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  1. Only wanted to mention in case someone hasn't noticed yet: The DVD will be released on January 11, and at least in Germany, TAB is available on Amazon Instant Video for 8,99€. So no need to wait anymore if you've got an account there.
  2. Oh BBC, you're seriously interfering with my sleep patterns! I planned to go to bed really early today, but when I turned on the TV I saw an ad on BBC3 that they'd show the Abominable Bride again today. And here I am, still awake but happy. I loved watching it again, though I have to say: I still don't like the first 10-or-so minutes and I don't like the waterfall-scene - it doesn't tell me anything I didn't know before and is really overdone in some respects. But the rest is just great =) What I like is how Mycroft is really likened to England in the episode. When Mary gets his invitation she tells Mrs Hudson that an old friend needs her, and being asked who that old friend is, she answers "England." I'd have loved to get more details on how Mary found out about the secret women's society. She only says something about doing some research on her own and that she suspected Emilia must've had help. Or did I miss something (again)? Funny, your reasons why it could all be John's version is the reason why I'd say it's Sherlock's. I think that is just the way Sherlock thinks of John and Mary, not the way John thinks of himself. That's what I love about this show, it's so complex and there is never the one correct version of interpreting things.
  3. I don't think they will expand that storyline too much in season 4, since then, Sherlock will have other stuff to occupy his mind.
  4. My one big question mark is this, maybe you can help me to wrap my head around it: Think I'll try to sleep now, maybe things will get clearer once I had a good night's sleep.
  5. In the beginning I was worried I wouldn't like it, I thought it was too "meta". But after some time when the story got going I loved it!
  6. I can totally understand why Martin says that Setlock makes it much harder to concentrate and stay in character when there are (sometimes hundreds of) fans cheering and clapping. But this series called Sherlock wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the very true and devoted fans. As often in life, there are two sides of the same coin and while I understand that sometimes the cast and crew wish that there was only the positive side of a large fandom, I think they are complaining about luxury problems and should just cope with setlock. From the fans I would ask to take Martin Freeman's statement seriously and try not to disturb the work on set by cheering and clapping between the takes. If they stay calm, quiet and polite, I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed in on public filming locations. What I find a real pity is that the writers and producers actively try to avoid filming outdoors because fans who may witness the filming might be able to deduce ( ;)) parts of the plot. I don't like these considerations. Please write and film the scenes so that they are as good as they can be, not so that they are as secret as possible. If some fans want to be spoilered (or take the risk of being spoilered), then let them. Those who don't won't turn up for setlock and they won't search for it on the web. I hate the thought of the show not being as good as it could be because the production team think they have to avoid setlock.
  7. Here are two pictures from the filming in Gloucester today.
  8. I've never noticed before that Sherlock Holmes and Sophie Hunter share their initials. And the moment between reading the text above and noticing this coincidence I was a bit like wtf !? ;)
  9. On Wednesday, a technician will come and modify my satellite dish so that I can watch British television programmes. And when will the Eichmann Show air? Tuesday, of course <_<
  10. The post 12 hours earlier referred to a a Sherlock night shoot that was confirmed by Loo.
  11. Mark Gatiss tweeted a quote from a Sherlock Holmes story accompanied by a picture today. The picture shows a monitor on which you can see a (new) scene from Sherlock. Unfortunately I'm a hopeless case when it comes to twitter and linking to tweets there, maybe someone else could help out and provide a link? As to the quote: And as to the picture: Or does anybody see something different in the picture? It's a bit like a Rohrschach test ;)
  12. I don't believe that the whole episode will be set in Victorian England because I still believe (I think it was) Gatiss who said that the special will explain everything about Moriarty. How could a story that is set ~150 years back in time explain what happened quite recently? Okay, maybe Gatiss was lying, you never know...
  13. Ok, my vote: 1. Sherlock's father 2. John 3. Sherlock Sherlock's father seems to be just my kind of man - he seems to be very pleasant, certainly isn't stupid, has some humour, is considerate about other people('s feelings), doesn't babble but isn't a Mycroft, either, and he likes musicals which suggests a good taste in music if you ask me. John shares many of Sherlock's father's qualities, like having a sense of humour, being considerate of other people and reliable. However, I doubt he and I would really have a chance together, because he seems so much of a "lady's man" that he asks women out rather soon after they got to know each other (non-Anthea, Sarah), which would put me off, I'm afraid. But I like nice guys and John is one Third would be Sherlock. He is fascinating, witty, lovable in his very own way and his voice definitely could make me shiver and turn my knees into pudding ;). Only that in a real world perspective I would need to get used to him and his eccentricities in order to allow him to "turn me on" in any way (yeah, I'm very rational and controlled when it comes to men and their effect on me ).
  14. Hmm, does "use you imagination" also include "imagine you were 40 years older"/"the character were 40 years younger"? Because I think I could quite like Sherlock's father, only that he is a bit out of my age class ;)
  15. This looks as if the special will really air in 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP1ZaXgqL94
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