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  1. Yeah I would tend to agree with you on that point. Sherlock Holmes isn't James Bond...it's about mystery, intrigue, working things out in an intelligent manner...Yes, it has action and fighting but not loads of it.
  2. There are plenty of other amazing villians in the canon that Moftiss can use. You must remember that Moriarty is actually only in ONE story (The Final Problem). He is mentioned again in The Empty House because when Sherlock returns he has to explain to Watson how he did it. People have this big idea of Moriarty being Sherlock Holmes's arch nemesis but that is all basically because of the Fall and the great imagery and mystery surrounding it. The remaining 52 stories are just as exciting and interesting with other villains.
  3. They should definitely hug when they get reunited. I don't think a hug is too much to ask. It would still be in character given the emotion of the situation. And as for a cameo by Moffat...that would just be amazing. Did you know that one of the canon stories mentions a villain called Moffat...can't remember which one off hand, but he's a member of a bank robbing gang.
  4. I dunno. I thought that too but then it's so much of a departure from the canon. Also, Moffat has already said he can't keep having Moriarty all the time as the villain because it's boring - http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-03- … k-villains
  5. Phone number thing - I think Moriarty's just playing with him to be honest, no real reason, just another one of his games. Moriarty as we know and love him is definitely dead, but I'm kind of hoping they will bring in Moriarty's brother (it's canon). Maybe at the end of Series 3?
  6. It's definitely Sherlock jumping off the roof, or at least someone alive. A dead body just wouldn't fall in that way.
  7. With regards to the little girl...mercury poisoning can cause confusion and delirium...all Moriarty needed to do was show her pictures of Sherlock whilst she was kidnapped and that would be enough to incite that reaction upon seeing him in the flesh - she associated Sherlock with her terrible ordeal...That's my theory anyway.
  8. Why are you making us wait so long for Series 3?
  9. This sounds good...I've never actually heard of the show...What channel is it on? (I'm in the UK)
  10. I told them all my various nicknames cause I've posted this all over the internet under different guises!
  11. Damn, how could I miss that one? I saw but didn't observe!
  12. Well, it's not our fault that Moftiss put gay jokes in every episode!
  13. Damn...there must be a lot of people ship Johnlock. I wonder what ACD would think?
  14. HAHA, their Tumblr is so funny, especially all the swearing...They're forgetting that Sherlock shook hands with two other people in that episode though - the two assasins who both got shot after shaking Sherlock's hand. Honest to God, first time I saw Reichenbach I expected someone to shoot Moriarty for some reason....
  15. That's certainly one of the most famous quotes!! I also like "you see but you do not observe" ! I said that to someone in real life the other day and they didn't know I was being Sherlockian they were just like "What?"
  16. Here's the Facebook link so you can "like" their page: https://www.facebook.com/saveundershaw/posts/409892912370748 Also, if you could say in the comments box that you were recommended by me then I might win 2 tickets to a big event they're having (which would be so amazing). I promise I'll post loads of pictures if I win...!
  17. John leave Baker Street? England would fall! Seriously though...if he does marry Mary, she should move into the flat too!
  18. Wow, those are some really interesting comments and ideas. Not sure I can actually add anything else other than I really love this particular interpretation of Watson...it's one of the first times he's shown to be actually cool and have some distinct personality of his own. There are so many interesting things they could do with his character, I'm really looking forward to seeing where they take it in Series 3 and particularly how he reacts to finding out Sherlock isn't dead! Personally I think a good punch in the face wouldn't go amiss.
  19. I haven't seen the second one yet because I totally missed it when it came out at the cinema...so I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD, it's on my Love Film list. So I can only really comment on the first film, which I went to see at the cinema when it first came out (before I'd seen any BBC Sherlock), and OH MY GOD, I really loved it! I liked the way that even though it was still set in the 1800s it seemed still to be slick and modern, and it was an interpretation of Sherlock Holmes's character that I hadn't seen before. I liked the way he was a mean fighter and all those trick camera shots the way they slow the camera down and let you know what he's thinking and planning before he does it, then he does it all in one swift move. Thought that was all great stuff and very Sherlock. People forget that even canon Sherlock is an excellent fighter and a physically strong and fit guy. Really looking forward to second one...I believe it has Moriarty and Moran in it. Oh yes.
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