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    Least favorite, lol, there's a concept. I'll have to ponder on that one. Favorite: Ummm… I'll start with one I saw just recently: "It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling, from time to time, that we might all just be human." "Even you?" "No. Even you." From The Lying Detective. I love how that episode ultimately turns out to be about John.
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    Basically it is total rubbish. And believe me, that's the polite version... I know our gentle duck friend doesn't like my profanity!
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    Hi all, I watched Dracula with the same reservations that I had when I first watched Sherlock and like Sherlock I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was really well done though maybe they could have rolled back some of the humour (or am I just being grumpy?) One thing hit me straight away though. Claes Bang = James Bond. I think he’s made for the role. I was never a massive fan of Daniel Craig I’ll admit but I think that Bang could be just the man to play the role with that slightly sinister hint of Connery but with the humour and style of Roger Moore. The trouble now is that however they chose to take over from Craig I’m gonna be thinking “nah, should have been Bang.” Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year?👍
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    Actually I was a bit surprised. I have an inner dialogue running in my head all the time, it's actually hard to make it stop. Which makes multilingualism very interesting.
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    Yeah, it really was, but I was trying to give them a break. Mostly it was just too over the top, as was the rest of the episode. There's a place for that kind of thing, but after TLD wasn't the place.
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    It's such a profound quote... My personal favourite is one of Mycrofts, that's more funny than emotional 'Dont reply, just look frightened and scuttle.' Trust Gatiss to give himself the best lines! That said, though, if I was him, I'd give myself the best lines!
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    Try to scrabble on something made of plastic, the heat and friction it creates would make the ink flows back. It works with me. The thing that I notice with pens, DO NOT drop them. It turns them, either makes it dysfunctional, or it wouldn't be as nice to write with. Common sense actually, I wouldn't feel like working if I accidentally drop myself to the ground.
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    The settings are exceptional as well. All those trenches, ruins. I feel the character's desperation and hope without him needing to say much. Does it have some nominations because it deserves some! I do wish I didn't know Andrew and Ben are in it, it would be great surprise, but still happy to see them. The things about these two, especially Andrew, I could forget that he is Moriarty in different works that he is in, which is great and can't be said for many other actors. That is why I'm not really into RDJ Holmes, imo, he is the same person in many of his works, while Andrew and Ben have the ability to turn into their roles, which thankfully are diverse enough.
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    It's one of those films that deserves a wider audience. A lot of nostalgia for me as well being set when it is.
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    “Love you no.” “Speech pathologist teaches her dog 29 human words: Stella "speaks" by stepping on large buttons programmed with recordings of words. She expresses her desires, comments on household events, and even offers opinions.“ More.
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    It strikes me more as synthetic news -- a conglomeration of comments about the show so far, snippets of old interviews, extrapolation, and hopeful thinking. Lot of that going around these days, due to the scarcity of new news. But who knows, it may turn out to have been some good guesses.
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    What a nice blue eyes!! The thing about dog and cat is: Dog tries to make the best of all situations. While cat has best situation and says "F it. Nobody tells me what to do. Nobody tells me what is good."
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    We heard our first blackbirds (over by the neighbor's pond) this evening -- even earlier (by a couple of days) than in 2015.
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    Sorry, just now seeing your comment. I am thinking specifically of foods consumed by our Baker Street duo as written by ACD. Mrs. Hudson normally does breakfasts, with the other meals a bit hit or miss, but our bachelor diners often went to their favorite restaurant, Simpson's, for heartier fare, when Sherlock Holmes felt hungry, so that would open the menu up for more than just eggs and kidney pie. Our birthday celebration may have to stretch to multiple meals, houseparty style. We could do "Mrs. Hudson's Breakfast/Tea" plus other food inspired by alternative versions. I love Japanese food, so "Miss Sherlock" would get a nod, as well as dishes from the parts of the globe Holmes says he visited on his Hiatus. That would include food from Scandinavia as well as the Middle and Far East.
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    Right -- the passage of years tends to expose one to more kinds of people and their ways of doing things (though how much this expands one's knowledge presumably depends on how much attention one pays). When I just think, it's basically nonverbal, but I sometimes find it helpful to talk through a puzzle. I recently noticed, though, that in order to verbalize my thoughts, I need to literally speak, or at least move my mouth. Same thing with my daydream conversations.
