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    I moved my mum into a nursing house last week: sorted clothes with her, put all her stuff into place, built a shelf and moved stuff around the room. All with a mask on (the so called paper mask). For a whole beeping day of ca. 30 Celsius heat. You can get used to it and forget you have it on your face - I realized it as I was already driving. But maybe you have to get used to it, the first few times were indeed a bit weird. There are people with problems that cannot wear a mask, but the rest is just whining.
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    It's actually not painful at all! I hardly notice my mask any more unless my nose itches or something.
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    Without context, that’s the weirdest question I’ve read in awhile, lol.
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    It's from S4 Ep3 of "Sherlock".
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    Sorry you had such a bad experience. And good on you for being an out-and-proud bisexual. As to the question above, I'm a female gamer so, yeah, that's another surefire method to meet idiots online. And just for the record, I don't think anything like this is likely to happen here (we're small, quiet and friendly, fortunately) but I do have a banstick and neither me nor any other mod is going to hesitate should anyone have the bright idea to pull a stunt like that. Everyone should feel safe and welcome on this forum.
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    In my opinion, she is - Sherlock flatlined. Since I don't want to lead this to threadjacking, I'll leave it at that, here at least. But please do make your own statement about her guilt or lack thereof in the correct thread, @SherLOCKED123, and I'll be happy to dive in again (as will @Carol the Dabbler, I bet ). Once more unto the breach!
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    That makes perfect sense to me. When you're regularly in touch with someone, you have a lot of day-to-day stuff to talk about -- but when you haven't heard from each other in twenty years or so, it's almost like meeting a stranger. If you stay in touch long enough to get re-acquainted, it's OK, but meanwhile you're in a very awkward situation. I don't think your friends meant to make you uncomfortable. They probably thought that if you gradually got back in touch with just a few people that you'd enjoy it. But to them, ten is a few, whereas to you it's a horde. You have my sympathy, but I have no idea what you can do, other than what you're doing. Maybe once people are able to return to their normal life, they'll have neither the time nor the inclination for all those chats. At least you can hope! That is indeed sad. Do you phone your mother regularly? If not, that might help. I'm just glad that this virus didn't arise until after my mother had lived out her life and passed on.
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    Considering this is a bad puns thread, should I be ashamed to say that I got it instantly?
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    No you are not. I actually felt weird when it was very active during season 4. Nobody had time to listen/read to one another. I couldn't catch up with the post and gave up all together, I think it's more fun to actually read and respond to replies instead of just throw something at it and go. Anyway, I felt like a stranger going to party that I don't want to, felt alone and wanted to just sit at the corner and play with the dog. Imho, for a show that only has 13 episodes in the span of yearssssss, I think we are doing quite well. Heh... But yes of course, if we have new members with fresh eyes and takes, it's fun, and I'm all for resurrecting old threads, I think I'm guilty of some. Not sure why other forums are against it, who knows, maybe their show is not only 13 episodes for span of yearsssss???
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    Nope. I vote that the picture is real, these creatures are both liquid and gravity-is-myth-er.
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    Might be hard, considering the lack of new episodes in the foreseeable future (or ever). Also, I recognize I may be in the minority here, but I kinda like it small and cozy.
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    I do remember several of those names (including Moffat, of course), but not enough to rank most of them. Sorry! However, I must protest the inclusion of the original Irene Adler as a villain! If she broke any of the Victorian morality laws (it's never actually stated), it was apparently in a consensual manner. She did not blackmail the King, merely kept the photo as protection against him. And all she did to Holmes was fool him. Call her his antagonist if you like, but a villain she clearly is not.
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    Few things make me smile in politics these days, but this one got a chuckle out of me: Our German forum members can probably explain it better, but what she's holding here is a Maß, holding a liter (a bit more than two pints), which is the traditional way to drink beer, especially in Bavaria and/or at the Oktoberfest.
