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  1. Same here! I loved those Hornblower movies. I liked Ioan Gruffyd in the Fantastic Four movies, too. He's in a new TV show here in the States, but alas, it's an obvious rip-off of Sherlock, and I find it irritating more than enjoyable. I still watch it sometimes, though, just because he's in it. Agree, that series is irritating!!! Irene is Moriarty and Moriarty is Irene
  2. Irene as Holmes sister!...........hell no :comp:
  3. Yusree

    Irene Adler

    I can stare this picture everyday for the rest of my life and i still miss her......please make her come back in the next season
  4. 5'8"?? you are girl right??.....oh! i hope i born in Europe, i'm 6'3" tall, but still a giant in my country :D my fiance head just around my chest, and that is my country girls average high :( among her friends, she will be consider as tall (sorry, out of topic....you guys please proceed with the original topic that been discuss :P )
  5. I'm not sure if anyone else said this I know my "Sherlock" obsession is bad when i start to join this forum, write a comments and read other people comments in my working hours with my boss just beside me
  6. Agree, that make CAM scary and unbeatable There are no law in this world that will punish someone just because he / she "know something that should not be known"
  7. Yusree

    John Watson

    LOL.....i can't stop laughing Yes, put the man that out of control to control another man who out of control so that he can be under control okay, maybe it just me who will think that as funny
  8. Hmmmm.....interesting But i don't like the idea that CAM himself have the physical evidence Why? Because i think, the most scarier (in CAM case, the "wow" factor) about CAM is his knowledge and his power to make that knowledge his weapon without need to proof the validity of the knowledge i don't know how to actually explain it, but if CAM have the physical evidence, it make him less scarier
  9. Sorry sir, not agree with you there they do not give him the "almost telepathic abilities".....they just give him to show what he already have........the great ability of deduction and reading people body and facial language
  10. J.P help me with this request please on your shirt, please also put "Irene Adler Love Yusree, Sherlock Get Lost"
  11. If you used my picture, the score definitely will be 20 out of 10 The remark will be: Are you an angel?!! You're to perfect to be human Beauty come from within yourself, you need to be confident of yourself, you're beautiful / handsome if you think you are At least, that what i think
  12. AGRA....Marry initial, I think that was refer to Agra Fortress the place you can read in Conan "The Sign Of four" in TSOF everyone think about one suspect but Sherlock deduces that there are actually two man involved so, maybe (i think) CAM has his accomplice that used Moriarty name so that Sherlock will need to come back (if Sherlock go to the mission he supposed to go, CAM accomplish can't get his revenge, that is why he used Moriarty image) so maybe that is what we all miss, there will be no Moriarty or his brother........season 4 is all about CAM accomplish
  13. i not think the Mycroft is foresee or predict the dangerous But maybe he just concern about his baby brother go far away doing a mission that not involved him (maybe)
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