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    Finally got to watch Star wars IX, I went in with low expectations because a lot of people seemed to hate it and then I got spoilered which made me dread seeing the movie. That being said, it was alright but I understand why people dislike it. Spoilers/ranting below: I'm giving it a 5/10
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    I hadn't thought of it quite that way … that it resolved the Fall … but dang, you're right. That was the moment I was waiting for in S3 and never got. It was worth the wait, I love TLD too. Interesting. I thought of that, then rejected it as an idea because of the 2nd murder. But I guess the killer could have been out of touch with the boss (and clearly he had no conscience, if he was willing to kill his own sister for no reason I could divine.) Okay, then … head canon accepted! That, but mostly, making him watch it. Putting him through that phone call, tears and all. It could have been done differently, but the Holmes boys chose that. For maximum emotional impact, obviously, but it's still incredibly cruel. It's hard for me to accept any rationale that would forgive such cruelty. That's not a criticism of the script, just an observation of how it made me feel as I was watching it. Plus, John being told he couldn't know the truth because he was such a poor liar … that's the same as saying he can't be trusted. True or not, that must have hurt a lot too. And then Mary lying to him on top of it … it's a wonder he ever spoke to either one of them again. It does explain his anger, though.
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    I agree. It took two more seasons to repair that damage and it's only just barely believable that it could be repaired at all. I think that's why I love The Lying Detective so much, because it finally gave The Reichenbach Fall the resolution it needed.
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    The only one that really bothers me is … if the Black Lotus was trying to discover the whereabouts of the jade pin, why were they killing the only people that would know? When they zapped the first guy, didn't they pretty much destroy their only lead? Seems to me it would have been more productive to threaten him with the arrow thingy. Anyway, on to Season 2 … I still think ASIB is their single best episode. (And I still wish Sherlock would find someone more worthy of his affection than a dominatrix, for pete's sake.) Everything about it is so indirect, I'm never sure what's really going on, but somehow it works. For me. Maybe that's the "the first is your favorite" phenomenon at work, although I prefer to think it's because it's just so well made. I became rather put off by TRF once I learned that Sherlock was supposedly faking his emotions all the way through it, but I'd sort of forgotten about that this time, and it's a rollicking good ride. Knowing what's to come, though, it's even more shocking how casually cruel it was to John. Even if you believe (as I do) that Sherlock didn't understand the depth of affection John had for him, it was still an awful trick to pull. How John could bring himself to trust the man again is beyond understanding ... and I rather choose to believe he never really did trust him again. Forgive, yes; trust, no. Not until The Lying Detective.
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    If you want to offer said book for sale, yes. But you could "publish" it online as fan-fiction, no problem. In fact, M&G seem to encourage it ("the highest form of flattery" and all that).
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    I saw Series 1 first (knowing nothing about it beforehand except "Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century"), and I think you're overlooking one thing: Whichever series a person sees first is going to be a revelation, and will therefore hold their interest. I was utterly fascinated by SiP, and was completely hooked by the time Sherlock said "We'll start with the riding crop." Judging each series as a whole, S1 remains my favorite, which may be at least in part because it was my first. As for General Shan, I'm pretty sure I've heard some Chinese people who really do speak English like that, so that part doesn't bother me. But the character as a whole is sort of a Ming the Merciless clone, so I can see why some people would be put off by her. I'm probably bothered more by the plot holes, but I never noticed them till I read a fan parody ("The Partially-Sighted Postman") and realized how dead-on it was. However, after further reflection, I've realized that if I assume that certain things happened off-screen, the holes are explained and no longer bother me (at least not very much). I think that was a large part of what hooked me, the judicious mix of humor and drama.
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    Holey moley!! Thanks Caya! (My favorite part is when she grabbed the breast to reduce the size of the image …. )
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    First off, you need to go the doc.
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    If I had a ship, I think it would be Molly and Sherlock (just because I think Molly deserves a shot at her dream ). I'd like to see Lestrade find someone, don't know why, he just strikes me as the type that would be happier with an "other" in his life.
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    Hello there, 123! Welcome to the forum, happy to see you've already made yourself to home! Are you a recent Sherlock fan, or a longtime one who's just now joining the forum?
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    https://twitter.com/JilldarWu/status/1220916038021201920 Something that's called Power Of The Dog. Whatever that is.
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    I still feel everybody keeps getting tempted by other projects...which is fair enough.
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    That's something I've never figured out how to do … trim my own hair. How the heck do you get it straight? Besides, if I'm too lazy to go the hairdresser, I'm definitely too lazy to do it myself.
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    Yeah, I got a kick out of that one too. One of my favorite scenes:
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    We were recently watching some show where they were singing "Puttin' on the Ritz" -- and every time they got to a spot where Peter Boyle had a line in Young Frankenstein, I'd burst out laughing. He has totally ruined it for me as a serious song. *snicker*
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    Yeah, sorry about that... gave myself a hideous mental image, too. Ugh!
