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    Yes, count me in as one. I used to think that I'm the one at wrong, but I think I have stopped doing that, since I could see that others are not exactly right-er. Eventually I distance myself from many people, since I suppose it's better, they don't enjoy my companionship because I'm not what they want me to be anyway and feel much happier. It's difficult for family though, I guess staying apart helps. Actually staying apart helps with A LOT of my relationships. It's a filter and strainer as well, those who survive my very infrequent affection are the keepers. I think that could be one of the reason why we are here. Nothing seems to strange or different here. All nutters.
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    Forgive me if I answer this with Sondheim first (the song in question starts around 4:40 if I goofed that link up): I can't think of any major decision in my life that I haven't second-guessed at some point. Hardest, imo, was coming to the conclusion and accepting that I'd probably do most things the same, even knowing how some turned out. But I don't fret about any of them - there's just one life, and we do the best we can. There may be Martinas in parallel universes who took different decisions and now live lives radically different from mine, but I'm okay with my place in this one.
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    Because the Witcher wasn't supposed to be pretty. People were closing doors, dogs barked and cats hissed seeing him. Scarred, sinewy, with a nasty smile. Cavil is a big puppy, not a monster killer. And his wig comes from a totally different fairytale, as people say in my country.
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    Since it's been awhile since I posted something in this thread so in compensation here is some spam
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    I think that it's partially a result of us having so much access to so much more information than we can even process that it seems incredibly hard to determine what is actually true and what isn't. People filter. And because it's absolutely impossible to verify everything for yourself, you always have to rely on trust at some point. And there seems to be growing distrust in established authorities and experts, be they political, scientific, media, etc. Once a person has settled down inside their own little bubble where life makes sense, it's incredibly hard to reach them there. They are quite literally in another reality. That's why, for example, I think it doesn't matter one bit what investigations do or do not find out about Trump; those people who would believe it would never vote for him anyway and his supporters wouldn't believe any evidence, no matter how sound. I am not saying that the above mentioned distrust is unwarranted, btw. I went to university long enough to catch more than a glimpse at the ugly side of the scientific community. I am far from happy with the work of most politicians and whenever I have read a media report about something I witnessed first hand I have always been shocked at the inaccuracy of the information. What I don't understand, however, is why people who won't believe, say, BBC news, think that something they read on Facebook is more credible. Where does this idea come from that because one source is wrong another must be right? It's all a muddle. Which Dickens character says that? Darn, I have to get back to reading my classics, it's escaped my mind.
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    Friends of ours have a sign stating, "Beware of Dog - you know, forget about the dog, beware of the kids". It's quite accurate. We put this sign up, which also fits our household quite well: Title says "Welcome to my home", then it's "If you're nice to me, then I'm nice to you", "Sniffing is mandatory", "If you don't want dog hair on your clothes, then don't sit anywhere" and "Fact is, my humans like me more than they like you"; below the pic it states "I live here. You don't". Bit exaggerated, but it works for us overall (doesn't mean we don't do our best to accomodate people with allergies or dog phobia and so on, though).
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    “The Isolation of Smaug”.
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    Mine is pretty broad. 😄
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    Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune?
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    Funny this topic coming up. I've used several pieces of software including Ulysses, but have never found the 'perfect' thing for me. At the moment I'm using a combination of OneNote and Word. OneNote is very good for outlining, notes, and drafting. The notes can be moved and arranged as I see fit and anything I write can be exported to Word perfectly. I'm planning a blog and it seems like Word/OneNote will become my unified writing tool for the foreseeable.
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    Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans! And Happy Thursday everyone else!
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    It reminded me a bit of Hitchhiker's Guide in its overall feel, if you've seen that. Maybe a little less ridiculous and over the top, but similar feel to it.
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    I think the point is to understand ourselves better, to realize that just because we're different doesn't mean we're wrong (or they're wrong), just that we have a different way of looking at things -- which is good, because having more than one viewpoint helps us consider a variety of options. I never thought I was intimidating at all, but I've been told that a time or two. One of my college roommates claimed that the first thing I ever said to her was "I sure hope you don't like to study with the radio on."
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    I ain't riding with no rabbit that's too short to see over the steering wheel!
