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  1. Amen..er Lol. More impressive if SHERLOCK SPOKE TO US ALL!!! (sorry my bad)
  2. gabbie

    Who Is Your Favourite Main Character?

    Sherlock. I do like seeing the others very much, especially Lestrade, Molly and Mrs. Hudson.
  3. interesting that John Watson has the haircut that Sherlock had in Bride. Coincidence probably. I was at work today and kept sneaking peaks when my phone would tone to let me know I received a notification. I couldn't reply but I was thinking..Oh boy there is Sherlock, John and Mary..baby and a dog. Coworker: What is it? is it important? Me: Very. It's Sherlock. So all the pics,news and gifs are a welcome respite from a tedious job. Such a great time to be a Sherlock fan. So big thanks to all those posting from setlock. :D p.s. I agree, it is Sherlock's hair that matters...at least Dr. Watson dropped the 'stache.
  4. On deeper level, I think Moriarty used to be the know-it-all and awkward nerdy kid while Carl Power is his school yard bully. What if beside being a bit Victorian, our Sherlock also ahead of his time? He could be inventing new crime solving methods like what his Victorian version did. I'd love if the writers can pull this off and write this to something significant in the story, more than head in the fridge (which is not usual method anyway :P) I find that is his lovable qualities too, I speak for myself, but I also believe many of us do relate to that on certain level.In my selfish thinking, I have hope that he always be that way because for me, it justifies that it's okay to never fits. I can only imagine how young Sherlock wrote to the police and the newspapers about his "concerns" about the Carl Powers case. Thanks for your answers on my question. Sherlock does seem slightly out time..then and now.
  5. gabbie

    The Curious Case of James Moriarty and James Moriarty

    This thread becomes relevant again as how will they explain the return or non return of Moriarty. Watch this space. :o
  6. gabbie

    Let's Play Deductions!

    Hi Shadow Dweller! kitty has a hair tie, for pony tails. Not real ponies mind you, just girls hair gathered back into a style known as the "pony tail". :D speaking of hair. is it a hair catcher for the shower? Put over the drain. But since you say it is not a stopper. Is it found in the kitchen?
  7. Just watched TRF for the umpteenth time. One of the cases that Sherlock and John solved was "The Ricoletti Case". Didn't seem important before but after Bride, is it a coincidence that Amelia Ricoletti and modern day Peter Ricoletti were named in crimes that Sherlock solved?
  8. gabbie

    Series 4 News

    wig or no wig. doesn't matter, as long as it is Sherlock.
  9. gabbie

    Word Association

  10. gabbie

    Let's Play Deductions!

    Is it a stopper of some sort?
  11. gabbie

    The Game Is On with Radio Times

    clearly that is what it sounds like. BUT if John and Sherlock and go through boxes and boxes of books then surely we have the courage to vote early and often..naw..We win by virtue of not caring. Sherlock fans win! :P
  12. gabbie

    Series 4 News

    That would explain some of the running theme throughout the series of Mycroft either putting on weight or trying to lose it.
  13. gabbie

    Vatican Cameos

    I love Helga. How do they do that? sleep upside down. I would get dizzy.
  14. gabbie

    Vatican Cameos

    Sort of like the Elephant in the Room. I have wanted to see that case played out by the way. :D
  15. gabbie

    Let's Play Deductions!

    removable hooks? the ones put on walls or doors that you can remove later without harming paint or wall paper? Is it found in one particular room of a house?

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