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Found 3 results

  1. Radio Times is doing their TV champion. The Drama category started today. From Sherlock (not necessarily representing it) are Benedict, Mark, Amanda, Martin, and Louise (all winning so far). Voting for this round is open for about 48 hours total. If you want to vote go here. They have several TV categories for voting with the winners in each category going against each other for the ultimate champion. In Drama David Tennant and Aidan Turner have the most votes by far 20k+ and 19k+ respectively for this first round. Whoever wins in Drama will go up against the winners of Factual, Soap Opera, Comedy, Reality, etc. The pictures are about the size of an actual finger nail so to help you find our cast by pairings (counting down the left side then the right): Benedict #7, Mark #8, Amanda #9, Martin #11, and Louise #27
  2. Stumbled upon this old, but sweet interview on Radio Times; if it's been posted already please delete this thread! Couldn't find anything but that'd be par for the course for me. Meet the women who love Sherlock Holmes Bonus link, from the "recent news" tab: Classic Cumberbatch! Two dozen (no, really) YouTube video links for the (quote) "terminally Cumberbatched" .
  3. I stumbled across this today. It was co-written and produced by none other than Louise Brealey and the second episode just happened to feature a certain Rupert Graves (and Doctor Who alumnus Adjoa Andoh) Essentially it's a kid's show, done last year to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth. It features Charles Dickens as a chat show host looking into what would have been hot topics in Victorian times. Not sure if the BBC page will be accessible outside of the UK, but here is the episode guide if you want a look.
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