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  1. Just saw Spectre. My friend loves Andrews Moriarty, and we laughed about how this could totally be something Moriarty could do to hurt Sherlock. And yes, had us gasping..
  2. Finally came around to watch it. What a nice acting done by BC. You could see he changed his posture, his face, and his voice is so good. Very well-acted! The story of course made me sad, but I didn't cry, but I feel why BC sounded angry over the way Alan was treated, in press interviews and stuff. But it was unknown for soo many years the real accomplishment of Alans work. It's sad he commited suicide, I wish we knew the reason why.
  3. Extra-review from me: It's been 2 days and now I can fully say, it was epic. When I see the pressphotos now I relate a lot more to them, and he did SUCH a good job. So handsome. And some of you mention, yes, his way of saying the lines was fantastic job, especially for me, because english is not my native language. I would by the DVD IF there is one. I miss looking at him in his "king" jacket.
  4. It was brilliant, breathtaking. Fantastic role for him to play, he made everything out of it he could. The other actors did a fantastic job as well. The scene and light and different way to use it was also perfect. It was a good atmosphere. It wasn't everything I understood so well, but I liked it wasn't that oldfashioned in it's speak.
  5. Me! Bought tickets last month, just to be sure. Thank god, the place is gonna be full! :o
  6. My director just changed it all back to what I originally wanted - more Sherlock :D It just wasn't working, it was simply to slow, to naive, and to dumb, and the lines weren't like that at all! Then my director was like "You can look satisfied when you say this and that, and sound more suspicious" and then I just looked and said "aha.. More Sherlock?" and my director just sat there, silent, and nodded his head...
  7. What you said about Columbo is exactly what my director just told me to do, and it actually worked. Playing a little dumb and slow.. I'm allowed to have some Sherlock temper - and tempo - and gesture when the plot is being revealed and stuff, and I'm still allowed a purple shirt ;)
  8. Damn. My director told me he wanted more like Colombus.. Not having any of that :P We just had a read-through, and all agreed I can make it much more Sherlock-ish. There is a place where the character actually smiles at something thats not actually propriate to smile about. I love that..
  9. I think it's a mix.. I want to have visible nicotin-patches (have to research if there is any harm since I'm not a smoker). Other than that, yes I have made a pinterrest board about it :D https://www.pinterest.com/hyldskov/dial-m-for-murder/ But yes, hand-gestures. He really likes to point a lot. I also love how the old Sherlock versions, they can really ask questions without making it sound like they know who the criminal is. I like that.
  10. I jsut got a role as a police-detective in a play called "dial M for Murder". It really suits the character to be like Sherlock, and since I'm a female, I can do whatever I want, because the role is normally a guy, so I have to make a female-sherlock. (I snare at everyone who says I should be a girl-lestrade) So, I have thought about getting lightly curls, maybe die my hair black again. I have also thought about a lillac shirt, and some hand gestures. But what would you do? It's a big character, lots of lines, so I can do all sorts of stuff, like, when I'm asking people about random stuff what should I do. I even have to fake interest in some love-story! You can see the movie here if you want to, it's a Hitchcock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUyEr21Cs1M
  11. WHen you are given a role in a play, that is normally played by men, and it's a detective sort of guy, and you immediatly go "I need to make this into a female sherlock!"
  12. I just got 2 of them, can't wait to read them. I never cared much for Sherlock, not even the Robert Downey movie, and also, not even the disney movie as a kid !!! It wasn't until BBC's sherlock I cared. I have to read the books to find out if I actually care, or if it's just the series I love. The same with Doctor Who, haven't seen the old ones yet, but I'm obsessed with those from 2005.
  13. My boyfriend just bought me "the adventures and memories" and "The casebooks and his last bow" for my birthday. It's in english, I wanted it in danish, but this was easiest. So I hope it helps me get better I should of course read the adventures and memories first, right??
  14. I know the sherlock fanbases has messed with my head, when I'm running, and a photo of Bilbo from the Hobbit pops up in my head with the text "i'm going on an adventure"
  15. A funeral can happen in days, especially a fake one A stone could also allready be done, so yeah, maybe 1 week, which could have been an excuse to john for why sherlocks parents weren't there, something about a trip and couldn't make it home...
  16. Just read that Benedict won't be able to make it to the Emmys, because he is filming that night. That is really irritating, sorry to say, I know it's a job like any other job, but I just think it was that huge, that any production team would understand it, and reschedule. I hope, if he wins, that he is filming something.
  17. I just saw it, he was smiling a lot more, very cute, I like both ways, and both episodes.
  18. He also wanted tomeone to move Mrs. Hudsons wine away from her, he obviously doesn't like to talk directly to people..
  19. She actually made me cry a little in "The Duchess" but I still feel off when I see her name, especially in the same movie as Benedicht. Can't wait to see the film anyway It's a good story
  20. Sorry if AP, or if I double posted this, but I just don't see it anywhere... But you know your Sherlock Obsession is bad when: - You suddenly like men in knitted jumpers or long coats.. With their cheeckbones.. - You want a hedgehog - Or an otter.. - You dream about Sherlock or the actors.. - You feel like freaking Sherlock Holmes when you notice things about other people and try to guess something out of that..
  21. Just fill in, what do you do in everyday life, or something, that just make you realise your obsession has gone mad.. I start... When you have to walk over your bed, table or couch and immediatly feel like Sherlock.. When you out from just a photo can imitate the exact line in the right tone (Especially Moriarty photos) When you don't mind your boyfriend wearing knitted jumpers, no actually, when you BUY him those knitted jumpers..
  22. Everytime I dobbelt-click the home-button, and I need to find an open app, I feel like entering a mind-palace, going through them and closing them with my fingers.. "I need to find that recipe - no, go away angry birds,- no, close calender - UUh there, chocolatcakerecipe!!"
  23. Thanks for the wellcome and nice to see other people also can be really fan-like, most people I know IRL likes sherlock but I'm the only one blabbing about it.. Haha yeah read that too. I live in Odense, but born and raised in Fredericia.
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