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    This here third personality thinks the dog in front looks like an idiot. I feel for all three of you, having been through something similar myself recently. All I can say is … as hard as it was for me, as many times as I bewailed my situation … I will never regret the time I had to give up to comfort someone else. There were times when I hated my life, and wasn't sure I could stick it out … but I did, and now I'm glad I did. For what that's worth. I know it's hard. And don't be ashamed to accept help from others. Hugz to all of you.
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    Speaking of British politicians, let's try if I can get twitter to embed again here: Well that was underwhelming. Pic:
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    We need an "awww" reaction!
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    Those paparazzi everywhere…
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    Every question *I* might have? Or just the ones they thought of and/or are willing to answer? (Yes, I have been scarred by Moftiss. )
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    Well, that would be a great place to keep sweets though.
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    It's a pest free and mostly waterproof cupboard, good for keeping important stuff. I can remember Viggo Mortensen was mentioning keeping his manuscripts (or were those letters?) in a fridge for exactly the same reason.
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    Yes, and I've been to many places using only a map. But it's hard to drive and read a map at the same time - at least to drive safely. On my feet, I still prefer paper maps.
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    Little bandits. I'd like 'em better if they didn't cause so much trouble; we had to buy a fancy container for the garbage cans, or the little stinkers get into them. Not to mention stealing the potted plants off the porch, and/or breaking the pots. And peeking through the windows at night and scaring us half to death. But they are cute....
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    "New Yorkers during Infinity War be like:" [Link]
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    "ms. olive showing off her cheerio" [Link]
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    "WHAT HO, GOOD SIR." [Link]
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    Nope, she is not you. I met her and she didn't look American. Actually, my other house also has small built-in fridge space. But the kitchen is bigger, so we just bought bigger fridge anyway (tbh, we didn't measure when we bought it, it was not intentional) and put it in different orientation next to the space, and utilize the space for untidy stuff like broom, shopping trolley etc etc. For this house, it is not ideal to put it somewhere else, so I have to settle with small fridge, and it has shelf on top as well!! Which bloody limit the possibility of having slim but taller fridge. To access that shelf, I normally climb the kitchen counter next to it, to lazy to drag something for step. So, the sweets are never safe. :p Now that I have new perfectly working fridge, it seems like my old one is really broken. Although the fridge part still chill, it's not as chill as normal since I'm able to make comparison. I don't want to risk spoiling food and pay for extra electricity, so no more second fridge, fancy cupboard it is. So do they smell? Of course I have cleaned them. Just worried that the seal will result in funny smell. No? And which one is better; books, curtain or cameras/lens? These three need housing. Is it a stretch to hope that it works as dry cabinet? oh OHHH could it be a house for Sherlock diorama. I imagine some visitors want beverage and find 221B inside the fridge instead, that would be fun!
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    I think, Jamie, what you're asking for are books containing stories of the Sherlock characters, which are in themselves adaptations of the original stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. I don't believe there are any Sherlock pastiches at the moment. It might be something to consider writing. 🤔
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    'Ever seen a hedgehog stretch?'
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    I found this on Pinterest and darn, Sherlock's parents dress do looks like Sherlock and John 🤣🤣
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    It's surely good for your sanity.
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    "Who is the Avengers' biggest enemy?" [Link]
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    Holy cannoli, they've turned John into the bionic man!!!!!! That, m'dear, is a Victorian lantern. As in.... I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with both the likenesses and the quality of the workmanship. Who knew? Good job, VBS, it wasn't a complete waste of money after all. What the heck kind of diorama were you planning on? I'm guessing … VBS?
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