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Suddenly I get Email notifications about likes


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Are your notifications set up for that?


I realize nobody's been getting those emails for quite a while now. Maybe the software company finally figured out what the problem was. Now I'll have to go see how mine are set up -- and see if there are any emails....

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Sorry to leave you hanging like that.  I didn't realize till just now that your post is supposed to have an image in it -- unfortunately it's one of those "I don't have access" deals.  Maybe you could just describe what it is?


I finally got around to checking my notification set-ups, and I had not checked the box for "Like" notifications, and sure enough, I had not gotten any.  I have now checked the box, so we'll see what happens.


(Would sure be nice if the "Quote" notifications" suddenly started working.  :D )

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The quote notification was brilliant. I wish it would work again too. I know I have been getting 'Like' notification emails but it has been from Tapatalk, the app I use on my phone.

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