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    You're welcome [emoji4]. Also in celebration of the last day of pride month and the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots, I'm going to post this picture ^^.
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    Okay, I had to google The Wave, folie a deux and fairy rings. Whatever elf forest or not you guys are in, it's definitely elf language. Yah, I enjoy fireworks once in a while, back then there was time when we would stand by early in the night with tripod and all in free (but crowded, obviously) public area to catch the show and got the video. However, I realized that I had been wasting too many nice things by watching them only from my viewfinder, and the videos or images of fireworks don't really represent what you see, so since then I would just enjoy it. Something I would like to do in America on 4th of July; apparently there are volunteer works to help calming down dogs in shelter. I think it's nice.
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    I don't see that Sherlock sees John that way actually. Yes, it was mentioned a couple of times, especially regarding Mary, but always thought that it's excuse that I don't buy and just a forced justification. At least in the beginning I thought Sherlock sees John as more of moral, outsourced conscience. That John sees the unfortunate part of murders, symphatize with the victims (Jennifer Wilson, blind old lady) while Sherlock sees them as puzzle pieces because he needs to. So I thought Sherlock thinks that John is attracted to case because of purpose, to help make right, therefore John wants Sherlock to be the hero because he can. He does enjoy running around jumping from rooftop to rooftop, but not just because John likes the thrill of jumping, but the purpose of jumping. If John were interested that much in danger, he would put himself in many situations more carelessly more often. Other than raiding the drug house, I don't remember any other scenarios where he purposely seek dangerous situation when he doesn't have to.
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    Wishing everyone over the pond a happy 4th of July 🇱🇷👍
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    Watching the fireflies.
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    A "Mulan" trailer came out today. It actually looks not bad so far. I hope it is not bad, because "Mulan" is one of my favorites, lol.
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    I would agree but only to certain extent, because somehow imho, it seems like parties are mostly used to... show off? Maybe I had seen/heard too many of those. For example, I really couldn't stand the story of distant relatives who spent a lot, I mean a lot of money for their weddings, while they were both unemployed/just start working, relying on their parents, who supported it, because it's their 'reputation'. And an ex-colleague of mine who was let go unfairly, all he stressed about was providing a lavish wedding for his son/daughter, which, being a good friend that I was, told him honestly that it is a very crappy reason and if his kid want expensive wedding, he/she should work for it. Because I couldn't stand seeing how sad he was, saving every penny, leading a very humble and hard life, had health problems while the kid didn't seem to understand what he went through. (well I know because he told me). And I winced at kid's birthday parties on the age when, technically, they still understand nothing. Of course it's not my business, just the ones that I know are normally forced by the parent who is not the bread winner, in a household with plethora of expenses and high living cost country. Parties are expensive, and at the end of the day, after screaming and crying children, messy 'party', all you see is a very very tired and stressed Dad, wasteful stuffs and you-need-a-lifetime-to-play-with-them toys. I only attended once, once, but my youngest brother is destined to do that forever. I feel for him but there is no way I would go through that again. And I'd be honest, outside the couple, probably their parents, who really give a fish about a baby's gender actually? Who cares? I'm going to grow old friendless is it??? Grumpy and witchy?? What gives? Yes! That. Used to have travelling buddies where we played Scrabble etc until we forgot to sleep. Two of them visited me last month, it was fun but it won't be easy to get together.. but wait, three of them are working together now. (two of us left the company but one just came back) so it'd be on me to complete the four.
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    Just sounds like life to me.
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    So, at no small risk to myself and others, I've done an exhaustive study of my own (also known as visiting the public restroom where I work) to ascertain whether or not Mr. James's assertions do, in fact, hold water. (So to speak. ) First of all, the toilet paper dispenser was installed sideways, meaning you were just as likely (or unlikely) to brush your fingers against the wall when reaching for it, no matter which way the toilet paper was draped. And second of all, maybe it's different for guys, but at no time did my hands stray near anything, BEFORE I touched the toilet paper, which might be considered bacteria laden. Nor did they stray again to the toilet paper roll AFTER venturing into regions that might be considered bacteria laden. Hence, no bacterial transfer could have taken place. Ergo, I must conclude that Geoffrey James is full of hooey, and his "scientific theory" is hereby debunked. QED. You're welcome.
