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  1. Can't wait for them to release the third one! As much as I love Freeman/Cumberbatch, I have always been a fan of RDJ/Law. Even though I think the second film was subpar to the first one, but that's just my personal opinion
  2. Glad to make your acquaintance, JP. Greetings from Cardiff
  3. Yes you are right about that, in fact I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Even though I live here now, I haven't yet become British enough to start saying "copper" :D Good detective work, Caya B)
  4. It was a short scene where Spiderman shows off his new gadget he got from Tony Stark. So, nothing critical. (Translate "critical" as: Dr. Strange related. :D ) Thanks, policecop! I don't think we've met, welcome to the forum! Nothing critical indeed, felt like they just needed to put something in there to tell us all they are doing yet another Spiderman reboot :-p Thank you for wishing me welcome to the forum, nice to meet you as well, Arcadia!
  5. It was a short scene where Spiderman shows off his new gadget he got from Tony Stark. And speaking for Martin, I met the guy in New Zealand on the red carpet premiere in Wellington for The Hobbit. The guy was funny as heck and hung out with me for a while before heading back to the hotel after the screening. Truly a down to earth likeable guy
  6. Cardiff, Wales. Nice to finally be part of this community and hop into the conversation. Cheers
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