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  1. Update time! Well, i now have the retired colourman, first there is the douglas wilmer adaptation, then in season 7 episode 3 (price of admission) of elementary. I have now only seven adaptations to find. Canonical 1. The yellow face 2. The missing three quarter Extra canonical 1 the man with the watches 2 angels of darkness 3 the man who was wanted 4 the mystery of sasassa valley 5 uncle jeremys household These last two are admittedly a great stretch to be considered part of sherlock holmes (even extracanonicaly). Im currently working my way through murdoch mysteries, it teems with holmesian refrences, and i hope, an adaptation or two. All for now. Cheers!
  2. I really appreciate the detailed and informed responses on this topic. The responses have given me a better understanding and appreciation of this adaptation. On a somewhat different note, One aspect, i believe, this adaptation has done a better job of examining than most ('Sherlock' did it to some extent) is not only the physical but emotional impacts that military service has had on the watson character. Any way, i hope there are more seasons in the works.
  3. I have the first season on VUDU ( 8 episodes), and have watched them all. I have very little to complain about so far. In point of fact, so far the only thing i have an issue with is the timidness of the Wato-San character. However, this may be a combination of the PTSD she is struggling with, and Japanese culture in general (though i am not particularly knowledgeable of the culture/norms in japan, and so may be wrong on that count). At any rate, I very much enjoyed the first season, and found it interesting that to begin with, they had a lot of friction between Sherlock and Wato-San (far more than in the original canon). I also like that they focused on some of the lesser adapted canon stories. I am eager to see what season 2 brings.
  4. Hello all. I am back with another update. To be exact I found two more adaptations on my list 1) The Adventure of the Three Students 2) The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes. I found both of these on YouTube, Three students was a production of PRODIGY, the cast all seem to be of Indian descent, and, I believe it was filmed in India as well, given the geography, architecture etc. visible throughout. While it is in English, the actors have fairly thick accents, which at times makes it hard to understand. However, the quality over all is quite good, and it is an interesting, valid interpretation of the material. The Painful Predicament, is actually a recording of the play put on by the St. James Students ( I admit its a bit of a cheat, but i imagine its as close as I'll get). I have eight more to find, The Adventure of the Yellow Face The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter The Story of The Man With The Watches Angels of Darkness The Mystery of Sasassa Valley The Mystery of Uncle Jeremy's Household The Case of the Man Who Was Wanted (A.K.A. The Adventure of the Sheffield Banker) The Adventure of the Retired Colourman the quest continues!
  5. Hello all, i have three more adaptions found. First, is "The stockbrokers clerk", adapted in the 'Miss Sherlock' episode "lily of the valley", second is "The Blanched Soldier" adapted as the B plot in the 'Elementary' episode "Corpse De Ballet", Third and finally 'The Field Bazaar' adapted at the beginning of the 1932 film "The sign of Four' (though in this case its about the shooting of a tiger rather than a fund raising request by watson's alumni.
  6. Having read over my post, i noticed an omission. I have also found an adaptation of 'the black peter' in the form of 'Elementary: Dead Mans Tale' Well, happy new years to all.
  7. well, i don't see it now, so maybe the situation has been sorted out, but not after this latest post, but the previous (December 10 post), i was informed that i needed to have a moderator okay my post. However, that notice is now gone. thanks anyway.
  8. I have come across two more on my list. First, "The Veiled Lodger", which occurred in the 'Elementary' episode "The Woman in the Sand Trap". at the start of the episode Sherlock has returned from a month long stay in Vermont, and asks Joan if she wants to here about the murdered trapper case he solved, specifically how he proved a scorned woman had attempted to frame a bear. The Second one i found, was "The Lions Mane". This one occurred, again, in 'Elementary', the episode in question, "The Geek Interpreter". As the episode opens, Joan is woken by Wiggins wearing a computer screen of some sort, through which Sherlock holds a conversation with her, while he sits on a hotel bed with Athena , who he explains has helped him solve the cold case of a man who had stumbled back to the room, and died, the only clue, a set of welts on his body. Sherlock had identified the welts as the product of contact with a Lions Mane Jellyfish. Slow but steady progress, i hope my search continues to be fruitful.
  9. How does one do that? would a moderator be so kind as to assist. Thank You.
  10. Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate your help. I have found a couple i was looking for specifically, The Crown Diamond: An Evening With Sherlock Holmes (Adaptation "Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd century: the mazarin chip"), and the The Adventure of the Tall Man (Adaptation "Sherlock Holmes: the Case of the Tyrants Daughter). The Second one (Tyrants Daughter) is from the 1954 american series starring Ron Howard and Howard Marion-Crawford. Its a bit of a stretch, i admit, but i think its as close to an adaptation of Tall Man as i'm likely to find. Well, i will keep updating on my progress.
  11. Lions Mane is referenced in an episode of the Cumberbatch/Freeman Sherlock. In one scene as they are walking up the stairs in 221B, they joke about trying to arrest a jelly fish. I know some of these other tales were filmed for the Stoll series starring Eille Norwood. According to my research, every episode of this series is believed to be intact, but the existing copies are owned by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. It would be nice of him to allow dvd or blu ray copies to be made, so they may be preserved for posterity. Also, the Retired Colourman is an episode of the Douglas Wilmer 1965 run. However the set of this series available in the U.S. is one in which the content is on both sides of the disk, and the set i bought on amazon did not function, and based on the customer reviews, that was the issue everyone had. I agree that Lions Mane is probably the least likely one to have a film/screen adaptation. Also, some like The Field Bazaar, would probably work best as a small piece with in a large film, or episode, perhaps part of the opening of an episode.
  12. I am looking for film adaptations of the stories listed below. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 1. The adventure of the yellow face (memoirs) 2. The adventure of the stockbroker's clerk (memoirs) 3. The adventure of the black peter (return) 4. The adventure of the three students (return) 5. The adventure of the missing three quarters ( return) 6. The adventure of the blanched soldier (casebook) 7. Tje adventure of the lions mane (casebook) 8. the adventure of the veiled lodger ( casebook) 9. The adventure of the retired colourman (casebook) PASTICHES 1. The field bazaar 2. The story of the man with the watches 3. The mystery of sassasa valley 4. The mystery of uncle jeremys household 5. The case of the man who was wanted PLAYS 1.the adventure of the tall man 2. Angels of darkness 3. The crown diamond: an evening with sherlock holmes 4. The painful predicament of sherlock holmes
  13. Im looking for several tv series on dvd or blu-ray any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. Sherlok (2015-) starring evgeniy koshevoy, ukrain. 2. Het avontuur van de drie studenten (1966) starring ton lensick, belgium. 3. The baker street boys (1983) bbc television 4. Sherlock holmes: case of the temporal nexus (1996) patrick macnee. 5. Sherlok kholms (2013-) igor petrenko, russia 6. Square mile of murder (1972 bbc mini series) Again, thanks for any suggestions.
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