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  1. Hi, ToniLianne Glad to see you here, this forum is wonderful! I sure you will like it.
  2. It will be too good if you know the Russian
  3. Hi, Earendil! Oh, you're so lucky! I always wanted to go to Hungary And welcome to Sherlock Forum!
  4. I mean seasons starting at 9 Doctor I really won't be able to watch it ALL. It's too much for me
  5. Carol, Russia is huge! Have you ever heard about "Udmurtia"? This is republic and Izhevsk is a capital
  6. Naturally Jim Moriarty! My favorite antagonist Of course, Sherlock, John, Iren and Mycroft are wonderful too, but Jim... I adore this character but only in a BBC. Other versions aren't so good
  7. Once it has happened to me. My friend and I waited for the continuation of the book and it was delayed. Later I learned that this wasn't a sequel and was rewrited first book. I need see Sherlock's 3 season!
  8. Oh, dalek is so cool I haven't seen all seasons. I know only Rose Tyler and Martha Jones I don't have any free time for watching it.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm from Russia, Izhevsk. I don't think that anybody know about this little town. But I love it
  10. Hi everybody! My name is Mary. I'm a Russian schoolgirl in age of 13. I am a great fan of Sherlock yet my English is bad enough. This forum seems to be very friendly! Hope I will enjoy reading this forum and chatting here
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