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    Irene may challenge Sherlock but he could never really trust her. She did nothing but manipulate, lie to and belittle him until he unlocked her phone and she lost her leverage. Then she turned on the tears and played the poor me card. And don't forget Molly has struck Sherlock, repeatedly, and called him on his crap more than once. She was also the one he conjured up when he was shot to help him save his life. But I have to agree that it will never happen, with either one.
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    Definitely not. If I was any of the makers I wouldn't want touch the matter any more in my entire life. There is practically no topic online posted by anyone even slightly involved in the show, without someone whining about S5. If you consider the fact that a big group of fans want S5 solely to finally get their ship done, I see it like a lost case right now. Why would they want to go trough that shitstorm valley again? I'm afraid the TJLC part of fandom and their petitioning killed the show in first place.
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    I believe there are privacy settings for your account that can be adjusted, but I'm unsure to what extent since I haven't really bothered with them. Maybe I'll take a look later. I don't know if you're familiar with Tumblr, but generally your posts are only seen if you have followers who catch and reblog them, or if you tag them and someone finds them in a tag search. I never tag my posts and I have no followers, so I doubt a single person on Tumblr even knows my page exists.
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    HI Douglas and all, sorry for your lost. I'm really lucky that I have all those that I love who are the most significant still around me but I'm worried about them all the time. Like to think that I'm a strong person, but the reality is that I'm a big coward dreading the days, even robbing me of current happiness because I can't help to not think about it. Every new year, as long as I have roof over my head, I don't really care whether how much stuff I have or I have not, but I'm always grateful that they are still around, for that is all that matters. For them it's too late, but it's very hard for me to get close with new people as I don't want to add them to my list of worries. Lately I have less selfish thought, maybe. My habit is always to leave before being left, as it's easier for me, I practice that in relationships and works and I always leave early. I have same thinking about life that I'd rather go first, no, not unnatural way of going, as in I'd rather my time comes first. But maybe I have grown a bit to think that it's too selfish, as I imagine people like my parents, SO or my dog would be devastated. This actually helps to reduce my worries by 1%.. I think it's part of me, the fear attached that I would never able to shake off. I thought it would be nice to be emotion free people like Sherlock and Mycroft, but apparently they are not spared too. As for this forum, yes! I was also surprised with possitivity of this forum, it's like different part of internet. In fact, I have shared stuff that I never shared in real life, like above, and my love for singing eventhough I have horrible voice and my love for cake. Maybe I have to silent all of you one day, buy for now, It's warm and cozy here. 😜
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    My deduction is, you don't have to worry that your dog would take over the world or try to replace your status in the house, because she is careless not to put them back into place in order not to alarm you. On the other hand, if you have cats, oh dear, he/she obviously trying to frame the poor dog. However, for those who have deerstalker and everytime you go home it's unmoved, you better be worried. Cosplaying is for everydog, it is known. Only the sneaky ones that are up to no good would put it back neatly.
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    I've moved @linear_panda's fan art (and discussion of it) to its own thread, "linear_panda's sherlock art" (and by the way, LP, if you'd like to change the thread's title, you can do so by Editing your initial post). I'm continually amazed by people who can turn out such creative drawings!
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    So I noticed a lot of the threads are dying out and there are usually not many people on the forum. So here we can brainstorm ideas to restart threads, recruit members and make Sherlock popular again.
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    Yes, its hard to understand how those zeroes and ones work. I remember the fun an frustration of figuring out Forbidden 404. This is the closest case that we have now, BORED BORED BOREDDDDD
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    Let me see if I could help: pun, just, no, red, god, 243, the, his, last = 0 nope, sherly, wikipedia, plum pudding, cake, pant, coat, dear = many many hits hudder = 2, pretty sure it was mentioned much more jim = 0, there should be at least one Jim from IT floccinaucinihilipilification: yes it has the perfect amount of hits I think you probably right, words that are to short (three letters) are tend to be ignored, the ignored four letter words perhaps because there are too many of them everyone, and the ones that show up has reasonable amount (not too many) although I'm surprised because I think I talk about cake at least 13017472 times. To conclude, I think the search engine is totally and utterly inept, because we all know there is at least ONE Jim from IT!
