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  1. A thought just occured to me. I apologise if I'm slow on the uptake, or someone has already remarked on this but Mary was the Abominable Bride. Sure, she may not have shot Sherlock or shown her true colours on her wedding day, but it was pretty soon after... Also, I don't care what setting Mr 'Batch is in, those curls... Especially the black ones, but he looks adorable with his natural auburn ones too. Dang, I promised myself I'd stop thinking loving thoughts towards him after he got married.... thats like one-sided cheating! :lol2:
  2. To both Arcadia and Carol. THANK YOU! Oodles of big squishy hugs. I haven't felt so welcome anywhere in my life. By the way: I FOUND A PERFECT AVATAR!!! Unless, of course, its taken. Also, Arcadia, I used the quote you suggested. (It was that or 'Prolonged exposure drove them insane. XP) Thanks again, you two! ACD221B P.S. I was thinking of posting a thread where I can take fanfic prompts/proposals from the community. I'm an amateur writer and have been kinda dormant recently, what with two family tragedies in the past year. Anyhoo, I'd really like to start writing again, as practice, and would be willing to fill out fanfic prompts. I do write ships, but don't have any of my own. I am proudly ship-free! ;P I'll write anything, except smut. Where would I post this, would I be allowed to, and do you think it'd work? Thanks for helping a newbie out. 'B
  3. I've gone for it. Can I ask your help with something? I need a new avatar, because somebody else already has it, and I can't decide on a really cool quote to put as my signature. What do you suggest? ;)
  4. Hi! I'm new and willing to contribute! My favourite part of the first teaser is hands down Mrs Hudson's complaining. Priceless. And hilarious because its so true. XP
  5. Thank you so much to all of you. The welcoming atmosphere is AMAZING! :D I hope I get to a Consulting Detective one day. ;) I am jumping in right now. Can't wait! ACD221B
  6. Hello, Carol! (Typed like an idiot - almost called you Carlo. :facepalm: ) Thank you for your kind words of welcome - I've never actually been very active in a forum before. Hence the complete lack of what-to-do-next. How do you go up in the Detective ranks? Do you have to post a lot, or have a load of likes, or what? Thanks for your help, ACD221B
  7. Middle Earth. :lol2: Sorry, couldn't help it. Its nice to meet you! And I'll get right on my avatar - its kinda boring anyways. ;) Any ideas on what I could replace it with? Sherlock based, of course. Something different that nobody else has. Should be easy! :facepalm: Hope to start a long and successful friendship! Who's going to be who's blogger? :lol: ACD221B
  8. Hi guys. I am not entirely sure what to do upon registering, so I figured I'd just say hi over here. Well. Hello. What do I do next? It'll be so awesome to meet you all, and start my new career in deductions and crime-solving! Looking forward to seeing you, ACD221B
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