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    And I like it way too much. That's why I I stay away from it all. I am happy for people who can drink responsibly but not willing to try and see if I am one of them.
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    Yah it is I think the definition is made just like that, just for fun. I agree with "drained" as my definition of small talk, but I certainly bored to tears and half to death a couple of times when I had to attend wedding, and sit for couple of hours in the table with others (strangers or supposedly friends). The one with friends from work, that I thought I would enjoy, almost put me in comma, somehow, they are just not interesting now that we are trapped in this same table. Actually, thankfully, I do have habit to leave party early, and mostly trying to sneak out myself or with my companion. I am also so very grateful that I'm staying too far away from wedding and have passed the age when everyone gets married. Brrrrrr..ghastly. Agree!! That is the best way to do my work, I'd be wandering around (mind or physically) doing something unrelated while my mind is preparing about what I'm about to do, when the gear kicks in, it doesn't stop, but I need to turn on the engine and like to be left alone. What about this one
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    Khan when he's in a mellow but chatty mood. There was never any need to hit him or lock him up, if they'd just been polite they would have had this friendly chappy and all of the unpleasantness could have been avoided. This is him explaining about the death ship lurking behind Mars.
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    The annoying time when they just won't leave you alone.
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    It's too late Carol, the damage is done, you've driven her away.
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    Not hungry, not thirsty, even turned her nose up at treats. Doesn't want to be stroked. Her 'parents' are away so I think she's lonesome from not seeing anyone in the evenings. Put a cushion next to my desk chair, she seems happy enough there.
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    And I think that's the key point here ... we all have different beliefs, religious or not, and I believe (I could be wrong ) that most people try to live out their lives according to their beliefs. It's when those beliefs come into conflict that we have a problem. I'll take abortion as an example. I don't like it. I believe it ends a life, and I'm also against taking life. But I'm not anti-abortion, because my belief that a woman has the right to choose is stronger than my belief that what I think should dictate what they do. Does that make sense? I recognize the paradox inherent in this. I can't resolve it without sacrificing one of my beliefs, so I don't ... I just live with it. There's a lot of paradoxes in my life, and I've decided to simply accept most of them. Easier ... for me ... that way. But I get why it can bother other people.
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    [modhat] Just chiming in at this point to remind every participant in this so far happy and remarkably civil discussion: [/modhat] Carry on and just ignore the agnostic by the sidelines otherwise.
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    I've been extremely ornery all day. I had to let my dog out, and there was a group of guys yammering and laughing loudly somewhere nearby, out of sight. My dog barked once at their racket, and one of the guys shouted, "SHUT UP!" Like my dog is being the obnoxious one. What're you out here making a racket for in the middle of the night, anyway? Go home. So I shouted, "YOU shut up!" Which is something I would normally not do. And for a minute there was complete silence. Guess they didn't realize there was a person outside, too. Lol.
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    I hear these in my dogs' "voices" (the voices I pretend they have, lol).
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    I'm clearly not a fundamentalist, but as I understand it, if one takes the Bible literally, the Earth is only about 6,000 years old (derived by adding up the seven days of Creation plus the ages of all the men in the "begats"). Therefore anything that science says happened longer ago than that (e.g., dinosaurs, ice ages, etc.) has been misinterpreted, so the climate has never changed before. I suspect that has something to do with it. It's my own impression that the "science" of climate change has more than a little politics mixed in, plus a nearly-religious zealousness. And I'm skeptical of putting too much trust in computer modeling, since the results necessarily depend so heavily on the assumptions made. I'm fully convinced that the climate changes, yes -- but it's been doing so since long before there were humans. And it appears that the climate is currently changing on Mars.
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    My cat had kittens a long time ago, and one of them opened one eye and had one ear perked up over a week before the other eye opened. He looked like a little pirate.
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    Some pictures of one of my dogs in his favorite blanket. I call it the "comfy Kippy collage".
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    Makes me feel better, it's always alarming when you look down at your legs and wonder wtf happened to them.
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    Mycroft's hair is not straight. He has this unruly little curl on the forehead, looking like piggy's tail. I bet he hates it. Even his hair is against him in his quest to keep the world order… in order.
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    To me it always felt like Sherlock cannot - in all his rage - not acknowledge the brilliance of Jim's plan.
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    There's a big cunning spider living in my kitchen, he's chosen the perfect spot in the corner where he can run down the side of the washing machine at the first sign of danger which means I can't get rid of him. He's been there for days now so I've decided to call him Hamish, in honour of John.
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    Best thing about it getting colder... I can go back to getting away with not wearing a bra, since you can't tell under my hoodie. Sooooo much more comfortable.
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