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  1. As I have only read the book and I am yet to see the film I can't comment on the cinematography or how well paced the film is, I found the book to be quite touching. I thought it had a good balance between Holmes' detachment and his buried emotions. Also, I agree with a point made earlier in the thread that I feel Sherlock would want to go down fighting, and that is something I think the book addresses quite well. It articulates Holmes' unique sense of loss in regard to outliving his loved ones and his own feelings of inadequacy at his failing mind; in both intellect and memory. Overall, I'd say even if you have seen the film, the book is worth a read!
  2. Thank you for being so kind, I'll be sure to check out that Mr Holmes thread! :-)
  3. Hey! Glad to hear you got caught up, have you seen season three this far? The season 2 finale is still by far my favourite episode :-) I get what you mean about the similarities with Sherlock though. They both have a dramatic visual style that you don't see very often, Hannibal's being a little more gruesome of course.
  4. Hey, I just made a video on my YouTube channel about Sherlock and how it will soon be completely in the public domain and the copyright issues that have been going on between Mitch Cullin and the Conan Doyle estate. It would mean a lot if you would check it out! The video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDBxLIlU3ZA I would also like to hear people's opinions on the Mitch Cullin book and its film adaptation? Thanks!
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