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    Now there is a great first line for a novel.
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    I think the point is to understand ourselves better, to realize that just because we're different doesn't mean we're wrong (or they're wrong), just that we have a different way of looking at things -- which is good, because having more than one viewpoint helps us consider a variety of options. I never thought I was intimidating at all, but I've been told that a time or two. One of my college roommates claimed that the first thing I ever said to her was "I sure hope you don't like to study with the radio on."
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    Rewatched Good Omens and realized that Mark Gatiss and Benedict Cumberbatch aren't the only Sherlock actors in a minor role there: (that's Jonathan Aris aka Anderson in case the sideburns were throwing you off, which they did for me when watching for the first time)
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    Played some kind of chess with my niece and won everytime. She is very bright and held herself very well, but there is no way I'm going to be a chill adult and give in. Do you know how boastful and obnoxious a kid is if they won ONE time over a game you introduced them? No, No, Nope-D, you are young, you have a lot of chance to have glory in your life. Winning this is all I have now, so let you learn that life is not rosy and losing sucks, kiddo.
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    Seems unnecessarily cruel.
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    In a similar vein … my wish is for Ben to finally end up with a decent hairdo.... Let's see, what else do I wish for … A return of The Coat. I missed it in TFP. The return of Nick Hurran. Three more episodes.
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    Thought of starting a Series 5 Wish List thread, then discovered that we already have one that just needs the cobwebs dusted off. One thing I really want to see is that John has reverted to his original hair style -- bit longer, bit shorter, parted left, parted right, I don't care, but The Swoop needs to go. I like to think it was Mary's idea, and that he kept it for a while after her passing, out of respect for her memory. But (as Sherlock pointed out in Reichenbach), John is basically a no-nonsense kinda guy regarding his hair, so I doubt that The Swoop would last very long without Mary's encouragement and/or styling assistance.
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    ^ That comic is based on this suggestion.
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    I still think the "deduce-off" is still one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.
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    Callooh callay! I was just wondering the other day where you'd gotten to. (Now I know!) Alas, "Irongeppetto" is the best I can rustle up.... (apparently RDJ is/was to be in a Pinocchio movie?)
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    View Halloa everybody . . I'm still in this mortal coil; just been busy this summer. I am a children's librarian--summer is to us what Christmas shopping season is the the mall retailies. Been there, done that, too. Summer drags on a bit longer but at least I'm not on my feet *all* day. Catching up on some old notifications and was directed here. Just wanted to second J.P.s comment that Watson as an 'outsourced conscience' is a wonderful phrase & all the more so because VBS is writing in her second language, I believe? (or third or fourth--we have some impressive polyglotals in this community.) Now I'm getting a vision of Martin Freeman as 'Jiminy Cricket', balanced on the shoulder of a sulky Benedicchio in a grown-up version of my favorite Disney story. Or perhaps 'Jiminy' is a hedghog perched on the shoulder of 'Pinocchiotter'. I wish I could draw it . . any of you that can, feel free to run with that idea and post it on Tumblr; just be sure to show me!
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    Just goes to show you that nowadays everything has become politicized.
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    Is.. bank holiday like this?
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    Of course I'm jealous of Reetu for having Mark exclusively to herself for such a long time! The walls I could do by myself.
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    Hello everyone! I'm actually an old member here, but it's been something like 5 years since I last logged on. I just wanted to say hello again! It's a bit wild still being able to recognize so many names.
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    Thanks! Now if you'll just finish the rest....
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    Just catching up on this stuff and just let me educate you Noobs. Ha! 1. The very FIRST Sherlock Forum I am aware of(and joined) started before Series One even aired. Set up by a guy who had heard the show was happening. 2. The FIRST Hiatus was indeed between S1 and 2 because I suffered from it!
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    First sittything, now Shadow! It must be reunion week!
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    In Reichenbach, he needed her. And starting with that episode, he does seem to have more respect for her -- on average -- as time goes by.
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    My favorite/only superhero that I love. It's a good thing they're giving me the TV show after what they did in Infinity War and Endgame. I'm still not over that. And since this is a picture thread..
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    I'm just gonna quote this here for future reference, in case other people need to see it. ...
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