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  1. soopy452000

    Post Your Moriarty Theories (Spoilers)

    Can't wait for December 2014!
  2. soopy452000

    Need help with a Sherlock Party

    How did the party go?
  3. soopy452000

    Moriarty question

    Yup Moriarty was always suicidal but then it doesn't make sense. :S
  4. soopy452000

    Meta: John Watson's medical discharge

    Thank you very much mate.
  5. soopy452000

    Meta: John Watson's CV

    Can someone post it up here?
  6. soopy452000

    Interview with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    We're lucky to see this.
  7. For Sherlock it will mean according to his character and personality he'd break-in!
  8. soopy452000

    Meta: Irene Adler is not a loser

    Thank you very much mates for that warm welcome! All the very best to you all! Cheers! SHERLOCKED!
  9. soopy452000

    Meta: Irene Adler is not a loser

    She is by all means but respected by SH.
  10. soopy452000

    Why did Moriarty kill himself?

    Moriarty believed it was 'game over' for him.
  11. soopy452000

    Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    Are you actually going to remember to bring your wallet this time, or am I going to end up paying again? Haha that was actually a good one!

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