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    Unfortunately, no, that's not how Moftiss did it, though they came closer in the first series. Admittedly, though, it's easier with Good Omens because the two guys in question aren't even guys, strictly speaking, and therefore the question of whether they even have any sexuality as commonly understood is open to interpretation. But that's exactly the point, that "open to interpretation" bit. Nobody in Good Omens, say, ever indignantly states that they're not gay, or gay for that matter. They are clearly shown to care a lot for each other, and just what that means is left for the viewer to decide.
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    Husband and I finally got around to watching Good Omens on Amazon Prime. What a delightful little series! Moftiss, take note (and given that Mark Gatiss had a tiny role in one episode, he at least should) - *that* is how you treat two guys who are the most important person in each other's lives. Just show their devotion (and the actors did a marvellous job of it) and let the viewer sort it out on their own. Also, best soundtrack ever.
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    I never went to my prom. I couldn't have even if I wanted to, but I didn't want to. It always sounded so boring. People older than me told me I'd regret not going, but I never have. I think gender reveal parties are a relatively new phenomenon. Some parties used to be common but seem to have gone out of fashion. I can't remember the last time I heard of someone having a Sweet 16, for instance. I don't enjoy parties, but I'm not against them. Generally speaking I think they're good things. Milestones should be celebrated. We have little enough to celebrate in life as it is.
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    According to a (forgotten from where) source, five common nightmares are: falling, being chased, feeling trapped, being late, and suffering the death of close family member. I want to add the need for toilet but clean ones are exposed/doorless and the one with privacy are dirty. Geez, I don't mind if one day we find a way to eliminate the need of sleep all together, and the need to eat. I find those two as incredible waste of time. But then I start to think about alternate world where we don't need to sleep and eat, and come to conclusion that we may not need to work as well since the need for housing and food are the main things we try to fulfil. And because of that, people would have too much free time to do other things; crime, making babies, over population taking over nature, socializing.... GAH! Bring back eating and sleeping!!
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    Yes enjoy your liberty day, people.... Sorry Carol, can't quite get my head around that! (In Molly vein): you probably should say thank you.
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    This firefly came for a ride in my car. I gently escorted him out at the next stop.
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    Sounds like us right after Series 2! Except there were only six (seven counting the pilot) episodes then.
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    Well, there's lots of Doctor Who -- do you watch both the classic and the current episodes? And 11 viewings of Sherlock is perfectly normal! Do you mean 11 times through all of the episodes, in the past couple of years?
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    Alas, I have nothing off-topic to discuss. But here is Gandalf the White … Squirrel.
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    Yes, that's in Three Garridebs (an otherwise unremarkable story, because it's basically a retelling of The Redheaded League with different details).
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    James is the guy who claims restroom walls are coated with excrement? Yeah, I thought he was being a bit overly cautious. He may be right in a very technical sense, but if you worry about stuff like that, you'll never actually get anything done, because you'll be too busy scrubbing everything with Lysol.
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    Season 6-ish ... it's a bit hard to tell from what I gathered from Wikipedia (I stopped watching in S2, but I read all the books, though it's been a while), but there seem to be bits and pieces of stuff happening in the books showing up all over S6 parallel to new plot. Besides, there were differences in plot between series and books before; then again, some stuff that shows up later they got from GRRM and it's probably going to be the same in the books (like Jon's parentage, which was foreshadowed as far back as book 1). So S6 is mixed and from S7 it's mostly new, definitely not in print yet (or, let's be realistic, ever *sigh*).
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    I feel you. The cruelty on GoT got too much for me really fast. And Ramsay... Ugh. Blech. When I learned about the Boltons in general, I thought, this is not for me...
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    Whoever says gardening is suitable activity for seniors, what, you think everyone is Thanos?? I'm not a 'senior' and gardening is freaking back-breaking activity.
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    I thought that might be a typo, so I checked the list of Elementary episodes on IMDb -- and sure enough, they really do have a 2018 episode entitled "The Geek Interpreter" (rather than Conan Doyle's original title, "The Greek Interpreter"). So that's another thing they've apparently borrowed from Sherlock (where it was the title of one of John's blog entries, mentioned in "Scandal in Belgravia"). But I guess Moftiss doesn't have much room to complain, considering how many tidbits they've borrowed from this that and the other Holmes adaptation.
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    Yeah, I get why "assassin" Mary isn't popular. I've said a few times that I like Mary's personality, but think her job (former job?) is ridiculous. Sort of the same way I feel about Irene, actually. (Look! Back on topic! ) But I still would have liked to have had her around longer, if only so I would have felt more when she was finally taken from us. As it is, I just found her death rather annoying. Not exactly the reaction the Moftisses were going for, one presumes.
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