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  1. I wrote to Sue on Twitter. Need to look up, if I wrote to Mark and Steven too.
  2. I just assume it could be an old good continuity goof. There are plenty of them, in every movie ever made. You might search for "Sherlock goofs" and look if yours is there.
  3. It's when the vaccinated people "shed" the vaccine to others. It's like infection, but with the vaccine instead of viruses. It's a warped version of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine_shedding Well, some people believe that and try to avoid vaccinated ones.
  4. It was always the point of demonstrations. Fridays for Future were largely ignored. Governments are failing one goal after another in stopping the CO2 emissions. Nor there are any attempts to prepare for the coming changes. Actually, I think we all should be sitting glued to the streets too, until something changes.
  5. I just think, we are living to long without the diseases we were vaccinated against.
  6. This was my first thought too. But I changed my mind after listening to what some of them have to say. They are desperate. They want to drive attention. ALL protests do that. FFF were ignored. There is no sign of change. Re: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/nov/10/death-of-cyclist-in-berlin-provokes-debate-over-road-protests Look, there are jams in Berlin all the time. And people are to dumb to build an emergency lane - every beeping day. (Few days after that, the medics had to run 3 km to get to the accident!!). And no one gave a f… until they could blame the activists, even if there was no direct causal connection. What else can they do? Burn themselves in front of the government buildings? Blow up planes? They haven't destroyed anything so far, and even if - no painting has as much worth as the liveable planet - in few years they will be worthless anyway, when we start to fight over water, food and other resources. My 3 cents.
  7. It's a common thing. This is how the internet and cookies work. It's a misconception if we think of ourselves as "users" in the www. We are assets. We are the commodity.
  8. "Living with AIDS" is quite a recent thing. For more than 20 years it was "dying". BTW, I still remember times when people didn't even want to have a hospital for AIDS patients built in their city, because of fear of infection. Nobody was talking about living with it in the year 3. BTW, there are A LOT of signs that COVID is affecting your T-cells, just like HIV does. So each infection is making it worse. With the ability to cause long time lasting inflammation of blood vessels, it is affecting literally all the organs, blood clots causing strokes and heart failures. Plus it causes damage to the brain, significantly increasing the risk of brain degeneration, similar to Alzheimer's. We may still live with it, but what life is it then? Thousands and thousands of people with LongCovid would like to just live with it, but they cannot. There is no cure, there is no concept for rehabilitation, you wait months for a doctor to see.
  9. The library of all Sherlock scripts is now complete. I still wish they would put the Pilot online too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/scripts/tv-drama/sherlock/
  10. Oh my. Vienna's tea. Never believed, water can have an influence on taste of tea or coffee, until I went to Vienna. You people could sell your tap-water. (Vienna ist the only City I know having fresh spring water supply - it's ice cold and de-li-cious.)
  11. J.P.

    Inside Man

    What I actually meant: he himself didn't seem to be very eager to do this - or anything else tbh. He might have had a "generally disinterested teenager" phase though.
  12. J.P.

    Inside Man

    I did recognize him. But I had a bit of advantage seeing him at Sherlocked 2017. I'm a bit surprised he is acting again, though.
  13. J.P.

    Inside Man

    Watched it and hell, I enjoyed the ride. I would probably watch it for the cast alone, many familiar faces. Short series have a big advantage, there is no time wasted on just filling the length. Neatly tied and knotted plot, witty and humorous in a way. Loved the opening scene. I was imagining Seven writing it with his mischievous grin - and grinning myself all the time.
  14. Sometimes they get bitter at the end, but it's getting probably succesfully eliminated by breeding. I still test every one for the taste. https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/bitter-cucumber-taste-explanation/
  15. Most probably it's Google's StreetView. (the orange human logo) Apple started it's own project recently, but their symbol is a binocular. BTW, if you want to virtually drive through Germany, it's the only way.
  16. That's what would be Johns Bedroom. I remember photos of the flat above Speedy's somewhere. It was a while ago though.
  17. Here is not balmy. It's perversely warm. I would be happy with a summer like this. It's definitely not normal, it breaks all possible records in history, up to 80F.
  18. Saw the trailer and honestly, I will miss Olivia Colman.
  19. How does hand washing prevent you from spreading or inhaling droplets carried through the air?
  20. Do you know this one?
  21. Cool And still better than lying down with the rider already in the saddle.
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