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    dragons, Torchwood Seasons 1 and 2, dinosaurs, Doctor Who, Sherlock, cakes, fossils, biology, rock music, gardens, castles, badgers, hedgehogs and penguins
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    The Great Game
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    A Scandal In Belgravia
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    The Empty Hearse
  1. It's cheaply made and it shows ... sadly... not quite bad enough to be brilliant. I got it to see GDL in anything to be honest, but the badly fitting suit was awful, although he delivered his lines with tongue planted firmly in cheek. I've heard GDL say that there was very little health and safety when it came to stunts as well, so that scene with Watson scrambling up a cliff looking terrified didn't require too much acting! It could be the least Sherlocky of all things Sherlock I have watched ... but very silly ... If Benedict Cumberbatch is a sublime Sherlock, this one is truly ridiculous ...
  2. Interesting interview about 'Elementary' with Steven Moffat: 'Steven Moffat 'annoyed' at American version of Sherlock' Includes this: Steven Moffat says he hopes it will be good or it may degrade the Sherlock brand. "It isn't a version of our show," he said. "They've just decided to go off and do one of their own, having been turned down by us to do an adaptation of our version. "So how do you think I feel about it? Annoyed is in there." and this:- When asked about a possible fourth series, Moffat revealed that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was keen to continue playing the lead role.
  3. yeah ... there's always Lestrade ... and they could cast a male in the role of the housekeeper and have Mr Hudson, a name already in use for a butler ... and then Watson could find herself in a strange triangle ... OK, I'll stop there ...
  4. OK - this was my least favourite episode. Why? Two main reasons ... first of all Russell Tovey, despite the tongue-in-cheek casting of 'George the werewolf' from 'Being Human' in the hounds story, he was lame in my opinion ... and detracted from the story telling, making it less scary and more cringeworthy than it should have been ... and secondly ... Sherlock looking down a microscope to look for poison in the sugar! really? crystals of poison could have looked just like sugar crystals ... he would have needed a chemical analysis to detect any drugs etc in the sugar ... and as for the swirling images and chemical symbols ... there was even H2O circled, which most of us would recognise to be water, after all we're into 'Sherlock' because it doesn't insult our intelligence and this ... this did for me ... and I grumbled when I saw it ... but it was nice to see them out in the Countrycide ...ooops I mean countryside
  5. I almost feel as if I'm 'cheating' on Torchwood, but I'm sure Jack would understand ... I've fallen in and out of love with many fandoms, some more so than others ... Sherlock intrigues me because it is so intelligent and witty and I adore the casting ... and the adaptations of the original tales are brilliant :-) About me? I'm older than I act, I teach and I love a good fantasy to hide away in ...
  6. stunt casting? a female Watson, hmmm ... is that to avoid any homo-erotic fanfic being written about 'Elementary' ? ;-) also ... will they be having a British actor act an with an American accent in the role of Sherlock in NY? because that just seems wrong to me ...
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