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  1. Note: 30 by 40 cm is nearly 12 by 16 inches. Ooo..nice prints! I would gladly pay overseas shipping for these
  2. So far I've seen a couple episodes and found myself intrigued by it... definitely darker and more adult-oriented than Sherlock. However I can't help but find a few parallels between the 2 shows, especially with the character personalities and the chemistry between the actors. /
  3. Well, apparently Sherlock will be on the list ...but only in the UK version. Americans will see 'I Love Lucy' instead Several countries will have their own list on the screen with their relevant cultural icons. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/133377-Check-Out-The-UK-Version-Of-Captain-America-2s-To-Do-List
  4. Currently I'm into Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Mad Men, and Downton Abbey. Used to be a huge X-Files fan, and its spiritual successor, Fringe, is one of the most underrated series, imo.
  5. Magpie, I was going to ask if that URL is perhaps supposed to be spelt with a "the" -- but your link not only works as is, it brings up a Sherlock-and-Cumberbatch-oriented account called "Could Be Dangerous." So apparently that's what I get for jumping to conclusions. LoL- I wanted "the" in the name but apparently "thecutecumber" was already taken on Tumblr! Seems to be an inactive account too, hmmph. Thanks for stopping by, anyways!
  6. Magpie

    The Link

    Chariots of Fire Cannon
  7. Wow, it's sooo cool that Sherlock himself posts here! Love his avatar!
  8. My site is : http://tehcutecumber.tumblr.com A Sherlock and Cumberbatch-centric blog (mostly reblogged photos) with other fandoms I like.
  9. Well, it's a little bit daunting to join a new forum sometimes, and you're never sure if what you post will rub someone the wrong way, or sound just silly. I end up editing a lot of my own posts! But everyone here has been welcoming and friendly. And I totally agree with By the Sea's comments. I've only seen the TV series twice, and read 3 ACD stories so far; so I'll leave all the opinions there to the experts.
  10. Must say I liked Jude Law's Watson more than RDJ's Sherlock. And they did have good chemistry on-screen. But it just didn't feel like SH to me, more like Tony Stark visits Victorian London.
  11. I would rather see more cerebral action than physical anytime! The Robert Downy Jr. version didn't really click with me, I think of Sherlock outwitting and out-talking his foes before resorting to violence. 'Thinking' heroes and intricate plots just aren't popular enough in the US. After all, Star Trek was deemed 'too' cerebral by its network That's why I love Doctor Who and many other UK, international shows. But sorry for digressing- the BBC series is a masterpiece when it comes to bringing old classics to modern times!
  12. Perhaps poor Benedict should've used these? http://www.actorcigarette.com/ActorCigarette.com/About_The_Product.html I hate to think of all the nicotine and tar an actor gets just for fulfilling a role, esp. if they are non-smokers in RL. If anyone has watched shows like Mad Men, where almost every character smokes, one has to wonder how do non-smokers cope?
  13. Well, it's definitely this guy for me I identify with him as I'm not a 'people' person and tend to retain strange trivial facts (no tobacco ash yet) And I have a soft spot for
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