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  1. It's a 'we'll forgive you for praising yourself there.' I love this story. A palpable hit.
  2. Sorry, I was wrong earlier. Sir ACD took out The Cardboard Box as it was too steamy for younger readers so they transferred the telepathy scene to The Resident Patient. Hence it appears twice when The Cardboard Box was finally published. The editors then hacked the Resident Patient to remove leaving a sloppy opening.
  3. Watson throws down his paper and looks at a picture on the wall. The picture is of a General. He touches his bullet wound on his shoulder and stiffens his face while he thinks about the war. He then shakes his head. Holmes says something like 'You're roght, Watson. It is a preposterous way to settle an argument,' Watson hasn't spoke and is surprised. Holmes read his features and follows his train of thought.
  4. It was deemed as unsuitable for a Victorian audience and should have appeared earlier than the Memoirs. The Victorians were an odd lot. Holmes and Watson would never dream of being so presuming to call each other by their first names but they loved a good murder story. Sir ACD clearly thought The Cardboard Box was a bit strong. This explains why there are two versions of Holmes' telepathy trick with Watson. Sir ACD brings it in for The Resident Patient as the world hadn't seen him do it in The Cardboard Box. Actually, I think it was left out of the American editions at first.
  5. The Utah scenes. Anything Victorian London based and I'm fine.
  6. The Bruce-Partington Plans has been my favourite for absolutely years. I'm trying not to give the ending away but the 'window' solution was just genius. One of those 'Ah' endings. I know what you mean about Garridebs but I just can't shake it. Lord, I forgot about The Three Gables! Straight in at number one in the worst stories list, mostly for the awful racism in Baker Street. The Cenci is a nod to the Shelley poem (about the murderous family)
  7. The TV version is nothing like the book. Massive artistic licence but I think Jeremy Brett's health may be partially responsible.
  8. Seems a bit harsh given the pleasure Sir ACD has given us but... 1. The Mazarin Stone. Too many coincidences - hoping that the villains implicate themselves. Plus the doll decide had already been used. 2. The Three Garridebs. A re-writing of The Red Headed League and The Stockbrokers Clerk - getting an unwitting obstacle out of the way 3. The Devil's Foot. Never warmed to it. 4. A Study in Scarlet. Well, the second half of it. I love the first half, obviously. 5. The Noble Batchelor. More gossipy than crime based.
  9. Thank you. You're very kind.
  10. Please forgive a list. 1. The Bruce-Partington Plans 2. The Dancing Men 3. Silver Blaze 4. The Five Orange Pips 5. The Naval Treaty I have a lost of least favourite too!
  11. Hello. I'm new here. The Merrison/Williams partnership is magnificent. Watson isn't quite so Nigel Bruce dumb and Holmes is exactly how he should be - curmudgeonly yet capable of moments of kindness. The stories are well directed and the supporting cast seldom go over the top. They even handle the later and (in my opinion) stories well. I've never liked The Mazarin Stone but they do a good job. Well worth a listen.
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