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    After trying and don't understand the other video hostings, it's easier that I just make a new email account for Youtube uploading, weird name to keep it just here. Sorry about the resolution, somehow I think it got converted or the original is not good, only took this from camera phone. This is about one-third of the watch, the rest, as said, I wanted to enjoy it with my eyes. I tried to put the video in spoiler box but doesn't seem to work. update: it works!
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    That would also mean that Mrs. Hudson isn't a Maiden fan. I find that very disheartening.
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    I don’t know if anyone has heard of John Dickson Carr? He was an American writer who wrote a biography of Doyle. He was also a writer of classic era crime fiction specialising I guess in the classic locked room-type mysteries. In fact his story The Hollow Man was voted the best locked room mystery ever. He wrote 22 stories using his hero Sir Henry Merrivale (under the pen name Carter Dickson) and 23 stories starring his most famous creation Dr Gideon Fell. These were written between 1933 and 1967. Carr died in 1977. Id always meant to check out Carr’s stories (having only read his biography of Doyle and his famous collection of Holmes pastiches called The Exploits Of Sherlock Holmes, written with Adrian Conan Doyle) Last week I bought Carr’s first Gideon Fell book Hag’s Nook. Let’s just say that I’ll be looking for more. This isn’t a long book 150+ pages but the plot is great, it’s well written Imo, it’s certainly atmospheric and Fell is a great character. He’s a large chap that wears a cape, walks on two sticks and is writing his magnum opus about the history of English drinking habits. Like Nero Wolfe and Morse, Fell likes his beer. Ive also just listened to two Gideon Fell radio plays on YouTube starring English actor Donald Sinden as Fell. Definitely worth checking out. Definitely the kind of book for a wintry night and a glass of something medicinal.👍
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    If I want Canon, I read Canon.... Mark and Steven can do what thy like with their show. I never fell for Johnlock. A beautiful, loving male friendship works for me.
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    Hmm. When my face is mashed into a car door I have the courtesy to allow someone else to do it.
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    Any other example? I don't know about the fallout with George, I think if he is still in the pictures, a lot of funny plots could be avoided. Green Book is great, yes. I suppose they would come into similar conclusion, as Caya said, the showrunners know the bullet points of the whole story. But the books would get there in much more sophisticated and well-deserved ways. Sadly, I'm starting to think the A.I would take over the world before I finally see it in the bookstore. Anyway, ep 5, penultimate episode. I stupidly spent hours to type in this, but can't help it. 😣 This is the longest post I have ever done. Ever! Sorry. At first, I thought I have nothing to say for this episode, as I had kind of given up, because again the show creators don't give a piss about the importance of process and characters. That they decide to burn years of hard work, their own, by delivering mediocre at best to terrible at most, for the sake of finishing it, or perhaps fan service to "new" fans. I can't understand them, because they themselves were hardcore fans, who fell in love with the series with the same reason as me, and multiple people who are yelling at YouTube now, who studied the dog-eared book trying to imagine a way to bring all these written words to the screen and actually given a chance to do so. So, as for many, and my personal experience, one of the surest way to destroy your faith in something is to work on it, knowing the industry that would then reveal their ugly sides you have never seen and realize it's a nope for you. So for them, do they have work fatigue? Which I could understand that for a decade that's all they do, but there are different challenges that I'm sure GoT creation is never boring and stagnant and they have obligation to put efforts, decent efforts. Not minimum effort that seriously make me doubt that they are qualified. So I watched ep 5 expecting they would screw up, they did. Why they did I had sort of touching them in previous rant. I said I expected, sadly it's true. Too bad because I think there are ways to make it less horrible even if they are using the same structures which I would try to do? I hope I won't take too long to explain and my writing is not too ridden with too many errors. (Spoiler: it takes too long and there must be plethora of grammatical errors)
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    Tsk tsk, I am more open than you J.P. I find younger, older than me, same age as me, people who disagree with me, people who wear sunglass indoor, and people who breath too loud annoying.
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    It's a pest free and mostly waterproof cupboard, good for keeping important stuff. I can remember Viggo Mortensen was mentioning keeping his manuscripts (or were those letters?) in a fridge for exactly the same reason.
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    Not to keep bashing the TJLC movement, but I just saw a thing (here) that summed it up nicely: someone did an analysis of the wedding scene, claiming that Sherlock was filmed constantly blocking our view of Mary, which meant that the filmmakers were saying that the wedding was between Sherlock and John. So someone else went in and cherry-picked all the scenes where Sherlock was blocking John … ergo, the wedding was between Sherlock and Mary! Except this person's conclusion was … it doesn't mean anything, it's just what happens when you film someone walking around. And that's how I view most of the TJLC theories … they present only the evidence that supports their conclusion, and ignore or deny anything that doesn't. But that's people for you, I guess.
