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    Not expecting much sympathy for this because I know that few of you have or want kids but: The other day, I got fast food downtown in the afternoon because I had had no lunch break at work and no time between the end of my shift and picking my son up at daycare. He wanted to try, so I stuffed a few wok noodles in his mouth. And this very overdressed woman in her 60s stopped, frowned at me and remarked: "I always cooked for my children!" Yeah. Good for you. Let me guess though: you didn't have a job while yours were little and / or you had a housekeeper, maybe even a Nanny. I cook as much as I f...ing can but some days, I feel lucky that I find time to go to the bathroom. I wish people would not randomly criticize a complete stranger's parenting, especially when the kid isn't bothering anyone. I don't go around shoving baby photos in everyone's face demanding attention and I don't let him annoy people and in return I would really like me and my offspring to be left in peace too.
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    Yay Fantasy! Good luck to you both. My biggest risk was when I decided to stop trying to have a "normal" job and become self-employed, and pursue my art. That led me to a very unique career, teaching at a non-profit arts center, which suits me perfectly. I'm poor, but enjoying my life.
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    Me and my best friend are a couple now, it's going to take some time getting used to it, considering we've know each other for years.
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    My husband and I moved in together and soon married, while having met each other physically only twice (long distance relationship over the early internet) and, well, twenty years later we're still there.
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    They are taking over the world, one donkey at a time.
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    Wait, whaattttt? What are they doing? On topic, it's pretty messed up everywhere eh? I was hoping to find in the news, Finally! New Robots that could do detail cleaning! Cancer cure, All Cancer! Super Tree, Grow In a Day! Super Plastic, Compose by Commands! Dogs Now Have Same LIfespan as Human! Not wars, diseases, miseries, murders, again, again, again, again.
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    We have an Asexual Awareness Week and after reading the posts on Twitter I come to a conclusion that my sexual orientation and gender should be called "no" aka "I don't give a beep".
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    I neither want nor have kids and and yet you have my full sympathy, this lady's mommy shaming is one of the reasons why I don't want children. You just can't win with those people, when you're a working mom you're lazy and selfish and when you're a stay at home mom everyone assumes you have loads of time. And then there is the whole issue with feeding, if you bottlefeed your kid you're lazy and selfish, but if you breastfeed you have to cover up because God forbid someone sees your nipples. Yet I still criticise some people's parenting styles, mainly because I feel parents these days don't have a spine and are too lazy to raise their children and leave the parenting to the teachers.
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    Some people only feel better about their insignificant and boring lives if they can denigrate someone else's. I don't have kids, but being overweight means that I get plenty of choice comments about that instead. My go-to response by now is something along the lines of, "Okay, but I can lose weight and what are you going to do about your personality?" I've long since given up trying to play nice with someone who goes out of their way to be rude for no reason.
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    Maybe... But imho you have every right to tell people that their kids are bothering you. That's you standing up for yourself and your interests and needs. As long as your request isn't utterly unreasonable (such as "make the kid not exist" basically), I have no problem with that. Can't always promise to fully comply but... What made me so angry with this woman was that she went out of her way to criticize me for some supposed parenting deficit that did not affect herself at all. There's a big difference between "excuse me, but your son is kicking my seat and it hurts my back, please make him stop" and "just fwi, I think you suck and I am way better than you at being a mother".
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    Contact juggling is awesome (yes, I saw Labyrinth as a teen, why? ).
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    No need to apologize. Let's see if I can explain: Breastfeeding isn't always easy. Especially young infants sometimes have trouble latching on and need help. Older babies tend to wiggle and squirm. Having to put a shawl over the baby and the breast makes it very difficult to nurse sometimes because you can't see your child properly, the kid can get scared or uncomfortable by the cover and scream or squirm harder, thus often hurting the mother, getting milk everywhere, etc. Breastfeeding is also often very intimate and emotional. And mothers are usually sensitive about being mothers. Telling a nursing mom to cover up or go away and hide suggests that her caring for her child in deepest, most loving way she knows is somehow shameful or wrong and can make her feel very hurt. It's also worth noting that breastfeeding is usually not a very revealing activity. It's not like you get naked in public and flash your breasts at everybody. And once the child has latched on, all anyone else keeping a respectful distance can see is its head. My personal experience so far has been that people would much rather sit near a baby that is quietly nursing than one that is screaming its lungs out because it's hungry and tired. A stuffed animal is a better cover than a shawl. And the people who complain are usually not bothered by the minimal nudity involved but the act itself that disturbs them for some reason that I don't know and probably never will.
