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Found 3 results

  1. This is a discussion thread for the personal blog of Dr. John H. Watson, which is hilarious, and a great addition to the 'Sherlock' universe. Seriously, when I read it I almost feel as though the people are real Don't worry, though - I'm not delusional. At least, I don't think so... I basically just want to start out with bringing up some of my favorite parts: From The Empty Hearse : "So yes. He's come back from the dead. Of course he has. Of course Sherlock Bloody Holmes could come back from the dead. Turns out he'd faked his death because Moriarty had threatened those close to him. Including me. He'd gone into hiding, happy to leave me and everyone else thinking he was dead. He'd done it to save us but he hadn't trusted us enough to tell us what was really going on. Not sure I'll ever truly forgive him for that but as the saying goes, life goes on." Sums up TEH pretty well, doesn't it? ... "So, yes. It's all good. Better than good. It's bloody brilliant. #sherlocklives means #johnwatsonlives." Awwww! ... And Sherlock's first comment to this thread would of course be: "I see you haven't spent the last two years working on your writing technique." ... Mrs. Hudson is so sweet: "My boys! Back together!" I've just noticed that in the blog posts during the hiatus period, Mrs. Hudson sometimes comments, asking John over for dinner or a drink, but he never replied Already then we got our first clue that he didn't keep in contact with her, but she tried.
  2. Hello guys! A Study in Scarlet is remarcable for two reasons: It is the very first Sherlock Holmes novel and sets the ground to all the following stories. And second, the plot is weird! I have started a blog to suggest classic novels to readers enthusiastics (please feel free to join :D ), and I would like to recommend A Study in Scarlet by the great Doyle. However I am afraid that people may not like the plot, therefore, not really feel motivated to read the rest of the Canon (what would be sad, because the Canon is awesome!). On another hand, all the other Sherlock Holmes' books are not the first one! And that is against the common sense to start by the middle. See the antagony? Please, help me with your insights about how to approach this problem! Thanks in advance
  3. So I was just wondering if anyone on here runs blogs or websites, and what they're about. I hope there isn't already a thread for this, and if there is, sorry! My mistake! So I run a Tumblr blog, and it's mostly photography and fandom art. I really pour my strangeness into it. http://snowstielsss.tumblr.com If anyone else here has a Tumblr and follows me, just message me and tell me you're from SherlockForum (I rarely follow people back unless I'm doing a promotional thing or something).
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