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    And I like it way too much. That's why I I stay away from it all. I am happy for people who can drink responsibly but not willing to try and see if I am one of them.
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    This here third personality thinks the dog in front looks like an idiot. I feel for all three of you, having been through something similar myself recently. All I can say is … as hard as it was for me, as many times as I bewailed my situation … I will never regret the time I had to give up to comfort someone else. There were times when I hated my life, and wasn't sure I could stick it out … but I did, and now I'm glad I did. For what that's worth. I know it's hard. And don't be ashamed to accept help from others. Hugz to all of you.
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    I know for a fact that some vaccinations cause problems but this is true of any medication. A small percentage will always have side effects. It's unfortunate, however the good for all is worth the risk I believe. Anti-vax people should go around with hats saying "Let's Make Polio Great Again!" When I was at school we had our jabs at school and if we missed the day then we had to provide proof that we got them from a doctor. I think my mum may even still have my vaccination card. As for flat-earthers, morons one and all.
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    Looks like Tim and Banshee were indeed successful in their quest for some emergency bandwidth allocation, hooray!
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    Well, there is a plenty of non-JL theories, like the wallpaper meanings or this one. I partially blame Arwel Wynn Jones, the set designer. He indeed placed so many hints do the canon, and there are some details on the set that really make you wonder about their meaning. But actually none of the theories turned out to be true. Actually, what we thought was playing hide and seek, was actually only having fun with the source material. There was no hidden pattern, no backstory revealing all the secrets, no answers. Probably the show seemed more clever than it was and that is what I was angry about. We just get The Sister From Another Story. It's not even a retroactive continuity - we get a retroactive destruction of what IMO the main character was based on.
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    You need to celebrate Dec 6th as St Nicholas Day. Which is what we do in Germany. Santa comes during the night of Dec 5th/6th in this country and if you were good and cleaned your shoes, he fills them with the kind of little gifties and / or treats that you would put in an American Christmas stocking. On the 24th, he either comes again, now called "Weihnachtsmann" (literally "Christmas Man" and most people don't realize that it's the same person as St Nicholas), or the "Christkind" visits your home while the kids are outside or at church (I think it's sort of a manifestation of baby Jesus so most families don't do a physical representation like with Santa), or you just get gifts from your friends and relatives. This was my first year being St Nicholas ("der Nikolaus" in German) for my kid and it felt like a great honor. But my mom visited us yesterday and on her way out must have done her own thing because when I went to fill the little shoes before my offspring woke up, I found that my boots were stuffed already. Or St N. is real. You decide what you want to believe.
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    Speaking of British politicians, let's try if I can get twitter to embed again here: Well that was underwhelming. Pic:
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    John yelling at the floor. Do you guys think it's not easy being with Sherlock? Well, no shit, John. 😛 Writing diary is one way to keep you sane, they said.
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    As Caya said, the mobile number is only for two-factor authentication, as far I know. I've never had a problem with spam, either on my phone or in my inbox. Gmail's spam filter has been fine for me. That's what I did as well; but I tried to make another account a couple years back, and they wouldn't let me move forward without providing a mobile number. There was no option to skip or provide an alternate address instead, or anything. So I don't know if they're trying to enforce it now or what. ^ I didn't like those settings either so I turned them all off, which can be pretty easily done. Just find the 'Settings' wheel on the top right and take a look at what's there. I despise 'Conversation View', which is the new default on most email providers now. I want my emails chronologically. Anyway, once you disable any unwanted settings, you can have a very tidy and straight-forward inbox, if you're not into the bells and whistles. ^ Ditto. I also have my browser set to clear on closing. It makes me feel better.
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    I recently saw a Tweet that I think summed it up quite well:
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    I remember my brother (rather plaintively, I thought) asking me a similar question once. Something along the lines of "do all women think all men are predators?" I told him yes, but my brothers were the exception. I meant it as a joke, but I've often thought about his question, as he clearly felt … hurt? Uncomfortable about it, at any rate. I felt bad for him. On the other hand, if a lady's not interested, she should have a right to say no without fearing any ill consequences, and that includes feeling responsible for hurting the guy's feelings. (And all of this applies in reverse, by the way...) At any rate, I choose to believe that most things negative seem to be more prevalent than they actually are, simply because they're reported on more. Good news is ordinary and every day, bad news is the exception that needs to be reported. May not be true, but I'm happier thinking that way. And girls should be taught to stand up for themselves. I wasn't; I grew up in an era when most of the social cues were to be pliant and submissive. Or that's how I interpreted them, at least. There's women my age who don't take s**t from anybody. Different personalities. *sigh* Why can't being human be simple?
