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  1. No, I would want to be who I was naturally designed to be. To elaborate, I don’t think we as humans would be better off without emotions, because we were built to have them. Likewise, hypothetically speaking, I don’t think Harry’s people would be better off with emotions, because they were built to function without them. Think of it like an ecosystem. When you introduce a non-native species into a healthy, functioning ecosystem, or eliminate a native species from one, you run the risk of collapsing that system. Most systems can adapt, but some will die; and even adaption is not necessarily an improvement on original design. I would call it a sense rather than an emotion. Like duty, conscience, or empathy, to use Carol’s example.
  2. Which is exactly what I hated about literature class despite my love of literature and crushed any passion I once had for teaching the subject.
  3. "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" teaser trailer.
  4. I was planning to respond with "curiosity", and then by coincidence I happened upon a little post on this topic on Tumblr that explained my thought better. (I'm having some trouble putting words together lately.) ... It can work the opposite way too. Some days emotions are what have diminished my desire to be alive, and curiosity is all that has pulled me through. Anyway, I don't think this is really a question I can answer. Asking if I'd want to be entirely nonemotional is kind of like asking if I'd want a part of me lobotomized, and as I can't imagine what it might be like to lack an integral facet of my personhood, I can't determine whether it would be a loss or a gain. On a social level, I think a lot of art, music, and other forms of creative expression would disappear. I'm inclined to say no thanks, I'll keep my emotions, warts and all.
  5. "Change on the Rise" by Avi Kaplan. This one's been stuck in my head ever since I heard it on "Resident Alien", which was weeks ago, lol. The style of it reminds me of something or someone... I almost want to say Johnny Cash (I'm thinking "God's Gonna Cut You Down"), but I'm not sure that's quite right.
  6. Cooper has left us. 💔 Does anyone have any suggestions for how to console my other dog, other than showering him with attention? Kippy and Cooper were together since they were puppies. Every time I walk through the door, Kippy looks behind me to see if Cooper's following. He lays down and stares at Cooper's kennel. He was crying earlier today, and he had a seizure. It almost hurts more to see Kippy lose Cooper than for me to, because Kippy doesn't understand. He can't have too many treats due to his sensitive stomach, and he doesn't seem very interested in them anyway. Should I move/clean Cooper's things, or would it be better to leave them up for awhile so Cooper's smell is still around? I don't know what would help Kippy most.
  7. I've been rewatching some of "Resident Alien", and this time around I'm starting to notice that Asta is essentially Harry's Watson: i.e. colleague, friend, and "Not good?" detector, lol.
  8. I have, or something like it. Predators are everywhere, hiding in plain sight. If you really knew all the people around you, you’d probably never leave your house or talk to anyone, and even that’s not predator-proof. A certain degree of naiveté allows us to live our lives, but sometimes it’s my biggest pet peeve, lol.
  9. Understand, VBS, that I would use this unlimited editing permission from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.
  10. On that note... ^ Good to know I'm not the only one!
  11. Hard to say. The past year hasn't produced much to choose from. Maybe people are just happy to have any new content. I can see the appeal, it drew me in. Like you said, it's not bad. It just left me wanting.
  12. I have a few of my childhood pictures. Here's one of me and my brother. I was around 8. I had very sticky-out ears as a kid, but I grew into them, lol.
  13. VBS often has trouble viewing Imgur images, I'm not sure why.
  14. I felt the same, so much so that I actually quit watching. I just got bored. But maybe I just wasn't in the right mood, either. I may try it again someday.
  15. I believe the series is officially a "dramedy" (part comedy/part drama), but for me it's more comedy than drama. The scene I described was only 2 minutes of the series. Even comedies need a helping of heartfelt moments (unless it's "Seinfeld", lol). And because it's a comedy, the mood lifts again quickly; sometimes with the very next line. So even when something is sad or poignant, you don't stay sad for long. Having the right balance is important in a show, and I think the amount of comedy makes the emotional moments that much more impactful when they occur. The thing about Harry is that he's so self-assured he's doing human behavior right, he doesn't even realize he's fumbling most of the time. So what could be a tragic predicament (an alien feeling alien feelings for the first time) is often actually pretty comedic, due in part to his sense of superiority and lack of awareness. In any case, it's far more funny than heartbreaking, and there's nothing to be scared of. Unless you are scared of aliens.
  16. You can pay $8/month or $80/year. I subscribed for $7/month, but they’re raising the price $1. ”Loki” starts on June 11. It’s 6 episodes long, and they’ll release one episode per week. If I were you, I’d wait to subscribe until they’ve all been released. That way you can binge “Loki”, “WandaVision”, and “Falcon/Winter Soldier”, and only pay for a month if you want to.
  17. That's not a crime, that's an improvement!
  18. I'm starting to get emails from Photobucket about my account being "over storage". Seems they want me to upgrade. Like there's a chance in hell of that happening. Ha.
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