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    The Empty Hearse
  1. I'm nearly right, mynameisSherlockHolmes22 Sorry, just being pedantic!! ^_^
  2. just being pedantic, but the tribble actually plays a rather big role.
  3. I live in Maida Vale in the Westminster borough! How about you? I was born in Harrow, lived in Slough and Ruislip for a while. I have no memories of it though. I've only been back to London once since then, just overnight for a gig. I got lost :/ hahaha, nice to know!
  4. Nope, I was born in London but moved away when I was 5 so I don't remember it. But I guess I am technically from there. Which part are you from? I live in Maida Vale in the Westminster borough! How about you?
  5. Am i the only person from where Sherlock is actually mainly set? LONDON??
  6. thanks! i hope to engage you in a quiz sometime! In the mean time, have a crack at this: Gandalf its still work in progress but in time it'll be finished!!!
  7. so-now i guess The Desolation of Smaug (TDOS) has come out, people have seen that as well? Of course, I'm a massive LOTR and Hobbit fan, you can view some quizzes that i made on the following links! mordor-quiz quiz-of-eriador lotr-movie-actors the-hobbit-book-and-movie
  8. I think that Karl Urban could make a good Sherlock, he has the right features and a great English accent (Just watch LOTR to find out)
  9. How Moriarty did it? Most of you have probably already come up with lots of wonderful theories for how Moriarty survived, after he shot himself. My theory in particular is that he had a blood spout and then the gun he shot himself with was either not loaded or was some sort of cap gun. A pretty basic theory i guess, some of you probably have similar theories anyway, but it is still a mystery as to how he did it! Hope you're all looking forward to series 4 as much as I am!!!!!!
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