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    Re Vaccines: I think we've been living without pests for too long. Losing a child to one of those diseases is much too rare. A mother who lost a kid or two to polio and co., wouldn't think about risks of vaccination. I'm just patiently waiting for the first death case from measles that has its big comeback around the world. Flat Earthers - I don't know what to say. It's a failure of education systems. Of common sense. Of logic. Of brain cells. But sometimes it seem to me like an overreaction to a perceived "dictatorship" of education and science. The tendency for overzealous militant religiosity, seeing climate change as a conspiracy of new industries, the adoration for idiocy aka trumpism. Brexit. It all shows that people don't want to hear scientific explanations anymore, they don't want to think and look for facts, they feel like the educated "upper class" have all the control. Which I think is a big, big failure of the education system leaving the less talented/intelligent behind. And maybe the perceived dehumanisation of the political and social systems. Maybe we've done something wrong in the last years. Or maybe it's a natural process of different philosophies fighting for domination. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Counter-Enlightenment
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    I think BBC Sherlock seriously dialed down on John Watson's intrinsic optimism and warm/outgoing nature with people. Their version of Watson is quite an angry, maladjusted and isolated little dude who does not seem to enjoy his calling as a medical man very much. ACD's Watson did, of course, respond to the excitement and danger of being a close associate of Sherlock Holmes, and he thrived on their dangerous adventures together. But the notion that John is so intrinsically damaged himself that he is only attracted to dangerous and damaged individuals is Mofftiss's invention. Mofftiss's rebuilding of Mary from a quintessentially nurturing and proper Victorian wife into a callous ninja assassin was particularly inventive. There's the line where John, devastated by the reveal of his wife's true identity asks Sherlock, "But why is *she* like that? (ie, 'dangeous'). Sherlock's reply: "She's like that because *you chose her*" This statement does not hold up the evidence of the two preceding episodes since we met Mary. John was completely blindsided by her lethal past and skill set because he'd had no evidence of it in all the months, or years he had known her. Amanda Abbington herself was just as blindsided by Mary's true colors as John was . . and why? Because, the writers hadn't put anything like that *in*. Okay, so she knows what a skip code is and has a good memory for details like hotel room numbers. Many people do. I knew what a skip code is and I never trained with the CIA. I just like to read espionage thrillers. My feeling is, between the introduction of Mary in Ep. 1 and her 'reveal' in Ep. 3, the decision was made to change horses completely on her character. John Watson has Sherlock Holmes for all the danger, excitement and unpredictability he craves. Which is precisely why he would not have to seek it out in a potential wife, not even subliminally. Mary is supposed to represent the well-ordered hearth and home Hobbity side of Watson, while his escapades with SH illustrate his swashbuckling ex-soldier side. Moftiss's version of a Watson who continually gravitates to dangerous, imbalanced people for his primary relationships makes JW on some level, unbalanced . .which I think strays far from the original intent.
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    Oh dear, poor you. 15 years is impressive and I'm sure you and he had lots of love to share in all that time, but still, it is never enough, I know. Do you have pics to share or does it hurt too much yet? To answer your question, I'm sitting here typing this with tears in my eyes, and Diva passed in 2008 and Basic in 2014 so no, it never goes away completely, or at least it didn't for me. But with time, I managed to smile more as I remembered the many happy moments and the pain faded to just a dull ache. My heart goes out to you, the first few months, when you still listen automatically when you come home and wonder at first why there is no sound of paws rapidly approaching, are the worst.
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    It's very, VERY difficult to understand from over here, too.
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    Well, I think it would have definitely helped if the Moriarty / Eurus connection had been hinted at a bit more early on in the series. Personally, I would have preferred no Eurus at all and Moriarty to just remain Big Bad until the end, but... oh well.
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    It occurred to me reading the chat on other threads, that it would be really cool if Moriarty and Eurus first met as children (perhaps in a therapist's office) and began to plot Sherlock's demise together at that time. It's sort of like childhood sweethearts gone wrong.
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    At the time Carl was killed, you mean? (I accidentally typed "Carol" … gah! It was a mistake, Ms. Dabbler, honest!) Because at some point he knew it was Sherlock, obviously, or he wouldn't have used the shoes as bait. If he didn't know about Sherlock's interest at the time of the murder, it would be interesting to know how he worked it out later. However, I always took the Carl Powers story as another instance of poetic license … as an indication that Sherlock and Jim were somehow linked (by the fates, by karma, something) from the very start, and their eventual death struggle was written in the stars. There's a whiff of fatalism hovering over Sherlock at times, don't you think?
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    You mean the Xmas present? Need to look after the timing. But first what I've thought about reading this line was the BTS red herring scene with Jim and Myc at Bart's, shaking hands. Oh, imagine they would include that scene in TFP Jim was lurking around also in TBB, as the wire-puller of Chan's business. So it's possible he's got annoyed by Sherlock spoiling his business. But still killing completely random people in a quite sophisticate way just to annoy Scotland Yard - that feels not enough Moriarty-ish for me. Shut up, stupid brain! Yes, Mofftiss might have built the story by pulling notices with random ideas out of a hat. But it's not the point. Magic, remember? A whole that's more than the sum of it's parts? So SHUT THE BEEP UP and let me have fun!
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    Good morning! Well, mid-afternoon here, but who's counting. It's funny how subtext seems so dependent on the eye of the beholder, huh? I first came across Sherlock in S2, and never could see much in the way of Johnlock (if it had been up to me, John would have ended up with Sarah the doc), but was all like, more power to those who do. And then, with S3 happening, I could see that there had been *something* that now was no longer there, at least for me. Some kind of bond, not even necessarily sexual, which I had taken for granted and only now noted its absence. And all of a sudden I could understand what Johnlockers had been seeing all along, just interpreted a bit differently. Can't speak for S4, alas, still can't find any desire in me to watch that one.
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    But John's reaction to Mrs. H's assumptions indicated (to me) that no way in heck were he and Sherlock ever a couple. Not in "that" way. In fact, I remember thinking that's why they put that joke in, to show John's reaction. Although if that's the case, I gather it rather backfired with some people. And if hugs are an indication of sexual orientation, then every person I've ever met is bi. 😛 (Two hugs? I remember one at the wedding, was there another one?) (Oh, wait, you mean in TLD. Got it.) I am willing to bet that if Sherlock were to give Molly a consoling hug after her heart was broken, the Johnlockers would shrug it off as meaningless, and the Sherlollians would jump on it as "proof" that the two are madly in love. The obsession some folks have with romance is quite remarkable.
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    I kinda like the Rainbow Bridge concept. All I know is that, if there is in fact an afterlife (I'm pretty agnostic on this), I want to end up where dogs go. They can call it whatever they want.
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