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  1. Yes, Harry was hairy, and he also met an untimely end after attacking two people while his owner was walking him (on leash), one of whom was a child. He had previously attacked (though didn't bite) a child at a family reunion (he belonged to one of my cousins), so his number came up a bit early... 3 strikes and out.
  2. This is likely true. Incidentally, one of the Harrys that I knew stateside was a standard poodle, so that doesn't exactly count.
  3. I'll have to check out that parody. TBB is my least favorite ep of the first series, but it's a Sherlock ep! And that means it's better than 9/10ths of the other shlock out there...
  4. Just rewatched this episode last week and I love the scene where John gets stuck holding the spray paint as the popo arrive... made me laugh out loud. Plus, the scene when he recalls the graffiti symbol so vividly and Sherlock is starting to be really impressed just as John reveals he snapped a photo with his phone. 😄
  5. Never heard of Harry as a nickname for Henry before, at least anyone I've personally known. My old boss was Henry and a coworker used to call him Hank. The Harrys I've known were either just Harry or Harolds... There's also Harriet. Watson, that is.
  6. Yes, most certainly. I was speaking with my father about current events yesterday and we both made comparisons to Hitler, with regards to Putin's actions.
  7. I have a friend who lives in Ukraine. I haven't spoken to him since Wednesday so hopefully he's still okay. He managed to speak with a couple of Russian soldiers and was told that many of the Russian troops don't even know why they are there/ why they invaded. This is really Putin's war, and many others are just being dragged along. I hope it ends soon; some of the photos I've seen are heartbreaking. Eta. Got a friend in Budapest too, so hopefully it doesn't extend that far.
  8. Well, many thanks for this. My book is one containing Cardboard in His Last Bow (I just checked), so I assume the butchered work will be in the other volume when I get it. Boooo... But look forward to reading the unadulterated versions at those links!
  9. I have a quick question, and forgive me if it's answered in your OP, but I'm getting ready for work and short on time- I looked up a chrono order of Holmes cases/stories and novels and found some differences between a couple of web sites- The Hound of the Baskervilles is dated 1902, but it appears chronologically after The Return of SH, which is dated 1905. Obviously, I assume the dates are when the works were published, but is there a preferred order in reading them? Incidentally I just ordered the complete SH works in two small volumes (somewhat prompted by this thread), as I intend to read all of them at some point (unfortunately vol. II arrived first so I'll have to wait for I before starting).
  10. Useful indeed, especially for a neophyte like myself. I may use this as a guide or framework of sorts as I explore the cases and stories...
  11. PotD cleaned house on Oscar noms with 12. Curious to see how many it ultimately wins...
  12. Well, I got hold of a used copy of the Hitchcock blu ray (criterion!) so I can at least make my own memory 'less dim' on the content of the film. Bring forth the miniseries!
  13. The story fodder from her death is intriguing... is something unexpected unearthed from her apartment that leads Sherlock & John to a 10/10 case? Or maybe there is an unanticipated visitor at her memorial service whose appearance sets off a chain reaction of events? And... is Sherlock smoking again!? (must've been all those stupid cigs form the Power of the Dog set)
  14. Lol, we've softened on the "cabinet" thing. When i was a kid there was a traditional pharmacy on Main st of the town I lived in that did indeed serve cabinets. Never heard anyone else around here refer to them by that name though. RI does have some unique, and maybe sort of weird,, features. For example... coffee milk. I asked for that once in a diner when I was at University in Philadelphia and the waitress looked at me like my head was on backwards!
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