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  1. Probably, in other places. Not so much here; they were completely closed down for a long time.
  2. My local theater finally dropped its mask requirement for the vaccinated, so back to the theater I went! I saw "A Quiet Place 2" on Wednesday afternoon and I was the only one in the showing. It was great just to be at the theater again, I missed it. It felt familiar but also a little strange. It's been too long. The movie was good. If I had to choose I'd say I prefer the first one, but this was almost as good and I hope there will be a Part 3 to round it all out. There are more and more new movies coming out so I'm excited to return.
  3. Ditto! "The Truman Show" is one of my faves. That was one thing (of many) that bugged me about the latest "Star Wars" trilogy. In universe, most Jedi train from toddlers to use the Force and fight with a saber. But Rey could do both almost immediately with no practice? Come on.
  4. Never cared much for Owen Wilson's style myself. Guess we'll see how it goes...
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