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    Excerpt: Frank Renfield is seen sitting in his car completing a cryptic crossword. He reads aloud the following clue: ‘Unscrupulous doctor deployed tanner’s knife (12)’ The solution to the clue is Frankenstein (‘unscrupulous doctor’ is the definition and ‘deployed’ is the anagram indicator for tanner’s knife, which rearranged, makes the name Frankenstein) If that was meant as an Easter egg, it's a pretty damn cryptic one! (And that sort of clue is why, although I love challenging crossword puzzles, I skip right over the cryptics.)
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    It was kind of a weird weekend at work. One of my co-workers, who just finished her licensing last month after 3 years of schooling, decided she didn't like the job anymore and quit. She's planning to buy a van and travel the country with her boyfriend. So that was sudden. On Friday there was a snowstorm, so Michael (my boss) let everyone go home early to get ahead of it. I still had to go in that evening, and when I got there, I noticed a small drinking glass sitting by the fireplace. I only took a quick glance before continuing with my work, and saw it had something blue and red inside, which I assumed was a small sponge or some other item soaking in it. A few hours later I decide to move it to the coffee room, and when I pick it up, to my surprise, the blue and red thing is a betta fish. Poor lil' guy had been in that tiny glass in the cold building all day. I texted and called all of my co-workers trying to find out what the deal with this fish was, but no one would answer me. I was feeling bad for him, so I hopped across the street to the convenience store and picked up a bottle of spring water, cleaned out a large vase I found in the company garage, and transferred him to a bigger space. I could tell he was hungry, 'cause he kept booping to the surface with his mouth open, so the next day I bought him some betta food. So all weekend I got to have a little fish friend. He would watch me work and swish his tail around when I talked to him. I was thinking of bringing him home, but eventually Michael came in and said the fish was his. He'd bought it for his son's birthday, but forgot about it in the car, where it almost froze to death. He put it in the glass by the fireplace hoping that would save it (which worked I guess, but poor fish). Then he forgot about it again when he left on Friday. I sure hope the fish made it safely home with him... I miss my fish friend at work, I'm a little sad now without him.
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    Actually, I think it was Mothra. Tbh, I wasn't watching closely enough to ever find out who the character was. But he was tall, mysterious, a smartass, wore a long black coat and had curly hair. I was referring to the number of people who've been posting in general, not just in this thread, which would be more like one. The rest of y'all don't count, so there. Yep. See description above. Oh God, I hope not. The Godzilla movies are soooooo cheesy. Yep. Well, not the movie, but that particular character. Although a Godzilla movie inspired by Sherlock is a totally awesome idea. Godzilla plays the sleuth, Jet Jaguar plays his pal John Watson, and Megalon plays Moriarty. It could work!
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    Gaahhh! That's bad enough on humans!!!
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    I'm not much of a boat person myself (more of a hobbit), but even I have heard of bailing, so it seems to be a perfectly respectable thing to do.
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    I kind of agree...I just want them to say so!
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    You are welcome to quote my comment to them.
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    I think the milk goes in their multiple cups of tea and then all of Sherlock's various experiments.
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    Last month my friend said she didn't want to be my friend anymore, why that happened is a story for another time. The point is that ever since that happened people keep telling me that all she needs is time or are asking me if she reached out to make amends. First of all stop asking me if she texted me, it's getting annoying. I already told one person I would let her know if she texted me, I'm sure I need to say the same to others in the future. Secondly stop telling me that all she needs is time, our friendship is damaged beyond repair! She is not going to reach out to make amends and if I would try it, she would refuse to make amends. I appreciate that you're trying to cheer me up, but you don't know her. You don't know how immature, stubborn and resentful she can be. So stop giving me false hope!
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    https://twitter.com/BBCLondonNews/status/1222081082323095552 🙄
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    Wonder what he'd make of those "pizza" jigsaw puzzles (Package blurb: "Looks like pizza. Smells like pizza. Tastes like cardboard.")
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    I finally had the last conversation with the temporarily replacement of my social assistant, I am SO glad my usual social assistant is coming back from her maternity leave next month. The temporarily replacement was lousy, stupid and incompetent, there were multiple times I wondered how she ended up with a psychologist degree. She constantly criticised how I run my household, she pulled the family card, she said I just needed to take more initiative to talk to my colleagues on my internship when it's a two way street and she was convinced I could ask on a job interview to change a full time job to a part time job, which is something you can't do, bye Felicia.
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    I don't remember the specifics, but for some reason I was trying to get water out of a hole during a rainstorm. Scooped up a bucketful, poured it out, only to realize that it just became one with the water that was still pouring into the hole..... I can only assume I was in panic mode.
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    Oh yes, she would gladly challenge you to thumb war or debate like a third grader.
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