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  1. Hmmmmm, something ... I"m sorry. I'll just go over here and calm myself.
  2. Yes, but I still hold out hope that at least one Stark will remain standing at the end of it all!
  3. Rewatched just tonight. The Mind Palace scene is one of my favorites in the episode. I think it would be very interesting to see how they rehearsed and filmed this. Was BC very involved with the "choreography."? Did the director shout out the specific words that Sherlock was suppose to be imagining as they filmed? Any mention of this on the DVD commentary?
  4. Just remember, every time you as George Martin when the next book is coming out he kills another Stark.
  5. You won't hold the giggles against me will you?
  6. Just can't wait till I qualify as an adult. *giggle*
  7. Every time I gaze at that shower screen shot I think to myself, if that's scene's not on the DVD women everywhere will riot.
  8. Well, I'm a twit. I was actually thinking it had not been available in the US yet. doh!
  9. Oh yea. What a cast they have lined up for that. I shiver in anticipation.
  10. Pleased to see I'm not the first person to have this thought. As a huge Gainman/Sandman fan this makes my heart happy. Also, If they ever do decide to blaspheme by remaking Rocky Horror I want Benny to play Frankenfurter. *swoon*
  11. As long as one of those disguises involves a leather motorcycle jacket, I"m cool with that.
  12. I would just like to state that for once I am grateful to be new to Sherlock fandom. I got to binge watch Series 1 and 2 uninterrupted. Waiting for Series 3 is agonizing for me, I can only imagine the pain of long time fans!
  13. Not that I'd kick him out of bed for eating crackers regardless of hair color.
  14. Thanks everyone! And about that shower scene........*swoon* Carol, I had already seen Hobbit but I was also already a fan because of Love Actually and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Martin was so utterly adorable in both of those. I must say though after watching Sherlock I am deeply impressed wtih Mr. Freeman's dramatic skills.
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