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    I'm neither a doctor nor a sanitation engineer, but I could imagine a scenario like, you grab the door handle on your way out of a public bathroom, therefore getting all kind of interesting germs (left there by previous users who didn't wash their hands on the way out) on your fingers, then on your way back check your emails on your phone, therefore transferring some of those germs to said phone, then put it back in your pocket where they have it nice and warm and breed for an hour or two, till you get a phone call and then press the phone against your face, thus transferring them to your mouth, where they promptly take up residence. *shrug* No idea really. I occasionally clean my phone with the same wipes we have for our monitors, but admittedly not nearly as often as would probably be wise.
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    Yeah, it really was, but I was trying to give them a break. Mostly it was just too over the top, as was the rest of the episode. There's a place for that kind of thing, but after TLD wasn't the place.
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    It is, isn't it - who knew Jon Cryer could sing? Not me, anyway, at least not before stumbling over that version of Company a couple years ago. I have it on DVD and I'm quite fond of it - there may be more artful performances out there, but Neil Patrick Harris puts not only skill but also so much raw emotion into Being Alive that it's easily my favourite.
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    I know, it's the story I'm interested in.
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    That scene is not only touching and funny, it's so beautifully timed that what could have been a hopeless mess is perfectly easy to understand. A quiet little masterpiece by all concerned.
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    Some people seem to feel threatened by anyone who isn't just like them. I think that's what prompts most of the hostility. These may well be the same jerks who say hostile things to people just because their skin is a different color, or they follow a different religion, etc. Unfortunately it's nothing new, and isn't likely to go away. But fortunately the world gets along pretty well regardless, thanks to people (the majority, I like to think) who aren't like that.
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    Seems to me that anyone could pass for straight if they wanted to badly enough. Haven't lots of gays done that for, I dunno, centuries? I think it all comes down to whether you want to "pass" (i.e., live a lie) or whether you want the freedom to just be yourself.
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    I hijacked and feel obligated to bring it back. Stumbled across this, 80-signs-youre-an-intj Although it supposes to represent one Mbti, I think you would find something you could relate with. And it's full of Sherlock gifs! I relate to almost all, but personal favorit that is more specific is: You keep expectations low and downgrade accordingly I can't stress how much I'd be happier if I stop expecting people to be good at what they are supposed to be good at. I think I have mellowed, but apparently I am still abrasive to many, especially strangers in professional settings. It's surprising to see how many actually 'run' away, when I had already tried to tone it down. It annoys me greatly that they though doing a decent job is too much to ask when it's what they should be competent at. More: You are blunt when you respect someone and sharper when you do not. You can be cruel to those you perceive as imbecile or wilfully ignorant. Your history is kinda mysterious, and it's bloody staying that way. Small talk is endurance sport. You can pass for charismatic, it eventually wears down with your patience. You avoid deepening relationship without good reason.
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    Oh I am sure we could rectify that situation! 😈
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    First sittything, now Shadow! It must be reunion week!
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    I used to wonder why parents took babies to movies, especially loud action movies, where the baby would inevitably start crying. Then I spoke to one young mother, who said she was just desperate to do something besides stay home and take care of the kid … and either couldn't afford or couldn't find a babysitter. And she wanted to see a movie SHE would enjoy, because the kid wasn't going to care either way. It still annoys me when a baby starts crying in a theater, but it's now tempered with a little sympathy for the parent. Although it seems to happen less than it used to … maybe they're more willing to wait until the video comes out, these days.
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    ^ Same. I actually don't think Facebook is responsible for that; but what is, I couldn't tell you. I just know that I was noticing it long before Facebook. Whether social media has made it worse, or if it's just always been like that, I don't know either. I've had several of those. I tend to end up in a "free therapist" role in relationships, where I'm basically just a sounding board for someone's latest woes when they can't talk to their other friends. I've grown somewhat accustomed to it, and I'm actually glad that people feel like their problems are safe with me; but it's very one-sided, and fickle. When I had troubles, or they weren’t having troubles, they had no time for me. Their only interest in me was as a vent. Those people gradually disappeared and aren't part of my life anymore, and in recent years I'm a lot less open to people who show signs of using me like that, because I want a real friendship. Hence, I'm alone. I think what's missing in a lot of friendships these days is trust. Many people have several friends they spend time with and go do things with, but how many of those friends would they say they trust and feel like they can count on? Probably not many.
