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  1. Lol, well I'm new on the board, but you all seem like a wonderful lot. Maybe worth upgrading for ❤️ Thanks for the advice. 👍 Thanks, Medic. I'll give it a try...
  2. Since Firefox does not appear to be the issue I think the problem is the lap top itself. It's really old and running an older Windows OS that I can no longer even update. However this is the only forum that I have problems with. My last lap top (MacBook pro) I used for 15 years before I ran it into the ground and started having similar problems, so may be just time to invest in a new device.
  3. I use Firefox on my laptop and am unable to post (I just get an endless spinning wheel when I try), but I can log in and read everything okay. I have no trouble posting from my phone though where I use Chrome. Anyone know if this is a browser problem or something else maybe?
  4. Ugh, I recall those days (well, the 70s anyway)... eternally grateful that I grew up in a non-smoking household. I had a friend in grade school whose house I would sleep over not infrequently and both her parents smoked like chimneys and my pajamas reeked of cig smoke when I got home every time. I also recall when they banned smoking in bars and pubs, which was later than in restaurants. 1998 and I was in San Francisco visiting a friend right when the law passed. We were hitting up some bars, etc. and all the bartenders left the ashtrays on the tables out of spite because they thought their businesses would tank otherwise (and understandably I guess).
  5. The statistics on deaths caused by secondhand smoke are appalling, to say the least. I'm familiar with several research studies in which cigarette smoke exposure is studied in a controlled environment, and all of them require use of a fume hood and/or some sort of respiratory protection for the researchers involved. Even brief exposure can have longterm effects or cause future health problems.
  6. IF different from the alphabetical listing, does anyone have a list of the episodes in their original air date order? I'd much rather listen to them in this order vs. alphabetical, if there's a difference. (I think I read somewhere that the orig air date was not alpha) Thanks in advance...
  7. Yeah, I would think most would be drinking tea or something in place of alcohol, well for most productions anyway ;). And the cigarettes as well. I know the guy who played the cigarette smoking man on the X-Files smoked herbal cigs. IDK, but they must have been real in PotD, since BC had such an aversion to them... unless unfiltered, herbal cigs also taste like crap (well, haha, I can think of one type that doesn't, imho, lol).
  8. I was just reminded of this post because I read an interview with Benedict on his upcoming film 'Power of the Dog '. He was asked what were some of the more difficult things he had to do on set and one of them was smoke cigarettes with no filter (gaff! I agree... any cig, filter or no, is disgusting imho). He said they made him sick.
  9. I was just looking for a thread about this radio sitcom. Good to hear it's worth it. I ordered the discs yesterday, so I'll give it a whirl soon.
  10. I loved this series when I saw it. It's been awhile, so some of the detail escapes me, but it's in my top 5 for productions that I've seen BC in so far.
  11. Oh yes... sometimes this is the worst of all. I can think of multiple, young actors that this applies to. It saddens me that parents perp this type of corruption on their children, but it's not as if Hollywood or any major film industry is exactly a picture of innocence.
  12. @Carol the Dabbler The actress was Gail Russell (and the film I had seen was The Uninvited 1944). Phew! I can cross that one off the list... https://reelrundown.com/celebrities/Gail-Russell-A-Life-Destroyed-by-Fame
  13. After I posted that I searched for the actress, but so far came up empty. Going to keep looking and post when I figure out who it is. I saw the film about a decade ago, but it was definitely from the 40s or possibly late 30s. It had noir elements, but not sure it was pure noir. And there are a LOT of those, so I have my work cut out, lol. Yeah, it does remind of Judy Garland. Rough business sometimes. The music industry might be even worse in some regards.
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