know someone that might know about the beach area. There was no result. Today I posted in multiple facebook group, eventhough I have little hope in them, but magically, after a mere couple of hours someone messaged me and told me that the dog is safe with her, she sent me pictures as well and invited me to meet them on the beach (too bad their timing is my working time but will work something out) (Update: I did! Thought of going on Sunday but couldn't wait! Went there yesterday, the day after I heard the news, I had to leave work early, quite early but I met her and she is alive and well!!!) I had been a mess these couple of days and tried to find a lot of distractions but my mood has completely changed. You have no idea how happy I am, and this is probably the best scenario I could ever dream of. So I promise to be in my best behaviour at least for these few days.. or hours... yay!!!!!! where is the vacuum cleaner I need to dance.
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    Dear Valkyrie123, OK: Here's my one cent worth: That behaviour that you have copped is absolutely appalling!! There's no excuse for it, and sadly, there are a lot of Idiots in the world today!! I know it's hard; but try not to get too upset by thoughtless, insensitive, narrow-minded, insecure fools!!! You don't need that sort of nonsense in your life, and you certainly don't deserve it! This is a wonderful Forum here, with great and friendly Moderators, along with friendly members; so you're safe here with us! Take good care, and I'm so sorry that you have been subjected to the narrow-mindedness and stupidity of Morons! Kindest Regards and Best Wishes to you, Douglas xoxo
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    Without context, that’s the weirdest question I’ve read in awhile, lol.
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    Happy Star Wars Day to one and all -- May the Fourth be with you!!!
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    I my opinion, it sounds like you did the only right thing in that situation. From personal experience and after some thought, my stance on that kind of situation is: people have a right to choose what they want to do with their life, even if that means they choose to get rid of it. They do not, however, have the right to burden me (or anybody else) with that decision. If anyone sends me a halfway believable suicide note, I will call an ambulance, period. If they aren't happy with that then don't send me the note. End of story. Only you can decide whether you can and want to forgive her and if you want to renew the friendship. Maybe make a list of pros and cons?
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    What glue you are using? Mine keeps falling on my head it's not funny anymore. It's magic trick! And this must be moocat.
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    Mycroft can learn a language in 1-2 days. Probably all Wikipedia is written by him.
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    Currently on Shark Week (49 and I still get it like clockwork every four weeks ) and just stumbled over this, truer words never spoken:
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    We are not the only species who suck at our job.
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    Least favorite, lol, there's a concept. I'll have to ponder on that one. Favorite: Ummm… I'll start with one I saw just recently: "It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling, from time to time, that we might all just be human." "Even you?" "No. Even you." From The Lying Detective. I love how that episode ultimately turns out to be about John.
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    My ship is friendship.
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    But @Artemis, you never told us why do you want to know! Meanwhile, I hope they don't risk their lives with capes because they don't even wear mask the proper way!
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    Happy New Year to all and let’s dump 2020 into the dustbin of history. New Year, new start. The Game’s Afoot!😃
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    Felt kinda blue this morning and needed some cheering up. Went searching and found this, hope it brings you a little cheer too. Btw, that was his last donation because Australia prohibits them past a certain age, he's fine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Harrison_(blood_donor)
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    In which part of the country does your friend live? Their experiences with bureaucracy doesn't surprise me a bit. Having experienced day-to-day life there as a 'gaijin' (outside person) for going on six years, I can say, truthfully, that Japan is one of the most xenophobic cultures in the world. Their institutional racism and distrust of anything 'foreign' is rooted in the many, many centuries Japan spent isolated and insulated from outside influences. Japanese culture has a lot to recommend it, but it is not a comfortable, easy or particularly kind place to be for anyone who is out of the mainstream in any way. They've got the highest rate of suicide really, in the world, followed closely by other Asian countries. The pressure to conform and to excel within very narrow parameters of 'acceptable behavior' is extreme. The life of a 'han-bun' (half/mixed) like your friends' daughter is going to be fraught with difficulties because she will never be accepted as fully Japanese in that society, no matter that she speaks Japanese natively and impeccably and does everything else her peers do. She will have a Japanese surname, which will help, but if she displays any Western features in her appearance . . or if she's raised to be bilingual and speak perfect English. .she will always be regarded as 'less than' full Japanese. That's the reality. Maybe the bureaucrats were in their own way trying to smooth her path a little by rejecting a name they deemed 'too American/too weird'. Some names, like 'Sara' can be both. I wonder if your friend was there at the window too, at the time. If the Japanese father had gone himself alone, I wonder if their first choice would have gone through. Handicapped people in Japan aren't accepted, either, and for all its technological and archtectual advances, there isn't a law like the ADA to protect and promote accessibility for disabled citizens. To be differently abled is to be defective, and according to Buddhist philosophy, a disability is a judgement from the gods upon the sin of either the individual or their parents, and as such are shameful things to be hidden away from society.
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    Good God, cats are drama queens.
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    The right decision isn't always the easy one, and fwiw, I concur you did right by her. Our Lilly is a former street dog as well, from Istanbul, and while she loves it here with us and happily transitioned to family dog, there was a certain learning curve and adaption period for both parties (for instance, she used to be nocturnal, which wasn't that great when her humans had to get up in the morning). And you can tell when we're out on a walk that she still misses the free roaming she used to do in her youth, only what can you do? I mean, she's smart about cars and would probably be safe, but you can't really let a Rottie loose in a suburban neighborhood without people flipping out because of the vicious beast on the prowl. So yes, there's a trade-off for a dog when adopted, sadly, and while Lilly seems happy with it (helps that Rotties are rather territorial and she clearly loves having her own place) your doggie friend obviously wasn't. Keep looking out for her and giving her love and, like you said, maybe she'll reconsider when she gets older.
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    “The Isolation of Smaug”.
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    One show I really liked was Madame Secretary, and one reason I really liked it was because the main characters were a married couple in a stable, loving relationship. Yeah, they had their arguments, but only in the way that normal married couples do. And banging was not shown. It was refreshing and I don't think the drama suffered at all. So it can be done. I remember how annoyed I got at ER because no one in that show seemed capable of staying in a relationship. The collapse of their personal lives got really boring, I finally stopped watching it.
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    Of course it is. It just depend on your definition of "love".
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