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    I like U2! With or Without You is still a pretty good car trip companion. Wait, so what happened if you take a sick day? They cut your annual leave? I'm lucky to have sick days, but we need to prove it with Medical Certificate. Some company had annual cap, some didn't. I hardly used it, but some of my colleagues really made use of it for the slightest reasons they felt uncomfortable. Which I think, one of the reasons that makes companies restrict them maybe? It kind of ruining the concept imo, some really only take it when we need it. But in my experience, honesty pays. I didn't skip work and very seldom took sick leave, but when I need to, like unable to obtain certificate from clinic because I was too sick to go or urgently need to skip works without prior notices, my bosses were very lenient and trusting, but they behaved differently with my colleagues who abused the priviledge.
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    That's the one! Thanks, Caya. (But now I'll be singing it all day lol)
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    If we notice that they bring out something out of the blue in the later scene, that the writer seems to expect viewers to have some knowledge of, than that is the missing piece. Some relation could be made from familiar setting, objects and character too. Oh that weird ordinary guy was shown for a reason, oh that is to explain the other set of figurines they found earlier or there is something wrong with this place etc. @absolete I found that bookstores are dissappearing and it's not good. Used to hang out at Border (even when I'm not buying). There is something comfortable about the smell of new books. Library is not the same anymore too. @mall I like weird store that sells unique stuffs and they are still around, but not much. I have to admit I'd rather go to malls that sell cheaply made stuff (although I'd prefer decent quality) than high-end mall when I can't afford anything and everything seems like from different planets, like torn jeans for couple of hundred bucks just because of brand, and way too pissed-off looking models in their poster.
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    This one goes "If there's something that you want, what's the magic word?" Then the child pauses and says "Hmm", (my niece has that part down really well lol); then the child sings "Please, please, please, When you get something you want, what's the magic word? Hmm, Thank you, thank you, thank you." They also use sign language for please and thank you. I'm no good at posting links but I found it on YouTube by just putting in "Please and Thank You" song.
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    You could have said, very matter-of-factly, "Yes, ma'am, and I always minded my own business."
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    Definitely. They were red and green lights, and a Santa figure on the porch, so there was no mistaking it. It did snow over the weekend, so maybe people are feeling wintry early this year. Still, the leaves haven’t even finished turning on most of the trees, and other houses are decked out for Halloween. It’s too soon for Christmas, lol.
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    You folks are reminding me why I consider myself spiritual but not religious. And also why I minored in Philosophy and Religion in the first place … not much practical use, but it made me think. (Assuming thinking isn't of practical use... ) I'm always a bit flummoxed what to say to people who argue with me that there's only one interpretation of their faith. Isn't the fact that we're disagreeing proof that there is more than one interpretation? And how do they get so convinced that theirs is the only correct interpretation? That sort of certainty, I've never had.
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    Any chance that someone pointed out he had the same name and a physical resemblance, and he decided to complete the package? Seems like there's way too much similarity for sheer coincidence, so I figure it's either that, or the show's character was based on your boss.
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    But God isn't all good and all knowing, you know the story of Abraham. I always wondered why an all good, all knowing being would ask a father to sacrifice his son to prove he loves God. Don't forget that Black Panther was nominated for best picture last year, so who knows [emoji4].
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    We end up doing that a lot, but the problem is, how do you know whether it's significant or not if you don't know what they said? Or even if you do know -- because some seemingly insignificant comment could turn out to be very significant in the end.
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    I hijacked and feel obligated to bring it back. Stumbled across this, 80-signs-youre-an-intj Although it supposes to represent one Mbti, I think you would find something you could relate with. And it's full of Sherlock gifs! I relate to almost all, but personal favorit that is more specific is: You keep expectations low and downgrade accordingly I can't stress how much I'd be happier if I stop expecting people to be good at what they are supposed to be good at. I think I have mellowed, but apparently I am still abrasive to many, especially strangers in professional settings. It's surprising to see how many actually 'run' away, when I had already tried to tone it down. It annoys me greatly that they though doing a decent job is too much to ask when it's what they should be competent at. More: You are blunt when you respect someone and sharper when you do not. You can be cruel to those you perceive as imbecile or wilfully ignorant. Your history is kinda mysterious, and it's bloody staying that way. Small talk is endurance sport. You can pass for charismatic, it eventually wears down with your patience. You avoid deepening relationship without good reason.
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    A couple of things? You are very extroverted for an introvert…
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