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  1. I don't recollect anyone bar mycroft. Mycroft himself appears in only one story
  2. MISS ME?!! MISS ME?!! Never been happier for a bad guy to reappear on screen!!
  3. Oh. Thanks for that info, i was under the impression it was 9
  4. 50 mins more to go isn't it? 9pm GMT?
  5. How to be Sherlock eh? sounds interesting.
  6. 10 days this series lasted. 10 days. The writers are so cruel
  7. whoops, sorry, i should have warned it is a spoiler for GoT season 3.
  8. https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1479345_596853707031052_413574410_n.png could not help posting it here. cracked me up big time
  9. I did not know where to post this, so i made a topic. Read this in NY times. http://t.co/HK2x72OuEB Am i the only one who did not know this?
  10. Aaaah, after last episode which was a tad disappointing i feel the real Sherlock is back as a series. What an episode!! Did Moffat write this one? I think the difference just shows. I think this episode is among the top 2 in the 8 episodes so far. Sherlock's speech as the best man. Sherlock be my best man, will you?! The brotherly love,sherlock constantly iterating that Watson saved him. Just brilliant. There have been only 2-3 scenes of Mary and Sherlock together but the chemistry is just something. I think i am just in love with Mary as a character. I just hope that these guys don't kill/harm her The short build up to the wedding was good as well, the small part where they solve the bloody guard together. Since, the wedding is said to be in early spring, i think there was enough time for sherlock and watson to get comfortable with each other again. Linking up the murders was just brilliant in itself. I knew they would somehow connect the various anecdotes in sherlock's speech to the main case and the same happened. Mrs. Hudson is so funny. P.S. Jenine (bridesmaid) was hot, esp when she said "Can I keep you?" to Sherlock.
  11. Yes indeed. He is the prodigal son of Indiana, no one can take that away from Indiana. His story inspires me quite a lot.
  12. Oh yes, i meant soccer. I follow NFL too. Broncos/Manning!!
  13. Since, this thread is under greater london, i was wondering how many of you guys are football fans, esp with london having 7-8 of them with 6 of them in the top flight of the english league. Elementary shows as Sherlock not being a fan of Arsenal football club. That's a shame. I am one.
  14. Saw a recent conan interview of Ben's. He apparently learned about reptiles, bats and he has actually played smaug in it and not just given his voice. Using motion capture, he played smaug and he walked like a reptile. This is just so awesome.
  15. I agree. Love for the show will sort of make me think it was a good idea. But i was just discussing this with my friends and all of them kind of thought this was a bit poor from the writers. Even a small numeric code to undo the bomb which sherlock deduces would have had made more sense. Like Sherlock says "Everybody's a critic"eh?
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