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  1. Hmm.... Could the sticks be pens? If so, the ink on the balls could be writing. Why there would be a thousand such balls I do not know! :/ Let's theorise! :D :D This is a small town by the beach. Once a year the people of the town gather by the beach and...umm...write stuff on...balls and send them floating away into the sea! A lot of these then get washed up on the beach again. So beachcombers collect them,clean them and sell them next year. Sort of like this, but with balls: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C5%8Dr%C5%8D_nagashi Okay...I think it's time to go to bed.
  2. Okay! Another guess! The balls are buoys. They could come in rover size too. The 'divider' is a jetty like thing. It's high tide so we can't see the things supporting the platform. Sigh. I'm wrong again aren't I?
  3. @Carol I've read most of the ACD Holmes stories multiple times and I do not recall any refernce to Uncle Rudy. If he had been mentioned, I think I would remember. The only relation of Holmes mentioned in the stories ,apart from Mycroft and Vernet,was someone called Verner. That was in the Norwood Builder.
  4. @ShadowDweller thanks! But it isn't our balcony. More my dad's idea about what it ought to look like. It's one of the many things he and mum are always arguing about.. @Arcadia what WAS that?
  5. Are the balls used to purify water? Do they adsorb impurities like activated charcoal does? They'd get dirty with time.. But those sticks! What could they be? Hmm...
  6. Could the balls be some kind of soil substitute? Would probably get dirty if you put plants in them..? And they come in lots of colours!
  7. Haha I just put some oranges in a tub to see if they'd float. They didn't. But I guess there doesn't have to be a lot of water under the balls/oranges to cause those reflections. Or does there? And are most of them separated from the ones at the front by a little dam? And there's yellow sticks on the dam.
  8. Yup. It's a Tangram puzzle piece. Your turn again! And time for me to go study for Monday's math exam. Sigh.
  9. Haha. Ten points to Gryffindor! Nope, nothing to do with pottery. The colour of the triangle isn't very important. It could come in any colour. And thanks! There's patterns visible just under the white roller-thing.
  10. Ohh! I'm not sure if this is a good for one this game but..here it is: What is it?
  11. Is it for making wedding veils for a bride? We've seen those in Sherlock. It's traditional and I guess it complements a wedding gown without a having a 'specific purpose' of its own. Also,you said something about shooting yourself in the foot. Spoiler for TAB :
  12. Legend of Zelda? The title of the thread is 'The Link'! The Moon
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