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    NOOOOOOOOO Well, I think if you have a cat, an exorcist's number would be handy too.
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    Also "Gary Stu" (which I hear more than "Marty Stu").
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    I'm proud to say that it took me a mere three hours to get that joke. In all fairness, though, it's an extremely complicated joke for a one-liner. Just in case it has anyone else stumped, here's a far-too-thorough explanation: If the text is invisible when you open that box, all you need to do is highlight the contents of the box, as though you were planning to copy them, and -- just like magic ink -- the text will become visible.
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    That's probably why your reactions were different from those of some other people. I wouldn't classify myself as a huge SW fan, certainly not in the sense that I'm a Star Trek fan, but I saw the original (i.e., middle) trilogy when each of those movies were first in the theaters, and enjoyed them, so they're what I judge the other episodes by.
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    I suspect the main reason that Doyle made Holmes British was the traditional advice, "Write what you know" -- and Doyle was British. Also, he made his narrator a doctor, as he himself was. And tradition has it that he based Holmes on another doctor of his acquaintance, who was also British. The middle of Study in Scarlet is written in third-person omniscient about American characters, and (speaking of course as an American) I don't find that part nearly as convincing as the rest. In other words, he did it for the same reason that I'd never write a story from the viewpoint of a 110-year-old Tibetan monk.
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    TIL that there was an original Holmes villain named Moffat. https://buckythehydraslayer.tumblr.com/post/21402716577/thesoulgiver-their-names-are-biddle-hayward/amp
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    SherLOCKED123, Thank you so much for your kind words; that's very nice of you; and virtual hugs right back at ya!!
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    That really is sad -- presumably not so much for your great uncle, assuming he was truly antisocial, but for the rest of your family. Do you have any knowledge of him at all -- photos, letters, family anecdotes? My father's mother died when he was only six years old, and I really wish she'd lived a lot longer, not just so I could have known her, but mostly so her children could have grown up in a real home and Grandpa wouldn't have spent the last half of his life alone.
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    Awww, this room is so fuzzy, it's not toxic and I love that ❤ I'm so sorry to hear that, Douglas, I'm sending my sympathies and virtual hugs in these strange times.
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    My cat can almost definitely read. I put a sign on my wardrobe door saying, 'do not let Katsu inside' (katsu is my cat, as you might have guessed). I came back, and the sign had been ripped up and shoved under the wardrobe. So I opened the door, and, surprise, surprise, there he was. I think he ripped it up so nobody saw it!
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    I don’t think any of us mind seeing old threads resurrected. Or if they do, no one’s ever chided me for it, ‘cause I’m guilty of it on occasion.
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    Ditto! I love red hair, and for as long as I can remember I always wished I had red hair and green eyes. I got stuck with brown and brown... booooring.
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    I think this is a cue for my swan story and I apologise in advance if I have already told it on here. My parents live in Scarborough, which is quite a famous English sea side town. In Scarborough there is a well known park, it has walks over bridges set around an ornamental lake. We were visiting there with some of Brian's friends from Manchester. All of a sudden the friend's wife pointed to a sign on the bridge which said: swans must not pass beyond this point. She looked very puzzled and said to me: but how do the swans know? At which point I fell apart laughing: the sign was referring to the swan BOATS, not the real swans that were swimming along with them! My pal was most amused that Yorkshire swans were so clever, they could actually read!
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    What's wrong with those idiots? Do they honestly believe that cats are unable to read?
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    I'm not sure that's quite how I've interpreted the song (haven't heard it lately, and think I have it a bit mixed up with You've Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille), but my version was apparently not much more tolerable than yours. I must say that there are songs that tick me off even worse, but best not to get started on those!
