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  1. Convict13

    Mark Gatiss News

    Thanks for the link. I would loved to have gone to this, Melbourne is only about a 9 hour drive, but, I had to choose and I chose to go see Stephen Fry instead.
  2. Convict13

    Mark Gatiss News

    Always wanted to ask Mark a question? I think today is your day. So I assume that is British time not too sure., but you don't have much time. This season of Doctor Who has been a roller coaster of adventure, full of Zygons and Daleks and spinny hugs. The series continues next Saturday, November 14, with episode 9, Sleep No More, written by Mark Gatiss. To celebrate his return to Doctor Who, Mark will be hosting a Tumblr Answer Time right here on the Doctor Who Tumblr! Starting Monday, November 9 at 11am ET / 8am PT, Mark will be answering questions submitted to our askbox, which can be found right here. https://www.tumblr.com/explore/answertime
  3. Convict13

    Word Association

    I've got dirt
  4. Convict13

    William Gillette film found!

    It would seem that your wish has come true. http://www.hometheaterforum.com/topic/343953-sherlock-holmes-1916-blu-ray-review/
  5. Convict13

    Hi everyone, I'm new

    Hello there, and welcome.
  6. Convict13

    10 Day Sherlock Tour

    We are in London in July, we have been there about 3 times before, so we are looking at 'different' tourist sites this time around.
  7. Convict13

    Mark Gatiss News

    Lovely interview from Mark, but I find the interviewer a little rude at times, she cuts him off at time. And what is with her sexual connotations with everything?
  8. Convict13

    Mark Gatiss News

    Glorious, thanks for the link.
  9. Convict13

    10 Day Sherlock Tour

    Excellent, I'm off to the UK next year so I try to fit some of this into a "one" day tour as I am only in London for 5 days and up to Manchester way to visit my husbands relatives.
  10. Convict13

    Holiday-Special News ("Abominable Bride")

    nice little interview.
  11. Convict13

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    Danny Kaye, I love Danny Kaye too!
  12. Convict13

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    It looks a really interesting movie, I'll probably go see it. I really like Joel Edgerton the guy that got second billing,he is a really versatile and talented actor/producer/director from Australia, you may know him from The Great Gatsby, he played Daisy Buchanan's husband Tom. He is a great actor so it would seem that they have a really good cast for this movie. It always freaks me out to here an American accent out of Ben's mouth.
  13. Convict13

    Andrew Scott News

    If you blink you may miss him, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsxj5WEymx4
  14. Convict13

    Mark Gatiss News

    I saw that but cannot go :( , so I will quietly just cry in the corner of the room. I did think this was a bit rude though 'and in which he stars (somewhat unbelievably) as Benedict Cumberbatch's brother.' Unbelievable? You staff writer (hiding away there) are the only unbelievable thing about that story.
  15. Convict13

    Mark Gatiss News

    Alas, the only knowledge I have of them is what Convict13 had to say. I'm interested too, though, if anyone else out there has something to add. If I had any sense I'd check and see if any of the local libraries have one I could test the waters with ...but that would require some effort on my part... :P I love his use of language and writing style, it reminds me a lot of the style of Stephen Fry's writing(which I enjoy also). They are quite naughty novels, so if lots of florid language, sex scenes and violence are not really your scene then maybe not. But I found the one I read and it is the only one that I've had a chance to so far very entertaining and quite funny.

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