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  1. It's such a profound quote... My personal favourite is one of Mycrofts, that's more funny than emotional 'Dont reply, just look frightened and scuttle.' Trust Gatiss to give himself the best lines! That said, though, if I was him, I'd give myself the best lines!
  2. Ah yes... I am an avid reader and writer of fanfiction, and I also have downloaded all sherlock scripts, so that's a great idea, thanks!
  3. Thanks! 😊 Molstrade is also a great ship...mainly because I agree with besleybean...
  4. Thank you for the welcome! I'm a relatively recent fan who was introduced to the series by my brother, and then binge-watched them all in 2 weeks, in a frenzy of addiction! I'm so glad to have found this forum and plan to take part in many more discussions...😀
  5. I agree with Van Buren supernova that Sherlock is, in a way, married to his work, but Molly deserves her greatest dream- she's such a sweet, kind hearted person. Thank you, Caya, for the welcome!
  6. Holmes party sounds fun... even if it is just fantasy at the moment!
  7. This is an open discussion and debate about the best Sherlock ships, including Sherlolly and Johnlock. I myself am a big sherlolly (Sherlock x molly) fan, but of course other opinions and new ships will be very interesting for everyone. 😀
  8. I saw the title of this discussion and was immediately drawn in... a BBC Sherlock book has been my fantasy for ages. However, I dont think it is going to happen, but you can find all the scripts online! Being a writer myself, I'd love to adapt my favorite programme of all time into a book! Of course, I would have to get permission from Moffat and Gatiss first...🤔
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