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    I feel called out. However, I can't stand the allure of ranting about music, because I caught a snippet of Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town the other day, and may Kenny Rogers rest in peace but that song drives me up the [censored] wall. So the singer is a paralyzed war veteran and his wife leaves him alone in the evening (regularly, one assumes since he states he's heard the door slam a hundred times before) and, after having gussied up, goes to town (in more than one sense, he implies). He states he'd kill her for that if he could. Did it ever occur to that curmudgeonly [censored] that she's not living it up but picking up the extra the only way she can, because he's disabled and she has to care for him the rest of the day? Does he think money for food, rent and medical care grows on trees or something? What a wonderful way to show her his gratitude for all her hard work in caring for him *and* keeping the household running, by fantasizing about shooting her. tl;dr: I hate that bloody song.
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    Now that you mention your song, it seems odd that we didn't have anything similar. We did have an alphabet song, but the only thing I recall regarding months was "Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one, except February, which [something or other]." I currently have no idea how the February part actually went. But it's probably easier to just count on your knuckles (and if you don't know what I mean, please ask, and I'll explain). Am I not getting it, or is something missing?
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    If it makes you feel any better, I've been on Tumblr for 10 years, and never once has another member talked to me.
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    I'm not so sure the Americans were basing their presentation on a stereotype of Asians. Sounds to me like the Americans were doing their usual flashy presentation (that sort of thing is very popular nowadays), which the Japanese (being accustomed to a far more dignified style) considered over the top (at best), but were too polite to say so. In other words, an inter-cultural misunderstanding, rather than a racist attempt to overexplain.
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    Pretty sure it'd show up. Whenever I search for Sherlock fan art on Tumblr basically everything with Sherlock in the name comes up. Read on the web just now that apparently you can password-protect yr Tumblr blog, not sure if it works with just an image...
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    @Arcadia When I looked for a house (never has selling experience though) it's always what you see is what you get. Some houses had falling ceiling and it's up to us if we want to take it. The owner would put up the price they think it fits with the condition, and buyer will decide if they accept (if they are going to renovate anyway it's normally worth taking because of lower price), in any case we wouldn't require owner to fix anything unless they offer to do so, for example, there is problem with plumbing but they promises they would fix it (no one wants to buy house with plumbing problem anyway) but maybe we have different system. Anyway, on lighter topic... say.. kitchen stuff! Whether I cook or not, I was excited to get this little gift that proves to be very useful. It's mostly for rice or something that requires quick stirring or scooping but I use it for soup too as well since it could stand a bit of heat. It's great because I don't need to find somewhere to put it in case the counter is not clean, the squirrel's legs ensure that the part touching the food is elevated. So.. since I like soup, I want to have similar thing that is actually used for soup, so I bought this online And I'm soooo pissed at my own stupidity, because you know what?? It doesn't work!! I'm not sure if you can see it from the picture or you are ehm... not smarter than me, it doesn't work because duh.. unlike the squirrel, the nessie or dinosaur legs that keep it upright goes inside the food/soup as well. Duh.. that defeats my intention to keep it hygienic. Who need a standing ladle anyway. A little tidbit to share for your new home, go for squirrel instead of Nessie.
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    Ah... Season 4
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    --It's not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling from time to time that we might all just be human-- @Sherlock123, I love the quote, where is it from? And it's intriguing about why Sherlock said so, what does he think he actually is?
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    Yes, Imgur, among several others lesser-known I presently forget the names of. Imgur was alright, but it slowed up my (old) computer significantly and took a long time to navigate, and now and then I've seen people grumble about being unable to view images linked from Imgur. I don't know why that occurs, but after the Photobucket fiasco, I didn't want to bother with another site where images are mysteriously visible to some people and not to others. Tumblr is tried and true and on my part, easy.
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    I always use the "Insert image from URL" option (when I'm not using the BBCode), because oftentimes when I paste the link directly into the post, it posts as a link instead of an image. Since the decline of Photobucket, if I want to post an original image or one I can't find a link to elsewhere online, I now use a Tumblr account to hotlink. I have no idea about the "existing attachments" option though, sorry.
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