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    Clearly, a future @Pseudonym travelled into the past. Gathered the copies. Placed them in your mum's garden. Returned to the future and is now reading the ensuing chaos in this thread in the archives with great mirth. Fiendishly subtle.
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    Actually, I thought this deserved its own topic, so I've taken the liberty of splitting it off. Thanks for pointing this out! These four stories are pastiches by John Taylor, purported to be based on the contents of a wooden (not tin this time!) box where Watson has kept memorabilia of some old too-hot-to-report cases which have now cooled sufficiently that he feels free to report on them. Judging by comments I've seen online, the reading is (of course) superb, but several people found the background music pretty distracting. Unfortunately, the page you originally linked to appears to be a pirated copy of the audio book -- but fortunately the audio CD (and also what appears to be audio streaming) is available for a reasonable price (or even free) from Amazon UK. Note that the streaming comes with a one-month free trial, so presumably one can sign up, listen to this book, and then decide whether or not to keep the service.
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    As someone who has autism, I find the existence of anti vaxers appalling. There is nothing more horrifying to know that some people are willing to risk the live and safety of their kids and others just because they are convinced having autism is the worst thing to happen to their child. Anyway, two weird things happened to me: one was a grown woman asking me why the sky was blue, the other was a random kid giving me a hug, apparently I resemble someone he knows.
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    "I never expected to be anybody's best friend" was the quote I used in my original signature. I've just always related to that and this aspect of Sherlock so much. [Link]
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    I remember liking the book even better. But that was at a time when it was fun to see icons like Sherlock Holmes being somewhat inverted. I don't know if I would like it now. You should probably give Iron Man a try, Carol, if you haven't already. It's worth it just to watch Downey. Imo.
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    I agree that empowering girls and young women to be able to stand up for themselves against unwanted attentions is a good thing. I hope moving forward from now that will be a positive development. Because what I feel the majority of the accusations against high-profile men have accomplished so far is to give the accusers a few minutes of instant gratification social media attention over allegations of incidents that occurred years ago. In some cases, decades ago. That doesn't make it OK that they happened, but it makes it very hazy to downright disprovable in recollection, years after the fact if the alleged behavior 1. actually occurred 2. if it did, if it was actually unwanted/non-consensual at the time, or considered any sort of real problem 3. If the accuser stands to gain (or thinks she does) by making these claims now. A great many of these accusers cast doubt upon their own veracity when it turns out that they admitted to tolerating unwanted sexual or off-color behavior expressly in order to be cast in a big picture or retain job in said big picture or otherwise burnish their careers or bank accounts. It's the casting couch, and that predates the movies by a few hundred years, or however long we've had theatre. Again, it's not right if what they said occurred did occur . . . .however, short of being forcibly restrained and/or sexually assaulted, nearly all the women whose stories I read *did* have a choice to walk away, to speak up, etc. What they feared most was not physical harm, but losing a juicy part in a film that would make them a star . . or else an opportunity to be the poster girl du jour for a societal movement with distinct political overtones that was sure to garner them a lot of attention in the press. (Cf. the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.) In today's Instagram culture, one's provocative 'information' is the currency they need to stay relevant for however long that lasts. The whole social media overtone to this thing, down to the Twitter-friendly #MeToo hashtag and frankly juvenile-sounding name, like a bunch of girls swapping stories in a junior-high bathroom, Me, too! Me, too! just smacks of this digital generation's incessant craving for social media standing. It's like a drug. It demeans true victims of horrific brutal assaults when their stories are crowded out in the Twitterscape by #MeTooers chiming in about the time their boss told them they looked pretty in that dress or a co-worker stood a bit too close at the office Christmas party and smiled at her boobs. In Twitter culture, there is little sense of proportion or the gravity of one situation outweighing something innocuous. People today feel entitled to posting their grievances in a public forum every time someone does something They Don't Like. Causing someone to Not Like Something has become a federal crime, and a cyber-lynching without due process the go-to sentence. We don't need courts when we've got Twitter followers.
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